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7 Best Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Pattern

We have gathered different tutorial versions of the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Pattern for you to create.

1. GO! Sunny Sue Baby Quilt

sunbonnet sue baby quilt

The GO! Sunny Sue Baby Quilt is a great addition to your child’s room. Created in shades of green and pink, this baby quilt project would be adored by your little girl.

This Sunbonnet Sue quilt pattern is available in two sizes, baby and queen. Play with colors and choose what size you’ll work on for this classic contemporary quilt.

Learn more about GO! Sunny Sue Baby Quilt pattern here.

2. Sunbonnet Sue Calendar Girl Quilt

sunbonnet sue and sam calendar quilt

The Sunbonnet Sue Calendar Girl Quilt is a unique and awesome quilt to commemorate your family’s special occasion. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, or favorite thanksgiving celebration this Sunbonnet Sue wall hanging quilt is an heirloom.

Dress up your Sunbonnet Sue and Sam to mimic each month’s wonderful events.

Learn more about Sunbonnet Sue Calendar Girl Quilt pattern here.

3. GO! Qube 8″ Sunbonnet Sue Bows Quilt

sunbonnet sue with bows

The GO! Qube 8″ Sunbonnet Sue Bows Quilt is a combination of two classic blocks, sunbonnet sue and bow quilt block. This vintage-inspired quilt pattern uses applique technique on the Sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks. Play with any colors and create your own personalized GO! Qube 8″ Sunbonnet Sue Bows Quilt.

Learn more about GO! Qube 8″ Sunbonnet Sue Bows Quilt pattern here.

4. Trick or Treat Sue Quilt Block


Make it spooky or make it cute, dress your Sunbonnet Sue in any color you like.

On this free quilt block pattern, Sunbonnet Sue with a witch hat on her head, carrying her Halloween pumpkin bucket and getting ready for the Trick or Treat activity.

This Trick or Treat Sue quilt block will bring a cute and playful ambiance to your Halloween party decor.

Learn more about Trick or Treat Sue Quilt block pattern here.

5. American Sue Quilt

sunbonnet sue patriotic quilt

Adorable Sunbonnet Sue in this patriotic mini quilt.

The American Sue Quilt is a beginner friendly quilt pattern that is a scrap buster. Create one before summer holidays starts and decorate this lovely patriotic Sunbonnet Sue quilt before the 4th of July.

Learn more about American Sue Quilt pattern here.

6. Sunbonnet Sue & Sam Quilt

Be fascinated by this lovely Sunbonnet Sue & Sam Quilt pattern designed by TJ Westover of Yellow Rose Quilt Co. Create Sunbonnet Sue and Sam figures using your fabric scraps. Choose the best color to liven up their characters. This can be a great throw or bed quilt for your child’s nursery room.

Finished Quilt Measures: 64 inches x 78 inches

7. Indian Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

Here is another version of the sunbonnet Sue quilt pattern designed by E M of Prairie Cottage Corner. The Indian Sunbonnet Sue Quilt is a charming design that makes a fascinating twist to the Sunbonnet Sue series.

This adorable Native American Little Indian Girls quilt will fit perfectly on any girl’s bed. If you want to make this quilt bigger or smaller, just add or subtract the number of blocks to make different-sized quilts.

Finished Quilt Measures: 67 inches x 79 inches

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