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Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – July ’22

We really love to see our Facebook Group members interact and share their finished quilts. Here we highlight the Best Facebook group posts for the month of July.

1. I spy kitty quilt by Amanda Dean

“I Spy Kitty Quilt” – Amanda Dean

I spy kitty quilt made by Amanda Dean

2. Big Panel Quilt by Marie Legault

“Decided to try a big panel” – Marie Legault

Big Panel Quilt made by Marie Legault

3. Irish Chain Quilt by Donna Marroquin

“The latest quilt I made.” – Donna Marroquin

Irish Chain Quilt made by Donna Marroquin

4. Scrappy Block by Malgorzata Banjo

“This block was super fun to make and I have used a loooot of my scraps here. Good tip for the middle part will be to use crumbs instead of strips, orphan blocks or even cut the top you have made and you don’t like. Everything will look awesome when framed with easy square in a square method and more scraps. I used adding tape for the outside rainbow but you can again replace with strips of one fabric per side or use any other thin paper to sew onto. I used in this project lots of recycled fabrics, mainly from button up shirts but also bedding and sheets. Once you mix up all well, everything fits.” – Malgorzata Banjo

Scrappy Block made by Malgorzata Banjo

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