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Top 7 Free Quilt Border Ideas That Will Make Your Quilt Stand Out (+3 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

A quilt’s border is a decorative strip that frames the quilt’s design. Borders are the finishing touch of your masterpiece. Although our attention is initially pulled to the quilt’s primary pattern, our gaze soon wanders to the quilt border designs. Quilt borders come in a wide range of styles and colors. Choosing a border quilt can enhance the look of your quilt. There is nothing wrong with using basic borders, but why not spice things up?! Stand out and try these border ideas we compiled for you:

Free Quilt Border Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Border Pattern: Little House Quilt Block Border

free quilt tutorial - Little House Quilt Block Border by Paula's Handmade Space

Get your favorite layer cakes from storage because you’re about to recreate the coziest border in town! The Little House Quilt Blocks has a bubbly and floral look, making it a perfect frame for a summer or spring project. Feel free to use any fabric you like. It will give each house its own personality, making it more exciting and adorable. The fabrics were assembled together with the piecing technique. If you know how to do that, this easy quilt border would be a piece of cake!

The author removed the quilt tutorial. It is not available anymore.

2. Free Quilt Border Pattern: Diamond Star Squares

Diamond Star Squares Quilt Border Pattern - Free Quilt Border Pattern
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If you wished to find a diamond on the stars last night, then you’ve come to the right page because this Diamond Star quilt is yours to keep! This border pattern is designed to elevate the look of your quilt as simply as possible. Its geometric approach gives the strips the stylish touch of a modern look yet the satisfying symmetry of a traditional way. Using plain fabric pieces with this pattern would create a classic masterpiece. Bring the quilt of your dreams to life with this pieced quilt border idea from How Stuff Works.

3. Free Quilt Border Pattern: Pioneer Braid

Pioneer Braid - Free Quilt Border Pattern
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If you’re looking for intricate borders to elevate the look of your quilt, recreating the Pioneer Braid by Quiltville will surely redefine your style. This geometric pattern seemingly weaves scrappy fabrics together to create a sophisticated version of a chevron border. It intentionally observes the element of space to produce an optical illusion that will keep your eyes amused. On top of that, this modern quilt border idea creates a well-played color values, giving an impression of an abstract masterpiece. It works well with blocks that use the flying geese technique. It may look complicated to recreate, but you’ll surely nail this project with patience and passion!

4. Free Quilt Border Pattern: Eight-Pointed Star

Eight-Pointed Star - Free Quilt Border Pattern
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If you can’t decide whether you want a star block or a floral design, just have them and recreate the Eight-Pointed Star Quilt Border by How Stuff Works! This captivating free quilt border pattern blooms with beauty, as the combination of light and dark values makes them twinkle from afar. The contrasting hues give their shape depth, elevating the simplicity of its visuals. Line them up on a strip or make square blocks out of them. Either way, you’ll find yourself staring at a quilt that seems to dance on the plainness of your walls. It’s chic, stylish, and easy to recreate. Truly, a must-have!

5. Free Quilt Border Pattern: Ribbon Border

Ribbon Border - Free Quilt Border Pattern
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Whether you’re quilting for a Halloween baby or stitching a new piece for the spooky season, framing your quilt with ribbon borders will make it look extra special. Lynn’s interesting pattern assembles Half-square triangles together to create an illusion of an actual ribbon running around the quilt. It alternates light and dark fabric pieces to achieve that three-dimensional effect you see when you look at it from afar.

Pro tip from Lynn: use a Bloc-Loc ruler to trim the fabrics in the perfect size before you make Y-squares. Linearly stitch the blocks, and voila! You got yourself a ribbon border!

6. Free Quilt Border Pattern: Country Paradise

Country Paradise - Free Quilt Border Pattern
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There’s nothing as dreamy as living somewhere far from the busy life in the city. So if you’re looking for a quilt that will remind you of the beauty of the countryside, then the closest pattern you could recreate is the one they call “paradise”. Denise Russell worked together with Blank Quilting to frame a beautiful scenic panel with two festive borders: the inner border is made of pinwheel blocks, while the outer border is made of curvy diamonds that use printed fabric pieces. Such great borders for panel quilts.You may hang it as wall decor or use it as a lap quilt. Either way, it will be a fun piece to recreate as an advanced beginner!

7. Free Quilt Border Pattern: Autumn Lattice Quilt

Autumn Lattice Quilt - Free Quilt Border Pattern
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If fabric weaving sounds like a fun project to stitch this Fall, then you would enjoy recreating the Autumn Lattice Quilt. Of all the ideas featured today, this pattern stands out because of its unique way of putting the fabric pieces together. The outer border and the center blocks are connected with openly woven strips that are quite tricky to do. Each strip is laid out at an angle of 45 degrees and has to be secured in place so it’ll be easier to accomplish.

Indeed, this piece is tedious to make, even for an advanced beginner. But, if you love having a rare piece on your wall, do it and give your all!

BONUS Quilt Border Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Just For Fall Border Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Just For Fall Border Pattern - Quilt Border Pattern
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Fall in love with the majestic beauty of autumn with the quilt made just for it. Marita Portschy’s Just For Fall pattern highlights an elegant panel of everything that reminds you of this season: sunset palette, falling leaves, a basket of orange pumpkins, and a couple of songbirds sitting on a branch. The dark, wooden background made the colors more vibrant. On top of that, the borders framing the image brought a festive feel with its playful flying geese pattern. It’s affordable and easy to recreate as a beginner. Of course, you would love to have this in your room!

2. Woodland Creatures Border Patterns (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Woodland Creatures Border Patterns - Quilt Border Pattern
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Fall into the rabbit hole and discover a new world with Rosemary Makhan’s Woodland Creatures. Each block of this magical quilt features whimsical fauna and floral characters that will leave you in awe every time. The way the vines crawl around the borders invites your eyes to wander on the pitch black background, where the beauty of blooming flowers meet the charm of forest animals. Looking closely at the fabric used, you’ll see a seemingly embossed, wavy pattern. Though dainty, it brings elegance to the visual value of the quilt, making it an ideal addition to your home.

3. The Four Seasons Quilt Border (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

The Four Seasons Quilt Border - Quilt Border Pattern
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If you’re looking for border ideas only, you might as well choose a versatile pattern that looks lovely all year round. Designed by Judy Craddock, The Four Seasons Quilt Border is the sum of the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn quilt blocks. It features a bold floral flame that blooms elegantly on an evening-hued background. The embossed details on the fabric used create a tactile effect that feels luxurious yet cozy. On top of that, the vibrant hues gave life to the quilt when black and white dominated the space. This is suited for quilters of all skill levels.

Frame the center of your design beautifully with these border ideas! With this collection, you don’t have to stick to using the same border for your quilts over again.

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