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Top 20 Free Scrap Quilt Patterns (+8 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Scrap quilts are ideal for quilters to save and clean their scrap drawer. Fabric is one of the most expensive elements of quilting, making it difficult for quilters to stay within their budget and start new patterns. We compiled the best paid and free scrap quilt patterns for all skill levels. Regardless of the size of your scrap collection, you can find simple and challenging patterns to recreate!

Free Scrap Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Modern Melody Basics

free quilt pattern Modern Melody Basics Quilt by Heidi Pridemore

Designer: Heidi Pridemore for Henry Glass & Co.

Bring out your true colors with Modern Melody Basics. This stylish and modern scrap quilt pattern combines different shades of color in one block and assembles them in twisted diagonals to put some twists on the basics. If you’re an intermediate quilter who wants to play with hues, then this free printable scrap quilt pattern is definitely for you! Designed by Heidi Pridemore featuring the First Blush Studio fabric collection from Henry Glass & Co, this 57 ½ inches x 75 ½ inches project lets you play with color value and unleash the artist in you.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Scrappy X Quilt

free quilt tutorial Scrappy X Quilt by Kelly of My Quilt infatuation

Designer: Kelly of My Quilt Infatuation

Who won’t be mesmerized by seeing a rainbow after a torrent of rain? The harmonious blending of its colors is already fascinating as it is. This quilt will remind you of that wondrous sensation of seeing a rainbow. Using scraps from your drawer, quilters of all levels can easily recreate the Xs pattern that dominated the quilt. Designed by Kelly, the finished quilt is a twin-size quilt measuring 70 inches x 90 inches.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Scrappy Granny Squares Quilt

free quilt pattern Scrappy Granny Squares Quilt by Emily of QuiltyLove

Designer: Emily Dennis of Quilty Love

This easy scrap quilt pattern will be the perfect addition if you wish to incorporate that classy style into your home! Beginners will love replicating this pattern. Using jelly rolls, you can effortlessly sew the different fabric blocks, creating a simple yet dainty appeal. Emily Dennis originally designed it. The finished quilt measures approximately 60 inches x 70 inches.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Modern Love Ombre Effects Quilt

free quilt pattern Modern Love Ombre Effects Quilt_

Designer: Northcott Studio

This quilt will trick your eyes into thinking that this is a three-dimensional illusion that moves. It gives off an appearance of beach waves, reflecting the colors of a violet-hued sunset. Moreover, the choice of colors is brilliant, going from light to dark.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: TriLove Quilt Pattern

free quilt pattern TriLove Quilt by Melissa Lunden

Designer: Melissa Lunden for Birch Fabrics

Feel free to dance out your feelings with this gorgeous quilt! The bright and playful colors take you back to the retro style era. The mini triangles in the pattern resemble a mini disco ball. The design belongs to Melissa Lunden. The finished quilt measures 88 inches x 90 inches.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Heart Weave Throw Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Heart Weave Throw Quilt by Kelli Marshall of Simply MackBeth Design Co. for AccuQuilt

Designer: Kelli Marshall for AccuQuilt

The GO! Heart Weave Throw Quilt is a contemporary scrap quilt pattern that is a great for gift giving idea. You won’t go wrong in giving your loved one a handmade project that will be treasured for a long time. This scrap heart quilt pattern is also a great throw that you can cuddle on Valentine’s Day.

Be sure to register fist to get this free scrap quilt pattern to download.

Project Finished Size: 51 inches x 52 inches

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Jelly Strip Stash Buster Quilt

free quilt tutorial Jelly Strip Stash Buster Quilt by cluck cluck sew

Designer: Cluck Cluck Sew

If summer is your favorite time of year, this quilt pattern has the perfect fusion of all summer colors into one amazing quilt! The stitching of jelly roll strips brings out the flawless synchronization of all seasons. This is one of the designs of Cluck Cluck Sew. The finished quilt has two sizing options: 56 inches x 63 inches, or 56 inches x 64 inches

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Buckeye Beauty Quilt

free quilt pattern Buckeye Beauty Quilt by Janet Locey at Hen Scratch Quilting

Designer: Janet Locey at Hen Scratch Quilting

This mesmerizing quilt pattern will surely catch everyone’s attention! Its unconventional pattern emboldened its illusory spiraling descent, tricking your eyes as though it moves. The impeccable stitching of blocks and half-block triangles is cleverly executed. This is an excellent wall-hanging decor or a throw blanket. Beginner and advanced quilters will certainly enjoy themselves with this quilt pattern. The design comes from Janet Locey.

It has four sizing options:

  • 52 ½ inches x 62 ½ inches
  • 63 inches x 75 inches
  • 73 inches x 87 ½ inches
  • 84 inches x 100 inches

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Harmony Modern Block Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Harmony Modern Block Quilt by Wendy Sheppard

Designer: Wendy Sheppard for Quilting Treasures

This printable quilt resonates with the dark academia vibe with its muted colors. It is edgy and imposing and classy. This beginner-friendly quilt pattern will be perfect for your teenage daughter’s bedroom. You’ll only need fabrics cut into blocks and strips to recreate this one. The finished quilt of this free modern scrap quilt pattern measures 61 ½ inches x 75 inches.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Scrappy Squares and Bars Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Scrappy Squares and Bars Quilt by Cindy Carter

Designer: Cindy Carter

If you adore checkered designs, you will be enamored with this quilt by Cindy Carter! It flaunts its repetitive block pattern, distinguishable using the color palettes of whites and reds. It will give you those preppy vibes that will be perfect for your daughter in high school or college.

It has two sizing options:

  • Lap – 54 inches x 66 inches
  • Full/Queen – 90 inches by 90 inches

11. Free Quilt Pattern: Field Day Quilt

This nature-inspired quilt pattern design by Robert Kaufman Fabrics will embrace you with the spirit of a forest. It will fill your senses with the gentle music of the forest. The multiple colors used were derived from varied hues of the leaves, topping it off with a modern look perfect for your classy style. This is perfect for beginners to try. The finished quilt measures 62 inches x 80 inches.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Modern Strippy Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Modern Strippy Quilt by Tricia Maloney for Camelot Fabrics_

Designer: Tricia Maloney for Camelot Fabrics

Don’t you just love the sweet bursts of flavor of berries? It coats your tongue and mouth like soft cotton candy, giving you a sweetened aftertaste. This quilt will give your body the same sensational feeling as it wraps around you like soft velvet. Not to mention the choice of colors is similar to that of berries. You’ll only need five various berry-printed fabrics, one binding fabric, and one backing fabric to easily recreate this quilt pattern! Surely, beginner quilters will have immense joy with this one. It was designed by Tricia Maloney and measures 36 inches x 48 inches.

13. Free Quilt Pattern: Scrappy Spring Tulips Baby Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Scrappy Spring Tulips Baby Quilt by Carter Quilter

Designer: Cindy Carter

This quilt will remind you of the warmth, comfort, and the love tulips symbolize. This baby quilt will envelop your baby with the love you put into recreating this piece, leaving sentiments behind. You’ll need scraps of fabric cut into squares and half-triangles. This is intended for beginners. Cindy Carter designed this free baby scrap quilt pattern. The finished quilt measures 42 inches x 42 inches.

14. Free Quilt Pattern: Cracker Scraps

Free Quilt tutorial Cracker Scraps by Angela Pingel

Designer: Angela Pingel

The Cracker Scraps quilt pattern, thoughtfully crafted by Angela Pingel, celebrates the potential in every piece of fabric. There’s no need to discard your scraps when they can be transformed into a beautiful quilt. This free tutorial guides you through the process of creating the Cracker Scraps quilt, ensuring every bit of fabric is valued. Embrace the joys of quilting and make the most of your fabric remnants with this engaging pattern that proves even the smallest scraps can contribute to a stunning quilt masterpiece.

15. Free Quilt Pattern: Dots and Dashes

Dots and Dashes - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Becky Tillman Petersen

Dive into the enchanting Dots and Dashes Free Quilt Pattern by Becky Tillman Petersen, designed to enliven your fabric scraps on a generous 81″ x 94.5″ canvas. Comprising 42 alternating 13.5″ x 13.5″ blocks, the pattern entrusts you with crafting a vibrant visual symphony. Fear not about losing your thread in the creation — a thoughtfully provided diagram is your quilting compass. This free download pattern is a delightful gateway for all quilters to express their creativity and transform scrap fabrics into a mesmerizing Dots and Dashes quilt masterpiece.

16. Free Quilt Pattern: Quilted Pet Bed

Free Quilt Tutorial - Quilted Pet Bed by by Megan of Cartella Studio for Alderwood Studio

Designer: Megan of Cartella Studio for Alderwood Studio

Indulge your cherished furry friends with a cozy quilted haven, lovingly crafted from the Quilted Pet Bed tutorial by Megan of Cartella Studio. Featuring the modern Crystalline quilt block by Alderwood Studio as its centerpiece, this bed delights and inspires. Ideal for intermediate skill levels familiar with quilting processes like piecing, sandwiching, and binding, this tutorial is a breeze to follow. Use it as a playful opportunity to upcycle those small fabric scraps, turning them into a comfy, quilted retreat where your pets can dream the day away.

17. Free Quilt Pattern: FizzyWigs Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern: FizzyWigs Quilt by Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs

Designer: Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs

Introducing the delightful FizzyWigs Baby Quilt pattern by Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs, an excellent choice for that single charm pack you’ve been saving. Ideal for adorning your little one’s nursery or as a thoughtful baby shower gift, this charming project is also an opportunity to create a scrappy look with your leftover fabric scraps. Embrace this perfect weekend endeavor, suitable for beginner quilters seeking small-scale projects without a significant investment. Let the 49.5″ x 49.5″ FizzyWigs quilt bring joy to your quilting journey.

18. Free Quilt Pattern: Marjorie’s Quilt

US Map Quilt

Designer: AGF Studio

Embark on a quilting journey across the fifty states with Marjorie’s Quilt, a free AGF Studio pattern. Inspired by the Open Road fabric collection by Bonnie Christine, each stitch plays a part in crafting this captivating US Map quilt. Ideal for travel enthusiasts and lovers of scrap-friendly patterns, use it as a unique travel tracker or as a wall art centerpiece. Dare to dream, relish the process, embellish your visited states, and perhaps discover your next travel destination. The finished size of the quilt is 45″ x 60″, offering creativity with every square inch.

19. Free Quilt Pattern: Sweet Apple Quilt Block


Designer: Molly from Lovely Threads

Delight in the charm of the countryside with this Sweet Apple Quilt Block for your upcoming project. A delightful pattern by Molly from Lovely Threads, it beautifully captures the allure of delicious, red farm apples. Just gather up your red and green fabric scraps and get started on this beginner-friendly quilt block. Modify the size to your liking by altering the number of blocks. Whether gifted to a loved one who adores apples or used as personal fall decor, this bright and beautiful quilt will be cherished for generations to come.

20. Free Quilt Pattern: X Marks the Scrap

X Marks the Scrap - free quilt pattern

Designer: Molly from Lovely Threads

X Marks the Scrap, a free quilt pattern by Kristen Hubert of Scrap Fabric Love, is your ticket to a lighter scrap bin. It’s ingeniously designed to use up even the tiniest of fabric leftovers, helping you reduce your stash of variously sized scraps. This pattern introduces one of the simplest foundation paper pieced (FPP) blocks, making it an excellent project for beginners or anyone new to FPP. Dive into this eco-friendly quilting adventure and turn your scrap collection into a treasure trove of ‘X’ marked beauty. It’s a gratifying way to combine sustainability with creativity in your quilting practice.

BONUS Scrap Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Scrap-Patch Hearts Quilt Pattern (Electronic Download Pattern For Sale)

This beginner-friendly quilt will be the perfect gift for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner. The use of neutral and pastel colors wonderfully blends. If you’re a beginner starting your quilting journey, you can easily recreate this piece. The design belongs to Annie’s craft store. The finished quilt measures 44 ⅛ inches x 55 ½ inches.

2. Scrap Quilting the Easy Way Ebook (PDF Download Pattern For Sale)

From one of the lovely designs of Annie’s craft store, this quilt is an ideal design to add to your bedroom. The harmonious relationship of the colors will remind you of a beautiful summer. It can be used as your bed covers, pillow covers, or blankets. If you loved scrapbooking when you were a child, this is a perfect way to try again. Beginners and advanced alike will enjoy recreating this quilt.

3. Let’s Get Scrappy – Flying Geese Galore Quilt (PDF Pattern Instant Download For Sale)

Let's Get Scrappy - Flying Geese Galore Quilt by Jodi Richards - printable quilt pattern

Designer: Jodi Richards of Accidental Bliss

This quilt features different colors to start your day in a good mood. It is stylish, which is perfect for embellishing your house. You don’t even have to buy a new fabric; just salvage what you can with your previous quilt fabrics, and you can easily recreate this pattern in no time. If you’re a beginner, then this is perfect for you. The design is from Jodi Richards. The finished quilt measures 64 inches x 80 inches.

4. Great Scrap Quilt (PDF Download Pattern For Sale)

Feel in love with this adorable quilt! If you think your home is too dull and bleak, then recreating this quilt will perfectly give your home the color it needs. It stimulates good moods, and who doesn’t want a good mood every day? If you’re new to quilting, don’t worry because you can use Jelly Roll and Charm Packs! The design belongs to Andrea Sims.

5. Gradation Modern Scrap Quilt (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Gradation Modern Scrap Quilt by Emily Bailey of Aunt Em's Quilts - printable

Designer: Emily Bailey of Aunt Em’s Quilts

If you’re having difficulty with what to do with your fabric scraps, try this beginner-friendly quilt pattern! It has the just-go-with-the-flow vibes, ideal decor for your home if you’re looking for a unique yet inventive creative design. You’ll only need strips of your fabric scraps. Then you’re good to go with this quilt pattern! The finished quilt measures approximately 62 inches x 74 inches.

6. Scrap Happy Star Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Scrap Happy Star Quilt Pattern by Izy Armitage -printable quilt pattern_

Designer: Izy Armitage of Izy Sewbuzy Creations

Who doesn’t love watching the stars every night? They are tiny pinpricks of light in the dark sky, but they bring radiance. This quilt will surely bring light to your home with this stylish star pattern incorporating rainbow-hued colors. This is perfect for beginners; advanced quilters can also try recreating this pattern. The design belongs to Izy Armitage. The finished quilt measures 74 inches square.

7. Lil’ Orphan Scrappy Quilt Pattern (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Lil' Orphan Scrappy Quilt Pattern by Lynn Wilder

Designer: Lynn Wilder of Sewn Wild Oaks Designs

Thinking that fabric scraps are nothing short of a waste? Then this soothing quilt will prove you wrong! This beginner-friendly quilt pattern will provide you with the comfort and caress you need, matching it with a cup of tea while sitting in front of a fireplace. With only using fabric scrap cut into half-triangles, it majestically transformed into something aesthetic! Designed by Lynn Wilder, the finished quilt measures 77 inches x 86 inches.

8. Crumb Quilts Book (Physical Pattern For Sale)

Crumb Quilts by Emily Bailey

Designer: Emily Bailey

Who would’ve thought fabric crumbs could make something entirely new and ingenious? This dazzling quilt is a fusion of beach waves and summer. The wavy pattern that constitutes the fabric quilts will remind you of your summer getaway on a beach, lying on the sand under the comforting warmth of the sun. This quilt is perfect if you’re going for a picnic in your backyard or the park. The design belongs to Emily Bailey.

Here Are More Scrap Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Scrap Quilt Pattern Idea from tracy's bits n pieces

Photo Source: Tracy’s Bits n Pieces

Scrap Quilt Pattern Idea from Kitchen Table Quilting

Photo Source: Kitchen Table Quilting

Scrap Quilt Pattern Idea from Stitch Mode Quilts

Photo Source: Stitch Mode Quilts

Scrap Quilt Pattern Idea from Stash Bandit Quilts

Photo Source: Stash Bandit Quilts

Scrap Quilt Pattern Idea from Krista Stitched

Photo Source: Krista Stitched

Scrap Quilt Pattern Idea from Kaladium Quilt

Photo Source: Kaladium Quilt

Scrap Quilt Pattern Idea from Quilter Gardener

Photo Source: Quilter Gardener

Do these scrap quilt ideas will have you rummaging through your fabric scraps to make a quilt? If you’ve been looking for ways to quilt without breaking the bank, scrap quilts are the way to go! Have fun and unleash your creativity!

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