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Top 21 Free Halloween Quilt Patterns (+3 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Cool costumes, tons of candy, and a cozy fall season make Halloween a special event for everyone. Why not make your house a little spooky during the Halloween time? Pumpkin, bats, coffins, and ghost quilts are perfect for creating the eerie atmosphere you seek this Halloween. Trick or quilt? It’s time to make your home a haunted house with these Halloween quilt pattern collections!

Free Halloween Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Spider Web Quilt

Spider Web Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Looking to add a wicked cool touch to your Halloween festivity? Look no further than the Spider Web Quilt-Along designed by Scrapatches. This scrap-friendly quilt project features intricate spider web designs, perfect for Halloween decor. Join the quilt-along and craft your own bewitching masterpiece to adorn your home during this spooky season. Mesmerize your friends and family with these amazing spider web quilts. You’ll have a frightfully fun time making them!

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Trick or Treat Sue

Trick or Treat Sue - Free Quilt Pattern
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Get ready for Halloween fun with the Trick or Treat Sue quilt, designed by Jennifer Ofenstein from Sewhooked. This adorable yet frightening witch is perfect for your spooky decor. This scrap-friendly quilt project offers a thrilling challenge for intermediate quilters. Make a Trick or Treat Sue quilt measuring 10 inches x 10 inches, and join in the Halloween spirit.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Spooky Treats Quilt

Spooky Treats Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Welcome trick-or-treaters with the Spooky Treats Quilt, a charming home decoration designed by Christine Stainbrook. Featuring the Spooky Snacks fabric collection from RJR fabrics, this scary-cute quilt showcases delicious Halloween confections. Measuring 33 inches x 35-¼ inches, it is great indoor or outdoor wall hanging display, it sets a festive tone for the season.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: All Hallow’s Eve Wall Quilt

All Hallow’s Eve Wall Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Feeling frustrated because you are out of ideas on elevating your Halloween decorations? Fret not because Amanda Niedekhauser’s spooky quilt got you! This quilt will amplify the eerie and chilling atmosphere in your home. You will need mini squares of your chosen neutral-colored fabric that contrast the dark fabric for your border. You will also need a backing paper for the tree and the cat, although you can also choose what kind of design you will put in your quilt. Quilters of all levels will adore duplicating this quilt. The finished size measures 42 inches square.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Monster Trick or Treat Totes

GO! Monster Trick or Treat Totes - Free Quilt Pattern
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AccuQuilt offers GO! Monster Trick or Treat Totes, a free quilt pattern that offers three spooky options: Frankenstein, Mummy, or Bat. Your kids will love carrying these perfect goodie bags during their trick-or-treat adventures, with ample space for storing lots of spooky treats. Get creative with these fun and delightful Halloween tote bags, making the kids even happier as they collect candies and goodies in style.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Scary Moon Quilt Banner & Pillow

GO! Monster Trick or Treat Totes - Free Quilt Pattern
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Celebrate Halloween with a spine-chilling atmosphere using the Scary Moon Quilt Banner & Pillow, a free quilt pattern by Janet Houts. Featuring Midnight Haunt fabric by Andover Fabrics, it showcases a full moon and bats for a frightful touch. Welcome trick-or-treaters with this haunting banner, measuring 30 inches x 64 inches, and make a matching quilt pillow (24 inches x 24 inches) to rest after the Halloween fun. This intermediate-level project not only accessorizes your home but also creates a spooky ambiance for a thrilling evening.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Fright Night Pillow Quilt

GO! Fright Night Pillow - Free Quilt Pattern
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To create a Halloween-themed living room, infuse your couch with eerie throw pillows, set a chilling but cozy atmosphere, and enjoy a hair-raising horror movie after a thrilling night outdoors. Use the GO! Fright Night Pillow Quilt Pattern , a complimentary design from AccuQuilt featuring Moda Fabrics, to craft 24 inches x 24 inches pillows. Ideal for beginners, this pattern showcases the Double Four Patch and adds a classic and spooky charm to your Halloween decorations.

8. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Ghost

Ghost - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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Why fear spirits when you can have adorable ones? Meet the Ghost Quilt Block, a charming addition to your Halloween project. Play with the tail’s direction to create the illusion of flying, adding whimsy to your design. Designed by Kristina of Center Street Quilts, this step-by-step photo tutorial ensures easy piecing. Craft a spooky-cute quilt with this delightful pattern, finished size 12″ x 12″. Don’t miss the chance to make your Halloween quilting experience boo-tiful!

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Cheeky Pumpkin Quilt

Cheeky Pumpkin Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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These bewitching pumpkins are the perfect addition to your Halloween decor. The Cheeky Pumpkin Quilt is an upbeat pattern that’s bound to bring smiles to trick-or-treaters’ faces. Not too spooky, it’s an ideal Halloween home decor. Welcoming your little visitors for treats, it won’t frighten them away. Get ready to stitch a delightful project with a finished size of 30 inches x 41 inches, spreading Halloween cheer in your home.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Itsy Bitsy Spider Quilt

Itsy Bitsy Spider Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Embrace Halloween’s classic spider theme with a twist! The Itsy Bitsy Spider quilt showcases furry-legged spiders crawling down the wall, adding a spooky touch to your decor. Designed by Wendy Sheppard, this quilt features the Little Witchy Wonderland collection by Lynette Jensen. With its big eyes staring and a touch of spookiness, it’s perfect for setting a chilling ambiance. Scare your neighbors and kids with this 35 inches x 45 inches quilt, crafted for beginner quilters seeking a unique and creepy creation.

11. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Spider Cluster Quilt Table Runner

GO! Spider Cluster Quilt Table Runner - Free Quilt Pattern
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A cute way to decorate your table is by placing the GO! Spider Cluster Quilt Table Runner on it. AccuQuilt’s Halloween table runner quilt pattern is something that you can make to decorate your home for the All Hallows’ Eve holiday. The spider on this quilt project seems like climbing onto the table. Play with colors to make the spiders look cute instead of using the classic black spider design.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Altogether Spooky Quilt

Altogether Spooky Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Get ready for a spooky, fun time with Altogether Spooky Quilt, a Halloween Mystery Quilt from 2019. Designed with Fab-boo-lous fabric by Dani Mogstad for Riley Blake Fabrics, this playful, vintage-inspired collection adds charm to the quilt. Featuring Star, Nine Patch, Candy Corn, and Pumpkin blocks, it’s perfect for beginners to master repetitive blocks over time. Add a touch of spooky spirit with this 35 inches x 35 inches quilt, ready to cast its spell on your Halloween decor.

13. Free Quilt Pattern: That Cat Halloween Quilt

That Cat Halloween Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Are you a cat lover and a Halloween lover? If you are, then you have to recreate this quilt pattern! It is beginner-friendly, and you won’t have any difficulty replicating it! It can be your wall-hanging decor, and you don’t have any limitations when it comes to changing the colors of your background! It is charming and adorable at the same time. Pamela Lincoln designed it. The finished size measures 29 inches x 32 inches.

14. Free Quilt Pattern: Bat Crew

Bat Crew - Free Quilt Pattern
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How spooky can your Halloween get? This beginner-friendly Halloween-themed quilt from Fat Quarter Shop is just the perfect gift to give to your family and friends. It displays the imaginative creation of bats, symbolizing the presence of Halloween. The finished size measures 34 ½ inches x 34 ½ inches.

15. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Jack O’ Lantern

Jack O' Lantern - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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Do you think a pumpkin design is boring and bland? This beginner-friendly quilt by Rose Johnston of ThreadBare Creations highlights the uniqueness of a Halloween pumpkin. It is the perfect additional decor for your Halloween celebration. You may think recreating this pattern would be difficult, but don’t worry! It’s just an assembly of mini and elongated triangles. The finished size measures approximately 11 inches square.

16. Free Quilt Pattern: Bats & Boos

Bats & Boos - Free Quilt Pattern
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Unleash your creativity with this beginner-friendly Halloween-inspired quilt! It showcases the eccentric shapes of bats and pumpkins that somehow create another spooky halloween quilt pattern! You will only need printed fabrics of blacks, grays, and oranges. The finished size of Bats and Boos is 40 ½ inches x 40 ½ inches. It was designed by the Fat Quarter Shop.

17. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Paper Pieced Coffin

Paper Pieced Coffin - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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Be spooky on Halloween with this charming quilt designed by Jeni Baker! This quilt is perfect to be used as a block pillow. The various designs of coffins are frighteningly fantastic! To make this, you need different printed fabrics that embody the colors of Halloween, and you will need to apply the paper piecing technique. If you are a beginner at quilting, you won’t have any trouble reduplicating this design pattern. The finished size measures 6 inches square.

18. Free Quilt Pattern: Boo To You Halloween Mystery Quilt

Boo To You Halloween Mystery Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Surprise your children with this eerie yet endearing quilt pattern by Lindsey Weight for Fort Worth Fabric Studio! While it displays the unmistakable themes of Halloween, it can be later used as a modern decor in your house! It will give your home a chilling yet calming aura, making it mysterious and enigmatic. To recreate this quilt, you will need to employ the traditionally-piecing method. This is only suited for confident beginner, intermediate, and experienced quilters. The finished size measures 37.5 inches x 37.5 inches.

19. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Halloween Bats

Halloween Bats- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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Add a little fright night to your project with the Halloween Bats Quilt Block tutorial by Kristina of Center Street Quilts. This vampire bat block that measures 12 inches x 12 inches is perfect for your Halloween-themed quilt or table runner. Play with colorful fabrics to create less scary and cute bats, making your haunted space more welcoming.

20. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Skull

Skull- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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A touch of eerie elegance comes to life in this free pattern by Sew What Alicia. The Skull Quilt Block is a captivating creation crafted through intricate paper piecing. Unveil the mystery by following the detailed step-by-step guide, and for added clarity there’s a video walkthrough. This advanced level project yields a 6″ square quilt block, ideal for adding a unique twist to your quilting creations.

21. Free Quilt Pattern: Halloween Cats Table Runner

Halloween Cats Table Runner- Free Quilt Pattern
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Create a purr-fect Halloween ambiance with the Halloween Cats Table Runner. Claudia of Create with Claudia brings you a delightful free quilt pattern. These cute, non-spooky kitty cats are ready to chase the orange flying geese down the center. Crafted with your Halloween scraps, this 28” x 42” table runner is a must-have addition to your holiday décor. Get playful and add feline charm to your Halloween celebrations!

BONUS Halloween Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Hocus Pocus Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Hocus Pocus Quilt Pattern
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Who knows that the random placing of designs could be so enchanting? From the renowned Margot Languedoc of The Pattern Basket comes a quirky amalgamation of pumpkins in different colors. This random placing creates a sense of how Halloween can be odd but simultaneously relaxing. For autumn lovers, replicating this quilt pattern will surely calm your hearts and souls for the amiability it brings. Quilters of all levels will definitely be washed with a sense of solitude while duplicating this pattern design. The finished size measures 52 inches x 65 ½ inches.

2. The Best Time Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

The Best Time Quilt Pattern
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Are you looking for the perfect match to celebrate Halloween? This beginner-friendly quilt by Denise Russell will answer that for you! Combining blacks, purples, and oranges brings to life the eccentric beauty of Halloween. The use of whites softens the harshness of the three vibrant colors. Consisting of mini blocks and mini triangles, it surely is an eye-catching sight to behold. The finished size measures 42 inches x 54 inches.

3. Beware! It’s Halloween! (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Beware! It's Halloween!  Quilt Pattern
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Now that Halloween is just around the corner, this intermediate-friendly quilt created by Vickie is undoubtedly the best Halloween gift anyone can receive! It is a bundle of all Halloween essentials from pumpkins, a witch’s hat, a freaky cemetery, and a sinister haunted house! Have fun creating this exciting, whimsical Halloween applique quilt pattern.