I love Quilting Forever_Quilting Facebook Group June 2021

Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – June 2022

We really love to see our Facebook Group members interact and share their finished quilts. Here we highlight the best 10 Facebook group posts for the month of June.

1. Blooming Nine Patch Quilt by Marie Legault

“Just picked this up from the quilter. For one of my grandsons” – Marie Legault

2. Stars by Faith Ann Fuhs

”Working on a UFO (unfinished object). Going to layer it and start hand quilting tomorrow” – Faith Ann Fuhs

3. Knitted Star Quilt by Marie Stern

“With everyone's help I ended up doing just dark gray thread on the black and nothing on the white , with a red binding. Turned out great! Oh yeah, the zebras have colored glasses on. So cute! “ – Marie Stern

4. HST by Pam Belson

“Finished this top piece today. I love the pattern! “ – Pam Belson

5. Tulip Power Quilt by Donna Marroquin

“ I just finished this quilt and gave it to my BFF. I didn't have a pattern to follow. I just saw a picture of a quilt like this and made up my own pattern. I called it “Tulip Power” – Donna Marroquin

6. Fancy Fox Quilt by Bridget Carr

Fancy Fox Quilt

7. Jars Quilt by Deborah Crutchfield

“ First lay down of Canning Jars,Cherry Pie Filling i hand painted my self, Last 4 jars I will do by machine my 4 girls Name on the jars.” – Deborah Crutchfield

8. Lady of the Lake Quilt by Julie Cates

“ The 1st one with husband talking to me, 2nd one fixed without conversation with husband “ – Julie Cates

1st pic
2nd pic

9. A Quilt with Fabric pictures by Linda Jones

” Made this for my stepdaughter 30th birthday. She cried when she saw it.” – Linda Jones

10. Random Ohio Stars Quilt by Carolyn Harris

“Front and back of Random Ohio Stars quilt for one of our grandsons.” – Carolyn Harris


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