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I love Quilting Forever Top 4 Free Airplane Quilt Patterns

Top 4 Free Airplane Quilt Patterns

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of Airplane Quilt Pattern.

1. Fly With Me Mini Quilt

Photo Source: Art Gallery Fabrics

If you miss traveling, here is an Airplane quilt tutorial from Art Gallery Fabrics .

Project Finish Size: 24.5 inches x 14.5 inches

2. Paper Airplanes Quilt Pattern

photo source: Leah Day

Quilt this Paper Airplanes using the paper piecing technique. Here is a tutorial from Leah Day .

Project Finish Size: 42 inches x 49 inches

3. Vintage Airplane Quilt

Photo Source: AQS blog

Soar High with this Vintage Airplane quilt pattern by Betsey Langford.

Project Finish Size: 50 inches x 50 inches

The author removed the quilt tutorial. It is not available anymore.

4. Airplane Quilt Block

Photo Source: Scissortail Quilting

Here is an airplane quilt block pattern from Maria of Scissortail Quilting .

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