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Top 10 Free Mother’s Day Quilt Patterns (+5 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Mother’s Day quilt patterns offer a heartfelt way to show appreciation for moms everywhere, combining the warmth of a homemade gift with the timeless art of quilting. Historically, quilts have been crafted as meaningful gifts for loved ones, and creating a quilt for Mother’s Day continues this tradition of giving something personal and cherished. These patterns often feature motifs that symbolize love, care, and gratitude—ideal for celebrating the special bond between mothers and their children.

Free Mother’s Day Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Bokashi Blossoms

Bokashi Blossoms - free quilt pattern Michael Miller Fabrics

Designer: Marinda Stewart for Michael Miller Fabrics

The Bokashi Blossoms Quilt Pattern by Marinda Stewart is designed for confident beginners and measures 40″ x 55″. Inspired by the subtle grace of Japanese design, this Mother’s Day quilt captures the serene essence of bokashi shading and is adorned with a tranquil vase and flower motif. Set against a canvas of soft pastels, it beautifully weaves a tender narrative of motherly love. It is an ideal project for anyone looking to express their appreciation with a deeply meaningful and visually harmonious quilt.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Snuggle

Snuggle - free quilt pattern_

Designer: AGF Studio

The Snuggle quilt pattern, offered for free by AGF Studio, features the Pine Lullaby rediscovered fabric collection and measures 36″ × 44″. This quilt embodies warmth and comfort, centered around a delightful fabric panel that depicts a touching scene of a mother bear and her cub in a loving embrace. Adorned with borders showcasing a parade of wild animal friends, it adds a whimsical and charming touch, making it an excellent Mother’s Day gift. Ideal for expressing love and gratitude, the Snuggle quilt is a perfect way to show appreciation, wrapping your mother in the warmth and care she deserves.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Macaroons for Mom Quilt


Designer: Jen Belnap for AccuQuilt

The GO! Macaroons for Mom Quilt is a charming free quilt pattern from AccuQuilt, designed by Jen Belnap of The Smitten Chicken. This 28-inch x 28-inch wall hanging is perfect for utilizing your fat quarter fabrics and can be customized in your mom’s favorite colors to make it even more special. Ideal for placing in the kitchen or any of her favorite spots around the house, this quilt will surely be a delightful gift that your mom will cherish. Present it as a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, which will brighten her day whenever she sees it.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Evening Stroll Bears

Evening Stroll Bear Quilt Pattern with silhouette paws

Designer: Christine Stainbrook for Project House 360

Explore the tranquil Evening Stroll Bears quilt pattern, a free offering from Christine Stainbrook for Project House 360, featuring the Landscapes fabric collection by RJR Fabrics. This 54” x 54” quilt captures the serene essence of bears enjoying a soothing evening walk, using appliqué and basting techniques to create a picturesque scene. Ideal as a mother-daughter gift, this quilt symbolizes warmth and togetherness, making it perfect for expressing love and tenderness. With its delicate and heartfelt design, the Evening Stroll Bears quilt is a beautiful choice for wrapping loved ones in your affection.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Mother’s Day Mug Rug

Mother's Day Mug Rug - free quilt pattern

Designer: Julie Taylor of Mack and Mabel 

The Mother’s Day Mug Rug quilt pattern by Julie Taylor of Mack and Mabel features appliqué templates for easy creation. This delightful pattern is the perfect way to cherish Mum with every sip, blending homely comfort with the joy of a bird’s song. A playful patchwork bird perches atop a floral mug, creating a cozy resting spot for her morning cup. Ideal as a heartfelt gift, this mug rug is a token of appreciation, offering a daily reminder of love and gratitude in a simple, charming design.

6. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Mother’s Dream Block

Mother’s Dream Block - free quilt block pattern

Designer: Patchwork Square

The Mother’s Dream quilt block, free from Patchwork Square, features a simple four-patch design that incorporates fundamental patchwork elements ideal for beginners. This block cleverly combines several half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, and three-quarter square triangles, a technique many quilters find engaging. This fun and educational block offers versatility in design, with two distinct quilt layouts provided to showcase the different visual effects that can be achieved with the “Mother’s Dream” quilt block, making it a delightful project for quilters of any experience level.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: A Rose by Any Other Name

A Rose by Any Other Name- free quilt pattern

Designer: Marinda Stewart for Michael Miller Fabrics

The A Rose by Any Other Name Quilt Pattern by Marinda Stewart for Michael Miller Fabrics measures 40″ W x 59″ H and is suitable for intermediate quilters. This elegant design is perfect for Mother’s Day, capturing the timeless beauty of roses in soft, inviting colors. It’s an exquisite quilt that serves as a beautiful gift, allowing you to express your love and appreciation for everything she does with a lovely, handmade creation that she will surely cherish.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Coiffure

Coiffure - free quilt pattern

Designer: Casey York for Windham Fabrics

The Coiffure quilt pattern by Casey York for Windham Fabrics, featuring Kim Andersson’s Good Hair Day Fabric Collection, measures 60″ x 64″ and is designed for intermediate quilters. This unique pattern celebrates Mom’s playful style, artfully depicting a woman’s silhouette and whimsical, swirling hair. It blends traditional piecing with a modern twist, making it an ideal choice for crafting a memorable and personalized Mother’s Day gift that showcases your creative flair and appreciation for her individuality.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Kaffe Fassett Hat Box

Kaffe Fassett Hat Box - free quilt pattern

Designer: Liza Prior Lucy for Bernina

The Kaffe Fassett Hat Box Quilt Pattern by Liza Prior Lucy for Bernina offers a vibrant celebration of Mother’s Day, blending classic charm with contemporary flair. This quilt showcases bold, floral hat boxes set against a pastel background, making it a perfect expression of love and appreciation. It captures all mothers’ timeless elegance and strength, providing a beautiful and meaningful gift for this special occasion.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Bella’s Blooms

Bella's Blooms - free quilt pattern

Designer: Pat Sloan

Experience the warmth of Bella’s Blooms, a Mother’s Day quilt pattern that captures the heart. With its radiant red backdrop and joyful blossoms, this quilt celebrates affection, perfect for expressing gratitude and love on Mother’s Day. A patchwork of devotion, it’s a craft that blooms with appreciation.

BONUS Mother’s Day Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Mum/Mom Mug Rug Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

MumMom Mug Rug Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Patchsmith

The Mum/Mom Mug Rug Quilt Pattern by Patchsmith offers a charming and quick project that doesn’t require a special occasion to celebrate your mother. This mug rug utilizes strip appliqué, making it easy to assemble and perfect for completing in an hour or two. It’s an ideal craft for those looking to create a thoughtful, handmade gift without the need for extensive time investment. It allows you to express appreciation for your mother with a pretty, practical piece she can enjoy every day.

2. Pregnant Mama Quilt Block Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Pregnant Mama Quilt Block Pattern - etsy

Designer: Erin W. of Snuggle Puzzle

The Pregnant Mama Quilt Block pattern by Erin W. of Snuggle Puzzle employs the foundation paper piecing technique, resulting in a finished block size of 10 inches x 20 inches. This unique quilt block captures the beautiful form of a pregnant mother, making it a perfect addition to projects like maternity quilts or gifts for expectant mothers. Its precise piecing allows for detailed and striking results, offering quilters a special way to celebrate motherhood in their craft.

3. Friend to Friend Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Friend to Friend Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Terri Degenkolb and Jackie Conaway

The Friend to Friend Quilt Pattern, created by Terri Degenkolb and Jackie Conaway, is a charming 15″ x 15″ wall quilt designed for displaying affection towards your mom. This pattern utilizes fusible appliqué, making it straightforward and accessible, even for those with limited quilting experience. It’s a rare vintage piece from the 90s, offering any room a nostalgic and heartfelt touch. Perfect as a thoughtful gift, this quilt encapsulates timeless sentiments of friendship and maternal love in a compact and lovely display.

4. Under Mother’s Wing Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Under Mother's Wing Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: The Gingham Goose Patterns and Pretties

The Under Mother’s Wing Quilt Pattern by The Gingham Goose Patterns and Pretties is a delightful vintage piece from the 1970s, designed as a wall hanging. This adorable quilt features a colorful Mama Goose with four little goslings, one cleverly tucked under a 3D wing. It makes a charming addition to a child’s nursery or as a decorative wall piece. With a finished size of 45″ x 60″, this pattern is perfect for a quick weekend project, offering both visual appeal and heartfelt warmth.

5. Sewology Quilt Block Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Sewology Quilt Block Pattern - etsy

Designer: Lindsey Neill of Pen And Paper Patterns

The Sewology Quilt Block Pattern is designed for advanced beginners and includes 12 traditionally pieced block patterns. This Mother’s Day quilt pattern thoughtfully stitches together elements of craft and love, making it an ideal gift for moms passionate about sewing. It features an artful arrangement of sewing tools and notions designed to inspire and celebrate her dedication to needlework. This pattern is a heartfelt, handmade homage to Mom, perfect for showcasing her love of the craft in a beautiful quilt.

Here Are More Mother’s Day Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Mother's Day Quilt Pattern Idea from Joe June and Mae

Photo Source: Joe June and Mae

Mother's Day Quilt Pattern Idea from Create with Claudia

Photo Source: Create with Claudia

Mother's Day Quilt Pattern Idea from Ashley Enzo Bernard

Photo Source: Ashley Enzo Bernard

Mother's Day Quilt Pattern Idea from The Cursive Quilter

Photo Source: The Cursive Quilter

Mother's Day Quilt Pattern Idea from Kainani Handmade

Photo Source: Kainani Handmade

Mother's Day Quilt Pattern Idea from Sew Much Fun Longarming

Photo Source: Sew Much Fun Longarming

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting, adding Mother’s Day quilt patterns to your collection offers a unique opportunity to create the perfect, thoughtful present that your mom, grandma, or any mother figure will treasure for years. These patterns are ideal for gifting and provide an excellent chance for mothers to indulge in crafting something special for their own enjoyment. Additionally, they make heartfelt gifts for sisters or daughters who are mothers, celebrating their role with a personalized, handmade piece that showcases your appreciation and love. Each quilt sewn from these patterns will surely be cherished, embodying the warmth and care put into every stitch.

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