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Free Quilt Pattern: Daisy Daydream Rainbow by Flaurie & Finch

Loving the Daisies in the summertime and don’t want to welcome winter yet? Here is a beautiful daisy pattern that you can hang on your wall or make it a throw. A rewarding feeling as recognition will be overflowing for this dazzling art.

Free Quilt Pattern- Daisy Daydream Rainbow by Flaurie & Finch
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Daisy Daydream Rainbow pattern is designed by Flaurie and Finch. The quilt designs they create are inspired by structured patterns and things related to nature. Also, they combine raw appliques with traditional piecing.

Free Quilt Pattern - Daisy Daydream Rainbow quilt template

If you are looking for modern traditional but fresh quilt for your home, the Daisy Daydream Rainbow pattern is the best choice. The finish quilt measures 53″ x 65″, large enough to catch everyone’s eyes and appreciate this fantastic piece of art.

25 thoughts on “Free Quilt Pattern: Daisy Daydream Rainbow by Flaurie & Finch”

  1. I know you are having a problem with the link. I have clicked on all of them, which was later than all the previous people who tried to download this file. I even clicked on the link in your response to Jeanine. None of these links work. I went to your page, and searched for the pattern, and it still brings me to either a blank page, or one that says the link doesn’t work. Any advice? Thank you, and I love your quilts. Thanks for freely sharing them with us.

  2. Charlene Shockley

    OK – I have tried all the suggested places to download the daisy pattern.
    I downloaded the quilt base, but I cannot get the daisy pattern to open. Could you please advise. Thanks.

  3. Cannot find the Daisy Template. I am directed back to just the pattern each time I click on “Daisy Template”. Would appreciate your input.
    Thank you

  4. Candice L Prince

    I still can’t get the templates to download. The pattern is totally useless without the templates!! Please advise as soon as possible!

  5. I am only able to download the Daisy pattern…..not the Daisy petal template. I have tried multiple times and different ways…..still no luck. Frustrating!!

  6. The other day my husband and I were shopping and I saw a picture of daisy’s. And I remarked how I love daisy’s. He said he thought I liked roses. I said I do but daisy’s just tickle this old hippies heart. Thank you for this patten. I will print it out and start it as soon as my printer decides to print..

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