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Top 8 Free Breast Cancer Quilt Patterns (+2 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Quilting for a cause has never been more beautiful! Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of women around the world, and it is a cause that is close to many hearts. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, many quilters create quilts to help raise awareness and support the affected warriors.

If you’re looking for a way to comfort a friend or loved one who is battling breast cancer or to honor the memory of someone who passed away from this disease, creating a quilt can be a beautiful and meaningful gesture. We gathered free breast cancer awareness quilt patterns that showcase hope, strength love, and resiliency. It’s time to piece together hope for those affected by breast cancer! Create a heartwarming quilt tribute to breast cancer survivors and fighters now.

Free Breast Cancer Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Still Chasing the Cure Quilt


Designer: Hillary Bobker for Windham Fabrics

The Still Chasing the Cure Quilt pattern by Hillary Bobker is a beautiful and meaningful way to show your support for breast cancer research and awareness. This free pattern features a pink and white color scheme and a ribbon block design, which is the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness. The pattern includes clear and easy-to-follow instructions that make it suitable for quilters of all skill levels. With minimal materials required, you can quickly create a standalone quilt block or make multiple blocks to create a larger quilt. The Still Chasing the Cure Quilt pattern is a heartfelt way to show your support for loved ones affected by breast cancer and raise awareness of this important cause.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Pink Ribbon Quilt

Pink Ribbon Quilt - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Quilters World

Quilters World’s Pink Ribbon Quilt is an inspiring way of raising breast cancer awareness. This design includes clear instructions and templates to make a 47 inches x 58 ½ inches quilt with pink ribbon blocks, the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness, and soft pink and white floral blocks. This pattern is more than a gorgeous quilt because it’s a statement of solidarity and a call to action. Beginners and expert quilters alike will love this pattern. Quilt a symbol of hope with this free pattern!

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Hope

Anything is possible Hope Quilt - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Wendy Sheppard for Windham Fabrics

Show your support for breast cancer awareness with the Anything is Possible Hope Free Quilt Pattern. It is a stunning creation by Wendy Sheppard. This empowering design features a beautiful message of hope, conveyed through a colorful and playful pattern of triangles and pinwheels. It is ideal for quilters of all skill level. The design is playful and fun, with a bright color palette that is sure to bring a smile to every people facing breast cancer.

4. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Heart with a Cause Block

Heart with a cause quilt block - free quilt block pattern_

Designer: Jennifer Ofenstein of Sew Hooked

Let your creativity shine while spreading awareness for breast cancer with the Heart With A Cause Quilt block. The Heart with a Cause Paper Pieced Block by Jennifer Ofenstein is a beautiful and meaningful way to show your support for breast cancer awareness. Featuring a heart and ribbon design, this 6-inch block can be incorporated into larger projects or used as a standalone piece. With a beginner to expert difficulty level, this pattern is accessible to quilters of all skill levels who are passionate about making a difference. Choose to empower someone today and start quilting!

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Quest for a Cure

Bring some beauty to your battles with the Quest for a Cure quilt pattern. It highlights a floral design in lovely pink and green tones, with a ribbon of the same color interwoven to represent hope and solidarity. This magnificent beautiful blooming flower in shades of pink is set against a white background. The finished quilt measures 56 ¼ inches x 71 inches.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: What Cancer Cannot Do Quilt

What Cancer Can not Do Quilt - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Jeanne Coverdale for Block Party Studios Corp.

The What Cancer Cannot Do Quilt is a free pattern by Jeanne Coverdale, designed to create a meaningful and inspiring quilt using strips and cut-out messages from the fabric panel. With minimal material requirements, this pattern is perfect for quilters who want to make a difference and bring comfort to those enduring hardship. Join forces with other quilters committed to social change and create a beautiful and powerful statement piece.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts - free quilt pattern by Fat Quarter Shop_

Designer: Fat Quarter Shop

Wrap your friend or yourself in love and healing with this adorable Healing Hearts quilt pattern. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, you’ll love the simplicity of this pattern and the beauty of the finished quilt. Create a beautiful 65 ½ inches by 85 ½ inches quilt featuring heart blocks in pink and white. You can quickly create a stunning quilt that is perfect to comfort breast cancer warriors in no time with this quick and easy pattern!

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Ribbons of Hope

Ribbons of Hope - free quilt pattern

Designer: Annis Clapp of AMC Quilts

Ribbons of Hope, a heartfelt quilt pattern designed by Annis Clapp of AMC Quilts, is a beautiful way to craft with a purpose. This 15″ x 15″ quilt, perfect for wall hangings or small displays, features delicate paper pieced blocks, symbolizing hope and resilience. The pattern comes with clear, handwritten instructions and a precise quilt layout, making it accessible for quilters of various skill levels. Ideal for a thoughtful gift or a personal keepsake, this pattern allows quilters to create a piece that’s not just beautiful but also meaningful.

BONUS Breast Cancer Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. The Ribbon Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

The Ribbon Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Trisch and Jenifer of Everyday Stitches

The Ribbon Quilt pattern by Everyday Stitches offers a heartfelt way to honor cancer survivors and support loved ones during treatment. Available in both throw and wall hanging sizes, this pattern allows quilters to craft a meaningful tribute or a comforting embrace. The wall hanging size is perfect for celebrating survivorship, while the larger throw size provides warmth and comfort for those undergoing treatment. This pattern is also an excellent opportunity for quilters to creatively use their fabric scraps. Crafting this quilt becomes not just an act of sewing but an expression of love, support, and solidarity.

2. For Melly Pink Ribbon Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

For Melly Pink Ribbon Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Cassie Johnson of Alabaster Box Patterns

For Melly Pink Ribbon Quilt, designed by Cassie Johnson of Alabaster Box Patterns, is a heartwarming and supportive quilt project. This downloadable PDF pattern is particularly Jelly Roll friendly, offering clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions for ease of creation. The finished quilt, measuring 68″ x 90″, is an ideal size for comfort and support. It’s a thoughtful and caring gift for friends or loved ones undergoing treatment, or as a tribute to honor their memory. The design symbolizes solidarity and hope, making it not just a quilt, but a meaningful gesture of love and support in challenging times.

Here Are More Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Said With Love

Photo Source: Said With Love

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Simple Stitch Quilts

Photo Source: Simple Stitch Quilts

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Becky Sue Sews

Photo Source: Becky Sue Sews

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Diary of a Quilter

Photo Source: Diary of a Quilter

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Sew Much Moore

Photo Source: Sew Much Moore

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Simple Stitch Quilts

Photo Source: Simple Stitch Quilts

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Julia Raye

Photo Source: Julia Raye

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Jana Guckt

Photo Source: Jana Guckt

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Tracy Loukota

Photo Source: Tracy Loukota

Breast Cancer Quilt Pattern Idea from Judy Geyer

Photo Source: Judy Geyer

It’s evident that each stitch in these quilts weaves more than just fabric—it crafts a message of enduring love, support, and solidarity. These quilts, ranging from symbolic ribbon designs to heartwarming tributes, are not just beautiful pieces of art; they are tangible expressions of comfort and hope. They serve as a warm embrace to those battling breast cancer and a touching memorial for those we remember. A handmade breast cancer awareness quilt is a profound gesture, enveloping the recipient in a tapestry of care and compassion, reminding them they are not alone in their journey.

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