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How to Read a Quilt Pattern

Starting a new hobby, especially quilting, can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to learn, first of all is the quilting language.

You might run into different quilting terms and acronyms in your quilting lessons or conversations, knowing this terminology first hand is the introduction to your quilting journey:

The second step is familiarizing yourself with quilt blocks. Quilt patterns, either simple or complicated, are a combination of different quilt blocks. Having yourself familiarized with these blocks will help you know what tricks and tools to use to complete the quilt in no time.

Below are the pages where you can find variations of quilt blocks.

After learning the quilting definitions and quilt blocks, here are other different strategies to know how to read quilt patterns.

Laura Hopper from Suzy Quilts shares 7 Tips for Beginners and Pros on How to Read a Quilt Pattern .

You may also check these video tutorials for tips and tricks on how to read a quilt pattern.

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We hope that the links we provided will guide you to understand your patterns and read them correctly. This beginner’s guide will help you formulate new ideas and materialize your first quilting project.

Happy Quilting