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What is Applique Method and How to Master it?

Appliqué is the process of stitching a small layer of fabric, usually in a unique shape, onto a larger base fabric. It's a great way to personalize your project while also adding unique color, texture, pattern, etc. You're free to incorporate any kind of graphic into your project. There are a variety of different ways to execute the technique.

We gathered some tutorials, read on to find the one that's right for you.


1. A Guide to Basic Appliqué from Positively Splendid

2. Hand Appliqué Tutorial from Gathered.how

3. Back Basting Tutorial for Hand Applique from Sentimental Stitches

4. Sewing Machine Applique Tutorial from Sew Guide

5. Machine Reverse Appliqué Tutorial from AQS Blog

Video Tutorials

How To Hand Applique by Nancy Ellen Quilts Part 1 Part 2

How to sew simple fused applique with machine blanket stitch by Gourmet Quilter

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