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Glyn Ann’s passions are quilting and sewing. She is an experienced quilting website administrator, writer, and editor who manages website projects, responds to emails and comments from readers, and writes articles for the site. She loves to spend time with her family and explore other creative hobbies when she’s not sewing.

I love Quilting Forever_3 ways to baste quilt

3 Ways to Baste a Quilt

Basting is the process when you create a quilt sandwich with your Quilt Top, Batting, and Backing, to prepare for the Quilting step. There are many different basting techniques, and it takes trial and error to find the method you really prefer. Pin Basting This method uses basting pins, which are like safety pins all …

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I love Quilting Forever _Bias Binding Foot Instructions

Bias Binding Foot Instructions

Written Instructions With Photos. You can use your binding foot to attach bias tape and quilt binding*. It lines up the needle to get a straight, perfect stitch. Even better, you don’t have to pin the binding all the way around whatever you’re sewing before you attach it. You just feed your binding into the …

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I love Quilting Forever_Bias Tape Maker Instructions

Bias Tape Maker Instructions

Written Instructions With Photos. To cut bias strips, first cut across the fabric at a 45 degree angle. Cut edge in the width you need.  Keep in mind that the bias tape maker will reduce your fabric diameter in half when making single fold bias tape. Example: 1 inch bias strip inserted into bias tape …

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