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Free Quilt Pattern: Lone Star

The Lone Star quilt is a beautiful, intricate design that will impress anyone who sees it. Designed by Karen Stephens for Windham Fabrics, this quilt features fabrics from the c. 1895 Fredericksburg collection by Nancy Gere. The quilt is an eight-point star pattern that uses nine different fabrics for the star and background fabric.

Lone Star quilt is created using a technique called strip piecing. To begin making the Lone Star quilt, five strip sets are needed. Once the strips are pieced together, they are then cut and arranged to create the star pattern. The result is a stunning quilt that showcases the beautiful fabrics from the Fredericksburg collection. This free eight point star quilt pattern is sure to become a treasured addition to any quilter’s collection. With its timeless design and classic fabrics, the Lone Star quilt is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Pattern Source: Windham Fabrics
Designed by: Karen Stephens
Fabrics Used: Fredericksburg collection, c. 1895 by Nancy Gere

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