Free Quilt Block Patterns Library

Welcome to the Quilt Block Pattern Library!

A quilt block is a basic structure of a quilt. It is a square or rectangle in size that when joined together makes a finished quilt.

We have compiled some of the most popular Quilt block patterns for you to create.

ImageQuilt BlockQuilt Pattern
bears paw quilt blockBear’s PawBear Paws in the Great Outdoors Quilt
GO! A Walk in the Woods Throw Quilt
Card trick Quilt blockCard TrickTop 3 Free Card Trick Quilt Patterns
Celtic Knot quilt blockCeltic KnotIrish Quilt Blocks
Celtic-Twist-Quilt-BlockCeltic TwistIrish Quilt Blocks
Best Celtic Quilt Pattern
Connemara Flower Quilt BlockConnemaraIrish Quilt Blocks
ChevronChevronEasy Peasy Chevron
Best Arrows Quilt Pattern
Dresden Plate quilt block - patternsfromhistory _2Dresden PlateSentimentalities
Dresden Delight
Christmas Embroidered Dresden Pillow
GO! Grandmother’s Love
Cosmos Quilt