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Free Quilt Tutorial: Funky Caterpillars Quilt

A fun and fascinating quilt pattern to do with your scraps.

The Funky Caterpillars Quilt is created using Chinese coin strips, knowledge of making stacked coins is recommended when crafting this project. This is a free downloadable quilt pattern with step-by-step diagrams prepared by Rebecca M. Ball. Included in this quilt tutorial are the fabric requirements and cutting instructions. The guide given is for a 45 inches x 70 inches sized quilt. If you want to make your quilt bigger you can add a border or add more caterpillars to it.

This quilt project looks like caterpillars or worms crawling and digging through the soil.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Free Quilt Tutorial- Funky Caterpillars Quilt by Rebecca M. Ball

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