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Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine Review

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Should you be looking for the right sewing machine to do a bit of home chores, then the Bernina 1008 is exactly the kind of device you need. This is that classic, timeless, simple tool that will help you complete each and every sewing task in a relatively short period of time. Still, if you have not heard of this machine before, then perhaps that reading a review might be of some help to you. So, here are a few pieces of information regarding this machine. Who knows? You might even settle for this tool once you hear everything it can do.


Stitch Quality


Ease of Use


User Rating

88 % Very Good

The Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine can be a solid investment for all those enthusiasts out there, who are still learning the ropes.

Basic Specifications of the Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine

  • Comes with 17 different stitches, including two decorative ones
  • Adjustable width and length for stitches
  • Accessory storage case placed on board
  • Color coded selection guide for stitches
  • Free motion sewing

Advantages of the Bernina 1008 Model

Ease of Use

Since it is always best to start by looking at advantages, then you should know that this device is on fact one that can be easily made use by all enthusiasts, irrespective of their past experience with sewing machines. Due to the simple design, anyone can master using the Bernina 1008. This machine has four different dials, easily noticeable. Each has its purpose. Looking at them from top to bottom, the first one determines the type of stitches that will be used in a particular task, the second performs buttonholes, followed by the dial adjusting length and width and finally you have the reverse one. Most of the tasks that will be performed with the Bernina 1008 will be carried out by means of these 4 dials. Choosing the correct stitch to begin sewing is indeed quite simple in the case of this machine, because on the board you have the stich guide. By means of two different colors, red and green, you will easily determine the category in which the right stitch is found and choose one based on its identification number. Other details regarding this machine will be found in the Bernina 1008 manual.

If you should discover that the details pointed out in the manual are insufficient or difficult to understand, then you could search online for various tutorials. The Bernina 1008 is a popular machine, so you should find several helpful videos.


This machine is classical in appearance, nothing out of the ordinary. Being of a medium size, you won’t have to make any changes in the room to fit this machine. Unfortunately, when purchasing the machine, this does not come with an extension. Clients will have to purchase this detail later on, separately. Otherwise, you will find that the design of the Bernina 1008 is timeless, looking exactly how you would have imagined.


It is not just the design that sends the impression of durability, but also its making. Moreover, clients purchasing a Bernina sewing machine will be awarded with a 7 year exclusive warranty. As for the manufacturer itself, it is worth mentioning that the Bernina company is a highly appreciated brand, enjoying a great deal of popularity among sewing enthusiasts and having a lot of experience on the dedicated field.


The Bernina 1008 has gained a great popularity because of the fact that it can be used on a great number of fabrics. Here are some of them:

  • cotton
  • linen
  • taffeta
  • leather
  • wool
  • satin
  • polyester
It is true that fur or multiple layered fabrics are not suitable for this type of machine, but overall, basic, popular fabrics can be used when working with the Bernina 1008. Furthermore, this machine is suitable for all users, beginners as well experts, allowing them to complete basic, everyday home sewing tasks.

Disadvantages of the Bernina 1008 Model

  • Although, generally speaking, this is one device that has managed to gain an impressively large level of popularity among enthusiasts, most seem to agree that the price is rather high. The problem is that this sewing machine is introduced to the large public as a basic tool, whereas its price is a bit higher than average. Still, in the defense of the maker, the list of accessories is longer than in other cases and the quality of the device is much above average.
  • Another problem signaled by users is the number of stitching options. On the long term, these might prove to be limited.


Where can I get mine?

The Bernina 1008 is distributed by certified retailers and all interested clients can discover the exact locations of these retailers on the Bernina website. This manufacturer is adequately represented around the world so you should be able to find a dedicated store and order the previously mentioned sewing machine.

Who can use this machine?

Everyone with a passion for sewing can make use of the Bernina 1008, beginners as well as individuals who have some experience in diong a bit of home sewing.

General Impression

The Bernina 1008 is the kind of sewing machine that is ideal for passionate beginners that have basic needs to fulfill. Even though at first it will be more than what the user needs, after some time, you will notice that there are a few minuses as far as its decoration sewing capacities are concerned. However, this does not change the fact tis machine is durable, adequately designed, functional and simple to use. The only aspect that is in fact a serious disadvantage is the price tag, which is a bit high given the category in which Bernina 1008 is placed.

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