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Top 18 Free Modern Quilt Patterns (+7 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Modern quilt patterns give new fresh ideas and twist to traditional quilting. The standards that govern traditional quilt designs have evolved over time. This includes utilizing contemporary fabrics, changing the way the blocks are arranged, and even altering the block’s size. Improvise your patterns in a fun and creative way. We handpicked the best modern quilt patterns to recreate.

Free Modern Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Hidden Garden Quilt

free quilt pattern - Hidden Garden Quilt by Suzie of Suzy Quilts

Designer: Suzie of Suzy Quilts

Feel a sense of bliss as you run your hand down in this elegant quilt as if you’re also feeling the soft flower petals in your garden! A free pdf quilt pattern designed by Suzie of Suzy Quilts. It features natural flower colors of all kinds, creating a semblance of that of a real flower.

Beginner and advanced quilters will have no problem recreating this piece! You’ll only apply the raw edge applique technique, and you’ll have your Hidden Garden Quilt! Project Finished Size: 50 inches X 60 inches

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Modern Maze Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern- Modern Maze Quilt by AGF Studio

Designer: AGF Studio

Every home should have this Modern Maze Quilt. It is a minimalist quilt design that will enchant every eye. This modern-style maze can also be a great gift idea to give to a man. Whether it is your son, husband, uncle, father, boyfriend, or a family guy friend, they will appreciate this masculine quilt. Project Finish Size: 60 inches x 80 inches

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Snippets – Pearlescent Quilt

free quilt pattern - Snippets Pearlescent Quilt by Denise Russel for Studio E

Designer: Denise Russell for Studio E Fabrics

This shining quilt will remind you of disco lights bouncing off the walls of a club. It resembles the luminescence of a pear. Experience in quilting and piecing techniques is required. Advanced beginner quilters will love recreating this unique quilt. Designed by Denise Russell for Studio E Fabrics, the finished quilt measures 62 inches x 74 inches.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Fading From Black to White Throw Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - GO! Fading From Black to White Throw Quilt by Mary Anne Fontana of Fontana Originals for AccuQuilt

Designer: Mary Anne Fontana for AccuQuilt

The beautiful fading effect of this two-toned quilt creates a modern look. This lovely quilt is composed of traditional quilt blocks. The one that stood out the most is the 12-inch log cabin quilt block which gives the illusion of fading colors. This minimalistic quilt project is perfect for tiny homes to add aesthetic value to their decor. Project Finish Size: 68 inches x 84inches

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Bird Watching Quilt

free quilt pattern - Bird Watching Quilt by Suzie of Suzy Quilts

Designer: Suzie of Suzy Quilts

Who doesn’t love watching birds? They embody the essence of gentleness and gracefulness. Designed by Suzie of Suzy Quilts, this downloadable quilt showcases the beauty of birds using printed fabrics in equilateral triangles and one rhombus. The earth colors also magically blended with the birds. Beginners will definitely have fun recreating this. Project Finished Size: 60 inches X 55 inches

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Giant Plus Quilt

free quilt pattern - Giant Plus Quilt by Ash of Giant Quilts

Designer: Ash of Giant Quilts

Are you looking for that one decoration to add to your home that will spellbind your guests? Then this quilt is right up on your alley! The minimalist cross patterns on this quilt exude high-class luxury. It has a serene picturesque quality to it that will add more personality to your home with its posh and refined design. Designed by Ash of Giant Quilts, this cross quilt design is ideal to be a wall-hanging decor, a throw blanket, or a comforter! It’s also great for beginner just starting in their quilting journey.

The two sizing options are as follows:

  • Throw – 55 inches x 55 inches
  • Queen – 88 inches x 88 inches

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Memoir Quilt

free quilt pattern Memoir Quilt by Art Gallery Fabrics

Designer: AGF Studio

Don’t know what gift you will give your family and friends as a remembrance token? Don’t worry because this Memoir quilt pattern is just the perfect gift you’re looking for! It is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. The printed fabrics alone are jaw-dropping and eye-catching. You’ll only need to cut your printed fabrics into strips and mini triangles to recreate this breathtaking quilt. It is also perfect for all quilters of all levels. The finished size measures 52 inches x 52 inches.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Mosaic Quilt

free quilt pattern - Mosaic Quilt by Carl Hentsch for Studio E

Designer: Carl Hentsch for Studio E Fabrics

This beginner-friendly printable quilt pattern resembles a maze. It features an extraordinary design with different sizes of rectangles positioned in different directions. You’ll only need strips of your fabric to sew the backing pieces together. This easy modern quilt pattern is designed by Carl Hentsch, a maze quilt that features the Essentials 9 fabric collection from Studio E Fabrics. The finished quilt measures 88 inches x 65 inches.52 inches x 52 inches.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Flowers in My Windows Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Flowers in My Windows by Carter Quilter

Designer: Cindy Carter of Carter Quilter

Perfect to be used as a comforter, this quilt has a panoramic view of an artistic garden that will charm you to sleep. Designed by Cindy Carter, you can easily recreate this pattern by purchasing Charm Packs. It will give you multitudes of printed fabrics that you can use for this quilt.

It has three sizing options you can choose from:

  • Full Quilt – 98 inches by 98 inches
  • Twin Quilt – 77 inches by 98 inches
  • Comfort Quilt – 77 inches by 77 inches

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Boxed in Quilt

Boxed in Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: KarrieLyne from Freckled Whimsy for Moda Bake Shop

The Boxed in Quilt, a free pattern by KarrieLyne from Freckled Whimsy for Moda Bake Shop, is an ideal project for a quick and satisfying quilting experience. This pattern, which can easily be completed over a weekend, showcases Sandy Gervais’ vibrant Lollipop fabric line. It is particularly designed to be layer cake friendly, allowing for a fun and efficient way to utilize these pre-cut fabrics. Measuring approximately 50″ x 50″, the quilt is perfect for a throw or a decorative accent in your living space. Its straightforward design and lively appearance make it a great choice for quilters who want to create something beautiful and functional in a short amount of time.

11. Free Quilt Pattern: Colour Explosion Quilt

Colour Explosion Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Kirsty of Bonjour Quilts

Embrace a vibrant crafting journey with the Colour Explosion Quilt – a free quilt pattern designed by Kirsty of Bonjour Quilts. This lively pattern is ideally designed for a baby quilt, measuring a cozy 36″ x 48″. One of the key aspects of this pattern lies in your fabric choice. You’ll need a selection of fat quarters, divided into warm and cool hues, to create a visually engaging contrast. Feel free to choose your own preferred colors! Each row features a combination of flying geese units and HST units, maintaining contrast with each touching triangle in the rows above and below. Remember, the ultimate goal is to achieve a burst of color and fascinating contrasts, resulting in an eye-catching, snug quilt for your little ones.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Spring Rainbows Quilt

Spring Rainbows Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Pippa Armbrester of Pippa Quilts for Moda Fabrics

Welcome the whimsy of the Spring Rainbows Quilt – a free quilt pattern creatively crafted by Pippa Armbrester of Pippa Quilts for Moda Fabrics. This unique quilt banks on an improvisational style, meaning it celebrates the joy of minimal measuring and embraces the creativity of spontaneous cutting and sewing. Depending on your comfort level with an impromptu approach, you can opt to measure a bit more, but the charm lies in the slightly wonky, off-kilter effect of this wild and free process. This 24″ square quilt, ideal as a vibrant table topper, is jelly roll friendly. Enjoy the free-spirited world of quilting with the Spring Rainbows Quilt!

13. Free Quilt Pattern: Simply Style Stacked Squares Quilt

Simply Style Stacked Squares Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting for Moda Fabrics

Dive into the geometric charm of the Simply Style Stacked Squares Quilt, a free quilting pattern beautifully crafted by Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting for Moda Fabrics. This pattern, ideal for utilizing your cherished jelly rolls and delectable layer cakes, culminates in a generously sized lap quilt. The finished quilt size, measuring 68″ x 76″, offers ample warmth and coziness. The aesthetic appeal of this quilt is realized through the stacked squares composition, creating a contemporary yet cozy appeal. Whether you’re curling up by the fire or nestling into your reading nook, this quilt is destined to be your go-to comfort source.

14. Free Quilt Pattern: Mistletoe Lane Quilt

Mistletoe Lane Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Rebecca Aikema of Our Busy Little Bunch for Bear Creek Quilting Company

Embrace the festive joy with the Mistletoe Lane Quilt, a free quilt pattern designed by Rebecca Aikema of Our Busy Little Bunch, made especially for Bear Creek Quilting Company. With a design that resembles dancing candy canes, this quilt truly captures the essence of cheerful holiday spirits. This pattern beautifully features the ‘Mistletoe Lane’ fabric collection by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda, evoking nostalgic holiday memories. Crafted for flexibility, you can create this quilt with a fat quarter bundle or a couple of jelly rolls. After washing, it snuggly measures approximately 55 inches x 64 inches, forming a delightful addition to your festive home décor.

15. Free Quilt Pattern: Modular Blocks Quilt

Modular Blocks Quilt - free quilt pattern

Designer: Purl Soho

Delight in the versatile design of the Modular Blocks Quilt, a free quilt pattern presented by Purl Soho. This easy-to-assemble pattern exudes a playful spirit, making for an engaging sewing experience. The Modular Blocks Quilt cleverly combines a methodical construction approach with an unpredictable layout, ensuring each sewing session is filled with excitement and anticipation. Boasting a comfortable 60-inch length and 50-inch width, the quilt is composed of intricate half-square triangles and square units. This geometric masterpiece is an enjoyable and visually stimulating project for quilters of all skill levels.

16. Free Quilt Pattern: Liberty & Flowers

Liberty & Flowers - free quilt pattern

Designer: Suzie of Suzy Quilts

Crafting magic meets floral elegance in the Liberty & Flowers Quilt, a free downloadable PDF pattern graciously offered by Suzy Quilts. This exquisite throw-sized quilt, with a finished size of 50″ x 54″, flaunts a captivating patchwork of triangle units. Suited for advanced quilters, this pattern promises a rewarding and skill-enhancing quilting journey. However, fear not if you’re a quilting novice eager to take on this pattern. Suzy provides a wealth of helpful resources to guide and support you every step of the way. Thus, transforming your quilting experience from trial to triumph.

17. Free Quilt Pattern: Acute Triangle

Acute Triangle - free quilt pattern

Designer: AGF Studio

Immerse in the angular aesthetics with the Acute Triangle Quilt, a free pattern by AGF Studio, that showcases the stunning Minimalista Collection. This quilt, with its impressive finished size of 80″ x 60″, is composed of a captivating array of both large and small triangle units. This design marvel presents you with exciting opportunities to explore the color wheel, inviting you to play with fabric hues and create a visual mood that resonates with your space. Regardless of whether you prefer a monochrome palette or a carnival of colors, your Acute Triangle Quilt is destined to be a personalized showstopper.

18. Free Quilt Pattern: Melodic

Melodic - free quilt pattern

Designer: AGF Studio

Harmonize traditional and modern quilt-making with Melodic, a free quilt pattern by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics. Featuring the enchanting Anna Elise fabric collection, this quilt shines with a generous 72″x 72″ finished size. The design boasts a captivating star central motif in each block, its points extending outward, effortlessly framed by contrasting triangles and rectangles. Melodic artfully combines classic quilt elements with a contemporary, whimsical twist, resulting in a symphony of visual delight. Lose yourself in the graceful composition and let Melodic bring out the quilt maestro in you.

BONUS Modern Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Spinning Triangles Quilt (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Spinning Triangles Quilt by Carrie Wikander

Designer: Carrie Wikander of The Zen Quilter

Feel free to have fun recreating this stunning quilt pattern! This scrap-based pattern is simple yet riveting, highlighting the distinctive placement of the various colored triangles in a palette of grey. Its versatility is perfect if you’re going for a quaint or old-fashioned style. Carrie Wikander owns this lovely design.

The Spinning Triangles quilt pattern is recommended for advanced quilters. This is an instant download quilt pattern for you to start working with.

The finished quilt measures 60 inches x 60 inches.

2. State Fair Sampler Quilt (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

State Fair Sampler Quilt by Leila Gardunia

Designer: Leila Gardunia

Summer is not the same without a fair festival. With this sampler quilt, be reminded of the blinding lights and the vibrant atmosphere of a fair festival inside your home! You will be pleased with how easily these endearing summer colors complement each other! If you’re just starting your quilting journey, then this sampler quilt pattern is perfect for you! On this sampler quilt you will find 36 blocks in 6 different sizes. You will have endless possibilities of creating stunning quilts. Originally created by Leila Gardunia, the inspiration came from a collection of tile mosaic blocks.

3. Windy Day Quilt (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Windy Day Quilt by Sarah Schneider

Designer: Sarah Schneider of Sarahs Softies Quilts

Designed by Sarah Schneider, this cuddly-looking quilt will unconsciously teleport you to a windy coast overlooking the ocean, your hair windswept and feeling peaceful. The traditional Carpenter Star was prominent, giving it a creative modern look. This is ideal for intermediate, experienced, and beginner quilters. The finished quilt measures 68 inches x 72 inches.

4. Modern Quilt Pattern for Jelly Rolls (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Modern Quilt Pattern for Jelly Rolls by Julie Taylor

Designer: Julie Taylor of Mack and Mabel

This simple yet intriguing pattern will add more personality to your home. It gives the appearance of a prism wherein multiple colors are refracted, giving it an altered version of a rainbow. It is perfect as a wall-hanging decor or a slipcover. Beginners will definitely have fun playing with colors in this one. This design belongs to Julie Taylor.

It has seven sizing options you can choose from:

  • Baby – 37 inches x 46 inches
  • Crib – 46 inches x 64 inches
  • Toddler/ Lap – 55 inches x 73 inches
  • Twin – 73 inches x 91 inches
  • Queen – 91 inches x 109 inches
  • King – 118 inches x118 inches

5. Shuttle Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Shuttle Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Heather Akerberg of Glad Hand Sews

Embark on a thrilling quilting adventure with the Shuttle Quilt Pattern by Heather Akerberg of Glad Hand Sews. Skillfully crafted for the confident beginner, this pattern fuses solid blocks and simple strip-pieced blocks in an innovative layout, resulting in an astonishing visual impact. Shuttle is a surprisingly quick-sew pattern, emanating bold charm and striking appeal. The pattern comes complete with fabric requirements and step-by-step instructions for both throw (64 ½” x 72 ½”) and queen-size (88 ½” x 104 ½”) quilts. Immerse in the enthralling world of Shuttle and stitch together your masterpiece!

6. Mix & Mingle Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Mix & Mingle Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Natalie Crabtree of Crabtree Arts Quilts

The Mix & Mingle Quilt Pattern by Natalie Crabtree of Crabtree Arts Quilts is a delightful project for quilters looking for a modern and eclectic design. This pattern allows for a playful mix of scrappy squares and assorted blocks, offering plenty of room for personalization. Suitable for beginners to intermediate quilters, it’s an enjoyable venture into quilt making. You can have fun choosing prints for the various blocks and arranging them on your design wall. With a finished size of 58.5″ x 72″, this quilt is perfect for showcasing a Layer Cake assortment of fabrics.

7. Leaded Light Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Leaded Light Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Amy Schelle of Sewn Handmade

Begin an enthralling quilting journey with the Leaded Light Quilt Pattern by Amy Schelle of Sewn Handmade. Both Fat Quarter and Jelly Roll friendly, the pattern promises a speedy and enjoyable sewing experience. It embodies the architectural genius of Frank Lloyd Wright, infusing a modern quilt with timeless passion for design. Suitable for beginners, the pattern includes sizes for crib (40″ x 56″), throw (60″ x 66″), and bed (78″ x 90″), offering versatile options to match your needs.

Here Are More Modern Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Krista Stitched

Photo Source: Krista Stitched

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Eudaimonia Studio

Photo Source: Eudaimonia Studio

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Sarah Jean Makes

Photo Source: Sarah Jean Makes

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Libs Elliott

Photo Source: Libs Elliott

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Charisma Horton

Photo Source: Charisma Horton

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Charisma Horton

Photo Source: Charisma Horton

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Krista Stitched and Eleanora Designs

Photo Source: Krista Stitched and Eleanora Designs

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Quiltachusetts

Photo Source: Quiltachusetts

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Missmake

Photo Source: Missmake

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Eudaimonia Studio

Photo Source: Eudaimonia Studio

Modern Quilt Pattern Idea from Mary and Patch

Photo Source: Mary and Patch

We can truly appreciate the delightful blend of traditional techniques with contemporary twists that these designs offer. Showcasing an array of versatile patterns catering to varying skill levels, preferences, and sewing styles, this collection captures the true essence of modern quilting. From bold graphical statements to intricate geometric layouts, the creations are as unique as the quilters themselves. Embrace your creative spirit, and embark on an exhilarating journey through the wonderful world of modern quilt patterns, stitching together cherished heirlooms that celebrate your artistry and passion.

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I love your patterns. I have stopped quilting because I just lost my love for it. I'm trying to get back into it. I started quilting in 1999.