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Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – September 2021

We really love to see our Facebook Group members interact and share their finished quilts. Here we highlight the best 7 Facebook group posts for the month of September.

1. Bear Quilt by Fran Wuertz

” Made for my grown daughter , the bear with glasses, who is an add vid reader, and has two ginger cats.” – Fran Wuertz

Cute Bear Quilt by Fran Wuertz

2. Cat and Fox Quilt by Tracey Naegle

” I took up this new hobby in the last year and haven’t used any patterns yet. I enjoy finding ideas online and creating my own patterns. For The cat heads, I used a quilt block tutorial. These are the quilts I made for each of my kids. I still have lots of room for improvement, but these are my favorite so far.” – Tracey Naegle

cat quilt Tracey Naegle quilt 1
fox quilt Tracey Naegle quilt 2
hear quilt Tracey Naegle quilt 3

3. Halloween Quilt by Marie Stern

” I finished my daughter’s Halloween quilt. The top stitcher used a ghost pattern and it’s perfect! This king size is a beast!” – Marie Stern

4. Quilt top by Marceline May

” I finally finished my quilt top!!” – Marceline May

quilt by Marceline May_2
quilt by Marceline May

5. Mennonite and Amish Style Quilts by William Pederson

“ Finished my Mennonite and Amish style quilts.” – William Pederson

6. A Wedding Gift Quilt by Teresa Simmers Eberly

“ My 2nd quilt. Drafted myself for my son and girlfriend for their wedding 2 weeks ago.” – Teresa Simmers Eberly

wedding gift quilt by Teresa Simmers Eberly- front

7. Starglow Quilt with Racoon Block by Donna Marroquin

“ I made my son, Seth a quilt. So then I made his cat, Timmy, one too. Timmy’s tail reminds me of a racoon tail. So I always tell him he is a racoon boy, he’s part racoon, and racoons are his cousins. And since Timmy is an orange cat, that is why I made the racoon orange. I think he likes it.” – Donna Marroquin

timmy's quilt by Donna Marroquin
timmy's quilt by Donna Marroquin_2
timmy's quilt by Donna Marroquin_3

If you aren’t yet part of the I Love Quilting Forever Facebook Group, then you will need to join the community HERE before you can access any of the content listed above.

Elizabeth Cecil

Sunday 10th of October 2021

Love all the quilts, everyone is beautiful!