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About Us

Hello to all experienced and beginner Quilters and welcome to “I Love Quilting Forever”!

Here you will find 1000+ free quilt patterns to inspire your next project as well as reviews of sewing machines and tools to help you finish more quilts.

The “I Love Quilting Forever” Mission

“I Love Quilting Forever” was founded in 2015 by Hobby Products, headquartered in Livingston, Texas. From the beginning, our mission at “I Love Quilting Forever” has been to help Quilters share their love of Quilting with the world.

In the years that have passed since those humble beginnings, we’ve been honored to help over 100,000 Quilter subscribers to find the right quilting inspiration and tools to finish more quilts.

Quilters sew a piece of their heart into each beautiful Quilt – so they can share caring and love with others. It’s time to start creating… and share your love of Quilting with the world!

The “I Love Quilting Forever” Team

Glyn Ann – Quilting Site Administrator and Writer – Glyn Ann’s passions are quilting and sewing. She is an experienced quilting website administrator, writer, and editor who manages website projects, responds to emails and comments from readers, and writes articles for the site. She loves to spend time with her family and explore other creative hobbies when she’s not sewing.

Kate Marian – Quilting Content Writer and Researcher – Kate is an experienced quilting writer and researcher who writes about and organizes the most beautiful quilt patterns and tutorials online.

“I Love Quilting Forever” Family and Fans

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