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If you are looking for Quilting ideas and inspiration then you have come to the right place. Below you can view 1,000+ Free Quilt Patterns for beginners, intermediate and advanced Quilters. You can use the red search box below to find a Quilt pattern by name or to find a Sewing Machine Review.

New Free Quilt Patterns (view all)

1,000+ Free Quilt Patterns for download from beginner Quilt patterns to advanced applique & patchwork patterns. Click the “Read More” button to see a larger image and read the full article.

Tumble Through the Looking Glass - free quilt pattern - featured cover

Free Quilt Pattern: Tumble Through the Looking Glass

Inspired by the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, this pattern will help you remember the scene when Alice falls through the looking glass. A metaphor that means the world suddenly appears unfamiliar. In the same way that quilting involves combining fabrics in unfamiliar ways, there are also unknown patterns of thought…

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Under the Sea free quilt pattern - featured cover - ILQF

Free Quilt Pattern: Under the Sea Quilt

Want to create a stunning seascape quilt? Then you'll love this Under the Sea Quilt pattern from Ariga Mahmoudlou for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. This pattern is simple, easy, and fun to make. You will be amazed by how great it looks once you finish it. Made up of various sizes…

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10 Colorful ABC Quilts Your Child Will Love

Some parents’ way of presenting the alphabet to their kids is by making ABC quilt patterns. This quilt alphabet is a wonderful educational resource because it teaches the alphabet while also showcasing lovely animals, flowers, and other designs. Wrap your kids with these quilts while teaching them the basic sets…

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Sewing Machine Reviews (view all)

Looking for the Best Sewing Machine for you? Here are our favorite recommendations.

Best sewing machine featured cover

Best Sewing Machine 2022 | Unbiased Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking for a Best Sewing Machine 2022? Or feeling confused in selecting between mechanical, electronic, or computerized sewing machines? Don't be puzzled in the modern era of the 20th century; various outdated manual sewing machine features turned automatic or computerized. Without a second thought, leave these traditional and time-consuming features…

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Best Embroidery Machine for Hoodies & Shirts in 2022 featured cover

Best Embroidery Machine for Hoodies & Shirts in 2022

If you're like me and love to express your personality through fashion, then this blog post is perfect for you! I'm going to talk about the best embroidery machine for hoodies. So many people wear hoodies these days, and they want them customized with their favorite things such as a…

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Quilting Product Reviews (view all)

Here are reviews and buying guides showing the best tools and supplies for Quilting and Sewing.

Best Quilting Ruler Reviews featured cover

Best Quilting Rulers

Rulers are one of the most essential tools when it comes to quilting. They are there to help you to cut out your fabric to piece accurately in multiple ways. That way, you’re sure to follow quilting patterns so that the design comes together perfectly. Precise Cutting First, rulers work…

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Best Mini Irons for Quilting feautured cover photo

Best Mini Irons for Quilting

Full sized irons, while easily accessible, aren’t always the best option for quilters to use for their craft. For one, they’re large, bulky, and can be difficult to store in a small area for anyone with a smaller sewing room or workspace. That’s where mini sewing irons come into play!…

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Best Fabric Scissors Reviews and Top Picks featured cover - ILQF

Best Fabric Scissors Reviews and Top Picks

Having the right fabric scissors in your arsenal of sewing supplies is essential. Fabric scissors are designed to cut fabric and thread, and only fabric and thread. You might be familiar with the online memes and jokes about fabric scissors and their intended use vs. what our non-sewing family members…

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Quilting Tips & Tricks (view all)

These Quilting tutorials show Quilting tips and tricks that every Quilt lover should know to become successful in Quilting.

Quilt Sizes Chart Guide featured cover photo

Your Guide To Better Understand Quilt Sizes

When planning to quilt, you must know the right size for what you are quilting for. You can’t start quilting without the exact measurements to mind because it will just ensue confusion and frustration. One of the quilting essentials is to know what size is ideal for you. Listed below…

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How To Read A Quilt Pattern featured cover - ILQF

How to Read a Quilt Pattern

Starting a new hobby, especially quilting, can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to learn, first of all is the quilting language. You might run into different quilting terms and acronyms in your quilting lessons or conversations, knowing this terminology first hand is the introduction to your quilting…

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Should You Prewash Fabric Before Quilting featured cover - ILQF

Should You Prewash Fabric Before Quilting?

To pre-wash or don't pre-wash fabric before quilting is a hot topic. There is much discussion around this subject but it's pretty much a personal decision. Reasons To Pre-wash Your Fabrics. 1. To prevent fabric bleeding/ running. For some types of fabrics you may end up sorry if you don't…

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