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Putting Down Roots - Free Quilt Pattern Featured cover

Free Quilt Pattern: Putting Down Roots

Tilda’s World is proud to present the Putting Down Roots Quilt, a captivating free pattern. Featuring the Hometown fabric collection, this masterpiece calls for experienced quilters seeking a rewarding challenge. A true labor of love, this lovely quilt boasts two intricate appliqué blocks – large and small flowers. Employing turned-edge appliqué, the motifs gracefully bloom on a solid background, creating a stunning visual impact as they bring your decor to life. As you spend time crafting this remarkable quilt, the potted flowers on its surface will come to life adding a touch of elegance and charm to your home decor.

Pattern Source: Tilda’s World
Primary Technique: Turned-edge Applique
Skill Difficulty: Experienced
Finished Quilt Measures: 60 ½ inches x 80 ½ inches
Fabrics Used: Hometown fabric collection

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