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3 Free Thread Storage Ideas To Keep Every Quilter Organized

It goes without saying that any competent seamstress would have a massive collection of different kinds of thread for use in her needlework projects. Instead of rummaging around in an old tin, why not use one of our sewing thread storage ideas to keep your thread neat and organized? Having an organizer for your sewing materials is a must. Finding your thread will be less hassle, allowing you to spend more time sewing. Just leaving them wherever they are can be tiring and frustrating. So we have gathered this helpful thread storage list to help you out!

1. Thread Catcher

Thread Catcher - thread storage

Tired of cleaning up after those little fabrics and threads that sometimes can be frustrating? This Thread Catcher will serve its purpose by acting as a cute trash can where you can stash all those scraps. Other than that, this piece can also be an organizer for your sewing materials. It also attaches a pincushion that you can easily penetrate with your needles and sharp sewing materials. Erica Arndt designed it.

2. Pegboard Thread Rack Spool Holder Tutorial

Pegboard Thread Rack Spool Holder Tutorial_

Want to have an easy and accessible thread rack? This pegboard thread rack spool will organize your threads suited to your liking. You can arrange your threads to whatever you like while also making it convenient for you to pull threads from.

3. Not Yo Mama’s Thread Holder

Not Yo Mama's Thread Holder

So you want a unique thread holder? Why don’t we spice it up? This Not Yo Mama’s Thread Holders features a wavy pattern where you arrange your threads with the same wavy pattern. It is fun to look at, and it adds a bit of cheer to your sewing room.

We know they are beautiful, and you can recreate them all you want! I hope you feel relieved now that you can easily replicate all this sewing materials organizer. Now you can sew and quilt as many as you want without having to worry about where to put them away!