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If you are looking for Quilting ideas and inspiration then you have come to the right place. Below you can view 1,000+ Free Quilt Patterns for beginners, intermediate and advanced Quilters. Click the “Read More” button to see a larger image and read the full article. You can click the search icon in our menu to find a specific Quilt pattern by name or to find a specific Sewing Machine Review.

New Free Quilt Patterns (view all)

1,000+ Free Quilt Patterns for download from beginner Quilt patterns to advanced applique & patchwork patterns.

Woven Stars Quilt pattern featured cover photo

Free Quilt Pattern: Woven Stars Quilt

Give your home a breathtaking decor that anyone who sees will have a hard time taking their eyes off. This stunning quilt titled Woven Stars is designed by Nydia Kehnle and Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics featuring the Sun Print fabric collection by Alison Glass. This quilt pattern uses the …
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GO! Zoo Blocks Quilt pattern featured cover photo

Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Zoo Blocks Quilt

A wall hanging or a toddler bed quilt, whatever its purpose, the GO! Zoo Blocks Quilt is so cute that your little one would want to bring it wherever you travel. This charming quilt that consists of rectangles and squares gives a fun geometric design and the added adorable baby …
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GO! Stars in Space Throw Quilt Pattern featured cover photo

Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Stars in Space Throw Quilt

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.” This would be the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this quilt pattern. The dark background represents the night sky and the stars are …
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Sewing Machine Reviews (view all)

Looking for the Best Sewing Machine for you? Here are our favorite recommendations.

Best Online Fabric Stores fetured cover photo

Best Online Fabric Stores

Online fabric stores are becoming more and more popular as we continue to move into a digital age. It seems like a new fabric store is popping up online every day, and it might seem overwhelming as a shopper if you haven’t had a lot of experience shopping for fabric …
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Best sewing machine featured cover

Best Sewing Machine 2022 | Unbiased Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking for a Best Sewing Machine 2022? Or feeling confused in selecting between mechanical, electronic, or computerized sewing machines? Don't be puzzled in the modern era of the 20th century; various outdated manual sewing machine features turned automatic or computerized. Without a second thought, leave these traditional and time-consuming features behind and …
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Best Embroidery Machine for Hoodies & Shirts in 2022 featured cover

Best Embroidery Machine for Hoodies & Shirts in 2022

If you're like me and love to express your personality through fashion, then this blog post is perfect for you! I'm going to talk about the best embroidery machine for hoodies. So many people wear hoodies these days, and they want them customized with their favorite things such as a sports …
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Quilting Product Reviews (view all)

Here are reviews and buying guides showing the best tools and supplies for Quilting and Sewing.

Best Fabric Cutting Tables reviews and top picks featured cover photo

Best Fabric Cutting Tables for Quilting and Sewing

A sewing room is not complete without a great fabric cutting table. Having a designated space for cutting out fabric allows you to spread out, keep your sewing area organized as you work, and streamline your process. It might seem like a luxury to many, but it can really improve …
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Best Electric Fabric Cutter for Quilting & Sewing featured cover photo

Best Electric Fabric Cutter for Quilting & Sewing

Anyone who sews knows the importance of having the right tools for the job, especially when it comes to the tools you use to cut your fabric. Having the right cutting equipment means that you’ll be able to cut clean lines, avoiding ripping and fraying the fabric as you cut. …
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Quilting Tips & Tricks (view all)

These Quilting tutorials show Quilting tips and tricks that every Quilt lover should know to become successful in Quilting.

How To Read A Quilt Pattern featured cover - ILQF

How to Read a Quilt Pattern

Starting a new hobby, especially quilting, can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to learn, first of all is the quilting language. You might run into different quilting terms and acronyms in your quilting lessons or conversations, knowing this terminology first hand is the introduction to your quilting journey: …
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Should You Prewash Fabric Before Quilting featured cover - ILQF

Should You Prewash Fabric Before Quilting?

To pre-wash or don't pre-wash fabric before quilting is a hot topic. There is much discussion around this subject but it's pretty much a personal decision. Reasons To Pre-wash Your Fabrics. 1. To prevent fabric bleeding/ running. For some types of fabrics you may end up sorry if you don't wash them. …
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How To Clean A Sewing Machine featured cover - ILQF

How To Clean A Sewing Machine

How often do you clean your sewing machine? Do you know that cleaning your sewing machine correctly can extend its life and keep it running efficiently? Depending on how often you use your sewing machine, keeping it clean and oiled in the meantime (since it still needs to be serviced) will …
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