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Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – September 2021 Featured Cover - ILQF

Quilting Facebook Group Highlights – September 2021

We really love to see our Facebook Group members interact and share their finished quilts. Here we highlight the best 7 Facebook group posts for the month of September.

1. Bear Quilt by Fran Wuertz

” Made for my grown daughter , the bear with glasses, who is an add vid reader, and has two ginger cats.” – Fran Wuertz

Cute Bear Quilt by Fran Wuertz

2. Cat and Fox Quilt by Tracey Naegle

” I took up this new hobby in the last year and haven’t used any patterns yet. I enjoy finding ideas online and creating my own patterns. For The cat heads, I used a quilt block tutorial. These are the quilts I made for each of my kids. I still have lots of room for improvement, but these are my favorite so far.” – Tracey Naegle

cat quilt Tracey Naegle quilt 1
fox quilt Tracey Naegle quilt 2
hear quilt Tracey Naegle quilt 3

3. Halloween Quilt by Marie Stern

” I finished my daughter’s Halloween quilt. The top stitcher used a ghost pattern and it’s perfect! This king size is a beast!” – Marie Stern

4. Quilt top by Marceline May

” I finally finished my quilt top!!” – Marceline May

quilt by Marceline May_2
quilt by Marceline May

5. Mennonite and Amish Style Quilts by William Pederson

“ Finished my Mennonite and Amish style quilts.” – William Pederson

6. A Wedding Gift Quilt by Teresa Simmers Eberly

“ My 2nd quilt. Drafted myself for my son and girlfriend for their wedding 2 weeks ago.” – Teresa Simmers Eberly

wedding gift quilt by Teresa Simmers Eberly- front

7. Starglow Quilt with Racoon Block by Donna Marroquin

“ I made my son, Seth a quilt. So then I made his cat, Timmy, one too. Timmy’s tail reminds me of a racoon tail. So I always tell him he is a racoon boy, he’s part racoon, and racoons are his cousins. And since Timmy is an orange cat, that is why I made the racoon orange. I think he likes it.” – Donna Marroquin

timmy's quilt by Donna Marroquin
timmy's quilt by Donna Marroquin_2
timmy's quilt by Donna Marroquin_3

If you aren’t yet part of the I Love Quilting Forever Facebook Group, then you will need to join the community HERE before you can access any of the content listed above.

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