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7 Best Snail’s Trail Quilt Pattern

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of the Snail's Trail Quilt Pattern.

1. Snail Trail Quilt Block by AQSblog

Here is a version of Snail Trail Quilt block by AQSblog. They share three techniques in creating this block, rotary cutting and piecing, Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP), and template cutting. Choose your preferred method and have fun quilting this block.

2. Snail's Trail Quilt Block

Here is a step by step photo tutorial on how to make the classic Snail’s Trail Block. This is a quilt block pattern using the foundation-pieced technique from McCallsQuilting.

Finished Quilt Block Measures: 9 inches x 9 inches

Skill Difficulty Level: Intermediate

3. Snail's Trail Quilt

photo source: Shabby Fabrics

Here is Snail’s Trail quilt pattern tutorial from Shabby Fabrics. This tutorial requires you to use Square on Square 8″ Trim Tool. The trim tool is a great help to cut the fabrics easily.

Project Finish Size: 34.5 inches x 42.5 inches

>> Click here for more information on the Square on Square 8″ Trim Tool

4. Snail's Trail Quilt Video Tutorial

Not a fan of reading? Here is a Snail Trail Quilt video tutorial by Jenny Doan. In this tutorial she illustrates an easy way to quilt the traditional old block.

Project Finish Size: 76 inches × 91 inches

5. Gemstone

free Snail's Trail quilt pattern - Gemstone

An intricate version of the Snail’s Trail quilt pattern.

Project Finish Size: 70 inches x 76 inches

Learn more about Gemstone Quilt pattern here.

6. Snail's Trail Al Fresco Quilt Pattern

This beautiful Snails Trail Al Fresco Quilt Pattern uses two specialty ruler.(Creative Grids 2 Peaks in 1 Triangle Quilt Ruler and the Creative Grids Square on Square Trim Tool.

Project Finish Size: 62 inches × 62 inches

>> Click here for more information on the 2 Peaks in 1 Triangle Ruler

7. Snail Trail Chain Quilt

An eye-catching pattern to add in your home. The Snail Trail Chain Quilt block is a scrap-friendly pattern. Start quilting this amazing project.

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