7 thoughts on “Free Quilt Pattern: Handcut Heart Quilt”

  1. Deborah Willison

    yes i get emails like this all the time, look at it, like it but when i try to get what is called free download, it never is there, so disappointing

    1. Hi, Deborah please look for the pink button with the words “GET YOUR FREE QUILT TUTORIAL HERE” to get the pattern. Hope we were able to help. Happy Quilting

  2. While I loved the pattern and would have loved the pattern, no matter where I clicked, there was no free pattern to be found. Oh well, that is life today! Have a good day and be safe.

  3. Freeda A Holladay

    I need to know how to actually get the free quilt patterns that are advertised. They look really good but I cannot download them.

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