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I Love Quilting Forever

If you are looking for Quilting ideas and inspiration, then you have come to the right place. Below you can view 1,000+ Free Quilt Patterns for beginners, intermediate and advanced Quilters. You can use the red search box below to find a Quilt pattern by name or to find a Sewing Machine Review.

Free Quilt Patterns

1,000+ Free Quilt Patterns for download, from beginner Quilt patterns to advanced patchwork & applique patterns. Click the “Read More” button to see a larger image and read the full article.

Autumn Leaf Quilt Patterns roundup ILQF

Top 12 Free Autumn Leaf Quilt Patterns (+8 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Autumn leaf quilt patterns capture the essence of fall with their vibrant and warm hues, making them a favorite among quilters who enjoy seasonal projects. Originating from the natural beauty of falling leaves, these patterns have a rich history in quilting, often used to symbolize change and harvest time. Incorporating…

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Top 8 Free Dinosaur Quilt Patterns (+10 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Dinosaur quilt patterns bring the prehistoric world into the comfort of your home, captivating the hearts of both the young and the young at heart. These designs have been a beloved theme in children’s quilts for decades, charming quilters with their playful and adventurous spirit. From fierce T-Rexes to gentle…

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Beach Quilt Patterns roundup featured cover

Top 10 Free Beach Quilt Patterns (+8 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Explore the refreshing world of beach quilt patterns, where the themes of the ocean and coast transform into vibrant fabric art. Historically, beach quilts have captured the essence of seaside tranquility and life along the shores, making them favorites among quilters. Featuring soft hues typical of coastal quilt patterns and…

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Mother's Day Quilt Patterns roundup featured cover

Top 10 Free Mother’s Day Quilt Patterns (+5 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Mother’s Day quilt patterns offer a heartfelt way to show appreciation for moms everywhere, combining the warmth of a homemade gift with the timeless art of quilting. Historically, quilts have been crafted as meaningful gifts for loved ones, and creating a quilt for Mother’s Day continues this tradition of giving…

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Farm Quilt Patterns roundup featured cover

Top 8 Free Farm Quilt Patterns (+7 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

If you want to bring a touch of rustic charm and warmth into your quilting projects, then farm quilt patterns are a must-have for your collection. Back in early American history, farm-themed quilts have been a staple in homes, serving as functional bedding and a canvas to express personal stories…

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Fish Quilt Patterns roundup ILQF featured cover

Top 10 Fish Quilt Patterns (+10 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Fish quilt patterns capture the serenity and beauty of aquatic life, making them a captivating addition to any quilter’s collection. From ancient times, fish have symbolized abundance and fertility in various cultures, often featured in art and textiles. These patterns continue to enchant with their flowing lines and vibrant colors,…

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Quilting Basics

These Quilting tutorials teach basic Quilting skills that beginner Quilters should learn to become successful in Quilting.

National Quilting Month featured cover - ILQF

Fun Ways To Celebrate National Quilting Month

Quilters, wind your bobbins and celebrate because March is National Quilting Month. It’s the time to honor quilters and your favorite hobby at once. The National Quilting Association celebrated its first National Quilting Day on the third Saturday of March in 1992. A whole three decades have passed since then!…

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How To Get A Blood Out Of A Quilt - featured cover - ILQF

How To Get A Blood Stain Out Of A Quilt

Quilts can write a thousand stories throughout the years. It stays throughout your home, and it can get a little sentimental. However, through the test of time, your favorite quilt may develop stains that can forever leave a mark, like blood stains. Removing a blood stain on your favorite fabric…

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types of quilt patterns - featured cover - ILQF

19 Types Of Quilts Every Quilter Should Know

If you are a beginner just starting the journey to the wonderful world of quilts, chances are you are still looking for ways to start. Lucky for you, we have what you are looking for! We know that the hardest part about making a quilt is choosing the right design,…

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Quilting Tools

Reviews and buying guides showing the best Quilting tools and supplies.

Best Ironing Board for Quilting featured cover

Best Ironing Board for Quilting

Ironing boards or pressing stations are essential tools when quilting and sewing. No one likes working with wrinkled fabric as it is more difficult to handle and can allow for more mistakes in measuring and matching seams. Making sure that you have the right ironing board makes all the difference…

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Best Quilting Ruler Reviews featured cover

Best Quilting Rulers

Rulers are one of the most essential tools when it comes to quilting. They are there to help you to cut out your fabric to piece accurately in multiple ways. That way, you’re sure to follow quilting patterns so that the design comes together perfectly. Precise Cutting First, rulers work…

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Best Mini Irons for Quilting feautured cover photo

Best Mini Irons for Quilting

Full sized irons, while easily accessible, aren’t always the best option for quilters to use for their craft. For one, they’re large, bulky, and can be difficult to store in a small area for anyone with a smaller sewing room or workspace. That’s where mini sewing irons come into play!…

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Sewing Machine Reviews

Looking for the Best Sewing Machine for you? Here are our favorite recommendations.

Best sewing machine featured cover

Best Sewing Machine 2023 | Unbiased Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking for a Best Sewing Machine 2023? Or feeling confused in selecting between mechanical, electronic, or computerized sewing machines? Don’t be puzzled in the modern era of the 20th century; various outdated manual sewing machine features turned automatic or computerized. Without a second thought, leave these traditional and time-consuming features…

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Best Embroidery Machine for Hoodies & Shirts in 2022 featured cover

Best Embroidery Machine for Hoodies & Shirts in 2023

If you’re like me and love to express your personality through fashion, then this blog post is perfect for you! I’m going to talk about the best embroidery machine for hoodies. So many people wear hoodies these days, and they want them customized with their favorite things such as a…

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Brother CS7000i vs CS7000X featured cover

Brother CS7000i vs CS7000X | Which One Worth the Money in 2023?

There are a bunch of different sewing machine brands in the market in 2023. This is a reason that makes looking for the ideal sewing machine challenging and intimidating. But Don’t worry; we are looking at a reputable sewing machine brand, Brother. In this article, we will compare the Brother…

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