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Bernina Bernette 66 Sewing Machine Review

If you are thinking about developing a new hobby, or you have always wanted to sew your own clothes, then you can invest in a Bernina Bernette 66 Sewing Machine. Its Swiss design, green face and a large number of unique stitches may be what you were looking for. What features and important aspects of the Bernina Bernette 66 should you know before a purchase? Read this Bernina Bernette 66 Sewing Machine Review and find all the information you need.


Stitch Quality


Ease of Use


User Rating

89 % Very Good

The Bernina Bernette 66 is the ideal choice for beginners, with its unique design and ease of use, you can stare sewing in no time.

Key Features of the Bernina Bernette 66 (Read Full Specs)

  • Hook-system improved with drop-inbobbin
  • 26 build-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Adjustable Stitch Width
  • Presser Foot Lifter – extra high
  • Drop Feed-Dog
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Dust cover

Sewing Functions

  • Mechanical Machine Type
  • 6 Decorative Stitches
  • 3 Quilting Stitches
  • 16 Sewing Stitches
  • Bobbin thread cutter & needle thread cutter
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Twin-Needle sewing capability
  • Needle Thread Tension Adjustment
  • Auto preset of stitch width and length

Operating Features

  • Manual Stitch Selection
  • Stich Window for Stitch Display
  • Quick Reference Drawer
  • Electronic Foot Control
  • Free Arm for Tubular Items

Accessories Included:

  • Second Spool Pin
  • Zipper Foot
  • Button Hole foot
  • Spool holder
  • L-Screwdriver
  • Seam Brush
  • Seam Guide
  • Set of 5 Needles
  • 3 Bobbins
  • Button-sewing-on foot

Pros for the Bernina Bernette 66

Good Functions:

The Bernina Bernette 66 is a mechanical machine, primarily made for beginners. The first release of the Bernette 66 was in 2007, being on the market since then. The best thing about this sewing machine are the 26 built-in stitches and also the one step buttonhole. The stitch length of 4.5 mm and maximum stitch width of 7 mm is perfect for the average beginner. Another good aspect of the Bernette 66 is that the needle will be thread for you by the built-in automatic needle threader. Free motion sewing can be done by drooping the feed dog. A free arm sewing is possible by converting the machine. You have access to a sewing light that is meant for the convenience of your sewing. Also for a conveniently sewing for you, a reversed sewing lever is placed on the Bernina Bernette 66 machine that is easily reachable for you. The use of a Bernette 66 is perfect for a beginner, due to the drop-bobbin that can be used with ease, the side cover not having the need to be removed, the same goes for the side loading bobbin also. You can easily sew several layers of fabric, due to the extra high presser foot lifter., the maximum lift being 11 mm. Another high point for the Bernina Bernette 66 is how powerful it can be; the machine has the capability to deliver up to 800 stitches pro minute.

Ease of Use:

The Bernette 66 offers for the people who purchase it to be used immediately, even if they are beginners. The functions it provides make the sewing machine an easy use for everyone. Starting from the one step buttonhole and leading to the reversed sewing lever, learning to sew on this type of machine can be done in no time. If you are on the point of buying your first sewing machine, a Bernette 66 will make your learning process shorter and easier.

Presser Foot:

The presser foot of the Bernette 66 is one of the best element of the machine, due to the its high-quality. It engineering is précised for specific functions and can be easily changed with one hand, no other special tools required. It is built from one piece metal, thing that makes them more durable and sturdy.


The design of the Bernina Bernette 66 is definitely a pro. We all know that the how an object looks and how it is designed also counts most of the times, and for most people. The decorative pearl green face makes it unique and the perfect choice for the more picky people. Its size is small enough to place on a table in the corner of your house, but big enough for an easy use. It is designed with a built-in sewing table, which can be used as an accessory box. A special dust cover is also provided alongside with the machine, which is very practical. It has utility pockets where you can hold your accessories, manuals, power cord or other materials of your choice.


  • Even though you can say that the Bernina Bernette 66 sewing machine has many strong points, and the stiches on board are pretty good, thick fabrics seem to be a problem for this sewing machine. For example denim is not easily sewed with this model.

  • The thread jamming is also a problem that may appear, and also bird nesting has been observed

  • The price of the Bernette 66 can be a little high, considering its flaws, the price can be around 300 $, and not anyone can afford it

  • If you need to replace parts of the machine, it could be a little difficult to find them. You can find them in a specialty store, and not from the usual stores you are used to, but you can also purchase parts online, as an easier alternative

  • It is not meant for more proficient users, because it only has basic setting, it is mainly addressed to the beginners


How reliable is the Bernina Bernette 66, and how sturdy?

The Bernette 66 Sewing machine can last a long time, and it is sturdy due to the metal presser foot.

Is the Bernette 66 sewing machine easy to use?

Being the best choice for a beginner, the sewing machine can be used with ease.

Final verdict: 

The Bernina Bernette 66 sewing machine offers you the possibility to gain sewing skills with ease, being a good choice for the beginners but not for the intermit sewer, and is overall a good quality product with many good features.

Performance: 80%
Stitch Quality: 90%
Speed: 90%
Ease of Use: 100%
Maintenance: 80 %

The Bernina Bernette 66 is the ideal choice for beginners, with its unique design and ease of use, you can stare sewing in no time.

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