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Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – August ’22

We really love to see our Facebook Group members interact and share their finished quilts. Here we highlight the Best Facebook group posts for the month of August.

1. Colorful Maze Quilt made by Sarah Moneyheffer Luttrell

”I just finished this quilt. My 3 1/2 year old wanted all the colors and a maze to drive his cars and walk his fingers through.” – Sarah Moneyheffer Luttrell

Colorful Maze Quilt by Sarah Moneyheffer Luttrell from ILQF facebook group

2. Flower Quilt made by Suzi Brown

”My latest creation” – Suzi Brown

Flower Quilt by Suzi Brown from ILQF facebook group

3. Wall hanging Quilt made by Karen Hay

”Finished & hanging! Might need to have my brother or son make me some more quilt clamps because I want this up by my back door!” – Karen Hay

Wall hanging Quilt by Karen Hay from ILQF facebook group
Wall hanging Quilt by Karen Hay from ILQF facebook group

4. Memory Quilt Pattern made by Katherine Wey Abbott

”This top was made by a friend who died before it could be finished. I was given the privelege of completing it for her family. As I have worked on it, I have grown to really like the pattern. Does anyone know what pattern this is?” – Katherine Wey Abbott

Memory Quilt Pattern by Katherine Wey Abbott from ILQF facebook group

If you know this pattern, feel free to comment on Katherine’s post on our ILQF Facebook Group.

If you aren’t yet part of the I Love Quilting Forever Facebook Group, then you will need to join the community HERE before you can access any of the content listed above.