23 thoughts on “Free Quilt Pattern: Pink Picture Frame”

  1. I can’t figure out the measurements. I. Have cut a strip 13 1 half inches. Then a strip 22 1 half long. In order to do this do I cut the strip 36 or 45 inches the width and length of the fabric? Then u say cut four squares from the 4 1 half inch strip. How big should the squares be? Border three cut two four and one half strips…..how long? Thx

  2. This is an amazing experience for me. I have so much fabric in my collection and always looking for interesting patterns to use for my ‘passion shopping” of fabric. I have a perfect collection of pink flowered fabrics that I picked up on a great yard sale that I have been eager to use. I am going to add borders to expand the size a bit, This is it! I am thrilled!

    1. Hi Jessica we are sorry to hear that you have a download problem. You may check our FAQ section to see other options on how to download.

    1. Hi Roxanne, have you clicked the “Get Your Free Pattern Here” button? It will lead you to the pdf pattern.

  3. Love this pattern, I would do it in different colors, or you could leave the center piece out and put a picture in there. Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Wow. Nice idea for the photo in the centerpiece. We would love to see your version. Send us some photos. Happy Quilting.

  4. This is wonderful as it is easy and has a lot of potential depending on one’s fabrics. Great for charity quilts! We could even use scraps to make it really colorful. Thank you.

    1. A great choice for color combination. Share your finished quilt photos with us. We love to post it on our social media channels.

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