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Heavy Duty Singer 4423 Sewing Machine Review

One of the most popular sewing machines in terms of stitch quality and performance is the Singer 4423, which has a powerful grade motor incorporated. Because it delivers such amazing results, this sewing machine is the perfect option for both beginners and more experienced sewers. With the Singer 4423 sewing machine, you can use a variety of fabrics, including denim, silk or cotton. If you were looking for a preformat sewing machine, this is certainly a good alternative, meeting all of your sewing needs.


Stitch Quality


Ease of Use


User Rating

95% Verdict

The Singer 4423 is the ideal sewing machine for professional sewers and beginners, being characterized by high stitch quality, fast speed and impressive performance.


When creating the powerful Singer 4423 sewing machine, the manufactures have chosen a classic design. The interior frame of the sewing machine is a heavy duty one, made out of metal, which is scratch-resistant. The dimensions of 18.1 inches x 13.9 inches x 8.8 inches make it easy to be carried around. Although it is a heavy duty sewing machine, the product weights just 14 pounds, so for portability purposes, it is extremely convenient. However, the machine does not come with a carrying case, a different purchase is required. With a stainless steel bedplate and a powerful motor, the Singer 4423 is certainly an investment worth making. Even though, the overall design of the product is a traditional one, its performance is certainly up-to-date.

Key Features for the Singer 4423 Sewing Machine

  • Resistant metal frame
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Automatic pressure control – presser foot
  • Adjustable needle position
  • Top Drop-In Bobbin
  • Pressure foot lifter – extra high
  • Automatic reverse
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Skip-free sewing
  • Free arm capability
  • Drop feed

Sewing Functions – Singer 4423 has 23 Built-in Stitches:

  • Top-loading bobbin system
  • 1 step buttonhole: automatic
  • Stitch wide control
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • 3 needle positions
  • 6 essential stitches
  • 12 decorative stitches
  • 4 stretch stitches

Accessories Included:

  • Bobbins
  • All-purpose foot
  • Foot pedal
  • Zipper foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Thread spool caps
  • Needles
  • Lint brush
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Dust cover
  • Instruction manual


Performance of the Singer 4423

Whether you are a beginner or a professional sewer, the performance delivered by this sewing machine will certainly meet your expectations. With a heavy duty motor incorporated, the Singer 4423 Sewing Machine is one of the most preformat items on the market, that allows users to achieve any sewing project they desire. You can easily sew an extensive range of fabrics and materials, such as denim, leather or even vinyl, the needle going quickly through up to 12 layers of fabric. This aspect is what makes this sewing machine such a remarkable product.

Ease of Use

Another pro of the Singer 4423 is the ease of use. Even though, this sewing machine can be used for business purposes, beginners find it very easy to use. Being featured with 23 built-in stitches, you can sew thick or thin materials easily. Although, the sewing machine has not been designed with a modern LCD screen, the manufactures have incorporated a dial that can be used to switch from one stitch length to another. There is a different button included, which you can use to select the decorative stitch you desire. Because this item has been built to meet all sewing needs and requirements, you can adjust the sewing machine fast and without any efforts. Changing or adjusting the pressure foot length is simple, a light press will quickly pop out the foot.


In comparison with entry level sewing machines, the Singer 4423 can reach an incredible speed, which allows sewers to finish any project faster. With a sewing capability of 1,100 per minute, the machine operates faster than any other one found on the market. Even though it is a heavy duty sewing machines that can reach a high speed, it does not perturb users with any unpleasant noises, which is another plus. It also has an automatic one-step buttonhole which simplifies sewing for beginners.

Money Value

Considering that this sewing machine is a highly preformat one, the price is extremely reasonable. The price includes numerous accessories, such as needles, dust cover or foot pedal, detail that makes the Singer 4423 a good deal for both professional sewers and beginners.


As you can clearly see, the sewing quality and efficiency provided by the Singer 4423 Sewing Machine will clearly not disappoint any user. With such advanced features, fast speed and top performance, this sewing machine is the perfect choice for sewers. From features to sewing functions and accessories, there is a significant difference between the heavy duty singer 4423 and other traditional models found on the market.

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