May the 4th Be With You ( Star Wars Quilt ) featured cover

Free Quilt Pattern: May the 4th Be With You ( Star Wars Quilt )

Aren’t we all excited for the latest Star Wars Saga Series this 2022? I bet everyone is canceling their appointments and starts going to groceries to get their favorite snack for a Star Wars movie marathon.

For Star Wars fanatics, it would be lovely to cuddle under a Star Wars quilt while catching sight of the force-power viewing of the Jedi.

Perfect timing because Amanda, aka Jedi Craft Girl , heard you and shares her May the 4th Be With You {Star Wars } Quilt pattern for Free.

A great quilt project for the young child, teenager, and adult, or better yet everyone in the family.

May the force be with you.

Photo Source: Jedi Craft Girl

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