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Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro Sewing Machine Review

Sewing is much more than a craft, it is rather an art. The advantage of sewing with the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro is the fact that you can create amazing ribbon stiches without having to have your clothes handled by a professional. The 150 years of experience in the industry recommends the line of products developed by the company with the purpose of providing innovative technology, not to mention the fact that Pfaff is synonymous with German quality. What distinguishes the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro from the other models in the Creative line is the embroidery speed and the ability to add dimensional elements for decorative stitching. If you want to learn more about the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro sewing machine, you have all the details you need right here.


Stitch Quality


Ease of Use


User Rating

90 % Very Good

The Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro is highly treasured by users thanks to its ability of creating amazing embroidery stitches. So far, the reviews from users have been nothing but positive.

Original Characteristics of the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro

  • 16 Ribbon stitches
  • HD screen
  • Elevated embroidery speed
  • Option for undo or redo the embroidery stitch
  • Up to 37 needle positions
  • Precise position
  • More than 600 decorative stitches
  • Auto save
  • Thread metering system

Integrated Technology

The IDTTM System

This feature is only available in the Pfaff product line and is meant to ensure a perfect seam on all kinds of fabric. It is ideal for working with quilts and you can work with virtually any stich width and length. You can also use it in order to work with multiple layers and sewing is performed smoothly even on denim.

Color Touch Screen

The sewing machine has an 180o view angle which means that it can cover pretty much any possible angle. Besides, the layout is easy to get by with and you will have a clear picture of the design and size of the stitches due to the performance of the high resolution display.

ActivStitch Technology

Is most visible in the high precision of the embroidery. This is the result of the sensors that practically measure the thickness of the material and the machine is thus capable of achieving a balance between needle and bobbin threads. Metallic threads will not be an issue anymore thanks to the three patents that are incorporated into the machine.


  • Standard presser foot
  • Stitch foot
  • Deluxe hoop
  • Power cord
  • Brush
  • Thread net
  • Needles

What can the machine do for you?


The Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro is fully equipped with all the necessary tools in order to permit anyone to freely engage in artistic craftship. This is possible because the sewing machine counts a number of 693 decorative stitches, as well as the possibility of stacking stitches. The machine is intended for personal use, but there is no reason for which it cannot be used with success by professional tailors. Stacking stitches basically means that you have the possibility of sewing stitches on top of each other and combining various colors.

In addition to this, the introduction of ribbon stitches makes the whole sewing experience even more creative given that they are so versatile pieces of material. The ribbon stitches are simply woven in the sewing process. Besides this, the sewing machine is equipped with three modes destined to comply with each specific technique such as motion quilting and thread painting.


The sewing machine is even more effective than the other models from the Creative line. To be more precise, the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro works 30% faster. This can come in handy especially if you have to meet a deadline and cannot afford to make any mistakes. This situation is prevented by the fact that speed is not a substitute for precision and flawless performance. The designs that are made available have been specially created by the team of designers from Pfaff in order to comply with the customer demand. Now you can add fun shapes such as flowers and stars to the embroidery and make it unique.

In addition to this, the built-in designs are categorized according to use: mini designs, machine designs and quilt designs. The sewing machine also features what it is considered to be the largest hoop on the market, as well as more than sufficient embroidery area that measures about 360X350 mm. the machine is up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and this is the reason for which the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro has embedded programs such as stitch editor, fonts and color blocking or merging options.

Actually working with the sewing machine

Many customers have been satisfied with this particular model and till the present moment no one has ever complained. To begin with, the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro is easy to manipulate even by beginners due to the many features incorporated such as bobbin and threading. As a result of the metered threading system the stitch comes out very nice. In addition to this, the software has proven to be user friendly and the machine can even be programmed. Basically everything is sensor touch which means that you will not get lost in buttons. The LCD screen is just big enough to allow you to view what you are doing.

Why buy it?

  • It is the perfect combination of technology and traditional sewing. There is really no surprise so many prefer this Pfaff given the numerous design patterns and the stitch creator which allows you to position the stitch anywhere you want.
  • Ribbon stitches. Everyone is fond of sashes and they look just adorable sewn to the material.
  • Bargain price

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