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I love Quilting Forever Top 5 Attic Window Quilt Pattern

Top 5 Free Attic Window Quilt Patterns

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of Attic Window Quilt Pattern.

1. Nature's Garden Quilt


Here is the first version of the attic window quilt pattern. Nature's Garden Quilt designed by Chris Francis for P&B Textiles.

Project Finish Size: 85 ¾ inches x 95 ½ inches

2. Imperial Garden Windowpanes Quilt


Here is another version of the attic window quilt pattern. Imperial Garden Windowpanes Quilt from Paintbrush Studios.

Project Finish Size: 62 inches x 62 inches

3. Window Display Quilt


If you love flowers, here is a gorgeous attic window quilt version .

Project Finish Size: 36 inches x 41 inches

4. Alphabet in Attic Windows


Quilt your name and hang it on your wall. This unique quilt pattern is called Attic Windows quilt, designed by Susan K. Cleveland

Project Finish Size: 29 inches x 9.5 inches

5. Tranquil Views Quilt


A relaxing pattern version of attic window quilt. Tranquil Views quilt by Elise Lea.

Project Finish Size: 56.5 inches x 62.5

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