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Patterns Frequently Asked Questions Page

Is there a problem you might need help with?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that might give you answers.

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Patterns on I Love Quilting Forever

The articles we publish have links to patterns. We have a bunch of Free Patterns on our site; please feel free to browse. In the future, we may include patterns that are for sale.

The reason for this is

  • There are instances that Free quilt patterns and tutorials may be incomplete or difficult to understand. That is why we will showcase good patterns with complete details.

  • We will provide good patterns that are well designed. Most times, looking for quality needs us to pay for it, but we will look into our budget so that everyone will be able to get the most special ones.

  • Lastly, this would also help us cover our costs at the time we spend searching for great quilt projects, and it can help us to cover other expenses. We only get a small commission when you purchased, and we are so grateful for that.

Trouble in Downloading the Pattern

Consider these guidelines,

  • The pattern links on I Love Quilting Forever are written in a pink button. It says “FREE Pattern here” or “Get Pattern Here.”

  • FREE pattern links will sometimes be directed to a PDF file that you can download or go to an indie designer’s page who offers the free tutorial on their website.

  • In some cases, Once directed to a Designer’s page, you may not be asked to sign-up or subscribe to their page. Some, in bigger sites like (eg. Craftsy), will need your email address to exchange the quilt pattern. This will only take a minute or two.

  • I Love Quilting Forever does not sell patterns. We will just direct you to another site that provides the patterns or tutorials.

  • Contents on our site states if the pattern is “Free.”

If you decide to purchase, Patterns will be handled by the site that sells the pattern. I Love Quilting forever will not be involved in any way; we just provide great patterns that our readers would love.

We apologize if we can’t help you if the pattern you purchased is unable to download.

But here are some tips that might help you.

  • Always make sure that the pattern you would like to purchase is available for download. There are instances that the third party will ship the patterns to you.

  • In other cases, once payment has been completed, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the pattern, wait for more instructions before closing the window. There are times when a pop-up notification says the downloadable pattern will be emailed to you.

  • Mostly, a company that offers downloads will send a follow-up email to give you an instruction on how to download the pattern.

  • Other companies, like Craftsy for example, need you to log-in to their page to get the downloadable pattern link.

  • If there is still no luck, you need to contact the seller’s site for assistance. Just go to the “Contact Us” page and let them know how they can help.

Looking for a posted pattern on Facebook

Looking for a pattern on our Facebook page may be tiresome as we have different posts every day.

The easier way to access the pattern that you like is by going to our website.

Type the pattern name on the search box beside the “Help” tab.

search button
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If you forgot the name of the pattern, describe it in a few words. We hope that it will show up on the search results.

Another option is to search through the Categories section in the right column of an individual page

This will need you to make your best guess to what category the article might be saved.

With all these options, we hope that it will help you find the article you are searching for.

I found the pattern, but it won’t print.

We know that this is so frustrating; unfortunately, we can’t help you with it. These patterns were from the designer’s page.

Maybe you can ask someone from your family to help you print the pattern, or you can email the pattern to a friend and ask if they can print it for you.

Or last option, save it to your email and if you have time to go to a print shop, ask their services to assist you in printing the pattern.

Make sure to read the printing instructions carefully. There are patterns with templates that need to be printed at actual size. Also, print the pattern on just one side of the paper.

Have other concerns?

We hope this helps solve your problem. Let us know in the comment section below if we missed something.

If you need help with other issues (besides pattern supplier), our Customer Advocates are standing by to answer any questions. Just go to our “Contact Us” page