Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – November 2021

Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – November 2022

We really love to see our Facebook Group members interact and share their finished quilts. Here we highlight the best 7 Facebook group posts for the month of November.

1. 1985 Quilt repaired by Sandy Reardon

” Repaired this quilt, made in 1985, it was well used, a friend's. Left is before pics, right after!” – Sandy Reardon


2. Bird Quilt Block by Gertie Ottens

” My first try at doing a birdy” – Gertie Ottens

3. Nutcracker Quilt by Lynette Peavey

” Thank you for letting me join this group! I am currently working on a lap size Nutcracker quilt top that has a panel in the center. I just have a navy blue starry border to add and then quilt it.” – Lynette Peavey


4. Christmas Foxes by Kathy Wills

” Finally got the 4th children's blanket done. Christmas foxes 😃 Maybe I should have pressed it first. Too much of a hurry to say ‘done'.” – Kathy Wills

5. Baby Quilt by Jackie Berry Chapman

” Baby quilt I made” – Jackie Berry Chapman

6. Sunflower Quilt by Jean Fetters

” Finished and ready for my daughter.” – Jean Fetters


7. Baby Quilt by Mary Cookie Parisi Marino

” My latest baby quilts.” – Mary Cookie Parisi Marino

If you aren’t yet part of the I Love Quilting Forever Facebook Group, then you will need to join the community HERE before you can access any of the content listed above.

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