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Binding Charts Guide for Quilters

Choosing the right type of binding to finish your quilt project or sewing project can sometimes be challenging. Whether you go with straight cut binding or bias cut binding, don't let it put you on edge. 

Here's everything you need to know to pick the right binding for any kind of raw edge.

There are two basic types of binding, straight grain binding (which includes cross grain binding) and bias binding

1. Straight grain binding that is cut in strips along the grain of a piece of fabric parallel to the selvedge while Crossgrain binding is also cut in strips along it is cut from selvedge to selvedge. 

2. Bias binding is binding that is cut at a 45 degree angle from the selvedge.

The chart below will guide you on the measurements and specifications:

Bias Cut Binding

You tell if a binding is bias cut by checking to see if the weave of the fabric runs diagonal to the edges of the strip. If the binding is cut on the bias, it will stretch a bit when you pull on the ends of the strip.
Chart Guide Bias Cut Binding

Straight Grain Binding

If the strips of fabric are cut along the crosswise grain of your fabric (from selvage to selvage) or the lengthwise grain (from raw edge to raw edge), they're straight grain bindings or tape.
Chart Guide Straight Grain Binding

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