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22 Top Cathedral Window Quilt Patterns

The Thanksgiving season is knocking on your doors again, and what’s a better way to welcome it but to quilt stunning wall decorations and table runners for it, right? Of all the classic quilt designs you’d encounter, Cathedral Window Quilt has the charm of a stained glass window that will make your room lovely and iridescent. On this page, we will feature beginner-friendly pieces for you to recreate. Are you ready to bring beauty with your quilts?

Free Cathedral Window Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Cathedral Window Quilt

Here is a step by step tutorial of the Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern by Matt Spiers from Gathered.How .

The lovely fabrics of Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit help make the cathedral window stand out.

Project Finish Size: 54 inches x 54 inches

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Upcycled Denim Rag Quilt

photo source: Hangry Fork

Make use of those old denims and create a Upcycled Denim Rag Quilt. Here is a tutorial by Shelly from Hangry Fork .

Skill level: Intermediate

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Cathedral Stars Quilt

Cathedral Stars - free cathedral windows quilt pattern by Bonnie K. Hunter
photo source: Quiltville

Are you looking for a magnificent pattern to decorate your walls or bed with? The stylish and stunning pattern of Cathedral Stars quilt will not disappoint you! This is a free cathedral window quilt tutorial by Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville. It is an explosion of festive colors, diamonds, stars, and columns floating behind the checkerboards. The exciting combination of shapes makes it a striking piece to recreate. It’s a pretty tedious process, but with patience and passion, you’ll enjoy quilting this!

Finished Quilt Measures: 60 inches x 72 inches

Skill level: Intermediate

4.  Free Quilt Pattern: Cathedral Window Playmat

photo source: Moda Fabrics

Here is perfect gift for your little one. Cathedral Window Playmat was designed by Amy Gibson for Moda Fabrics .

Project Finish Size: 24 inches x 29 inches

Skill level: Intermediate

5. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Cathedral Heart Quilt Block

photo source: Sew What Alicia

Here is a fun and easy quilt for your scraps. Click below to see the tutorial of Cathedral Heart Quilt Block by Alicia of Sew What Alicia .

Skill level: Easy

6. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Cathedral Window Star Block

Cathedral Window Star Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern by Pellon Projects

Find serenity when you look into the Cathedral Window Star block! This simple yet elegant piece is best recreated with Legacy by Pellon 100% Natural Cotton or Soy/Cotton Blend. Designed and sewn by Elizabeth Dackson herself, she forms a star by putting a cathedral window in the center and surrounding it with cathedral geese for the star points. Completing its look are sparkling brown flanged edges that bring life to the plain brown background.

7. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Woven Cathedral Window Block

Woven Cathedral Window Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern

Are you looking for something fun to weave this holiday? The Woven Cathedral Window block will make your quilting experience more exciting! Bree Wernimont used a dark, plain fabric for the background and two different fabrics for the strips. This cathedral window quilt block pattern resembles a basket weave, a great addition to a summer-themed quilt. With its vibrant two-toned palette, boldly cut strips, and playful pattern, you will surely enjoy it!

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Tiled Blooms

Tiled Blooms - free cathedral window quilt pattern

Here’s another playful Cathedral Windows quilt pattern you wouldn’t want to miss! Tiled Blooms by Corey is a lovely piece that looks like a simple yet sweet garden of tulips. Thin green stripes run across a crisp, white background. As they intersect each other, festive floral petals surround the point where they meet, creating a subtle explosion of beauty. Recreate it as a beginner and make your room prettier!

The fabrics used on this quilt came from the Up Parasol fabric collection by Heather Bailey.

Learn more about the Tiled Blooms Quilt pattern here.

9. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Wonky Shattered Glass Window

Wonky Shattered Glass Window - Free Cathedral Window Quilt Block Pattern by Pellon Projects

Kim Niedzwiecki designed this piece to mimic the iridescent beauty of stained glass. The pool of soft colors swirling inside the pattern balanced the sharpness of the spiky edges. The jet-black background accentuated the shapes as the parade of printed strips sealed the overall look. If spikes and fun prints excite you, Wonky Shattered Glass Window will serve you a look that will thrill you throughout the day!

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Pieced Cathedral Windows

Pieced Cathedral Windows - free quilt pattern by Gracey Larson
Photo Source: Burlap and Blossom Patterns

Gracey Larson of Burlap and Blossom Patterns infuses the intricate beauty of Cathedral Window quilt with the classic look of a traditional quilting technique. The Pieced Cathedral Window is a sweet epitome of symmetry. Cathedral window blocks are carefully arranged in diagonal lines. The fun prints from Strawberry Honey by Gracey Larson gave life to the plain white background as they seemed to twinkle from afar. It would look cute as a pillow case but feel free to resize it however you want!

Finished Quilt Measures: 60 inches x 72 inches

11. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Layered Cathedral Window Block

Layered Cathedral Window Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern by Pellon Projects

Sara Lawson proves herself as a master of quilting as she designed a seemingly intricate pattern that is actually made for beginners! The Layered Cathedral Window block is a world of adventure. “Fabrics from Tula Pink: The Birds and the Bees”, are cut into triangles and sewn together into layers and layers of jungle-inspired beauty. It may look complicated because of the random combination of prints but recreating it is easier than you think!

12. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Color Burst Cathedral Window Block

Color Burst Cathedral Window Block - free quilt block pattern by Pellon Projects

Jessica Lynn Skibicki designed this piece for beginners who are looking for a bright and fun nine-patch block pattern for their quilt. The assembly starts by arranging honeycomb-printed squares to form a larger square. Then, a triangle cut out is placed on top of each corner block. The centerpiece is graced with two triangles, leaving a thin space in between them. Keep yourself busy with the buzzin’ beauty of the Color Burst Cathedral Window Quilt!

13. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Mod ‘Cathedral Window’ Block

Mod ‘Cathedral Window’ Block- free quilt pattern by pellon projects

Heather Jones designed this block for beginners who have knowledge of raw edge applique and fusible webbing technique. It looks simple and easy to recreate from a distance but the irregularity of the shapes gives the Cathedral Window quilt block an interesting twist. The seemingly warped piece is stacked on top of each other to create an illusion. Plain and prints are alternated to spice up the look. Don’t you think it’s a great addition to your quilt?

14. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Modern Cathedral Window Block

Modern Cathedral Window Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern by pellon projects

If you can’t get enough of the previous pattern, here’s a festive version of the Modern Cathedral Window Block. Designed by Jill Dorsey herself, this intermediate piece recreates the classic look of the Cathedral Window with more daring and louder fabric prints. Its color palette will remind you of the golden Fall season. Feel free to experiment with your prints, though! Don’t you wanna have this at home?

15. Free Quilt Pattern: Denim Circle Pillow

Denim Circle Pillow - Free Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern by A Passionate Quilter_

Do you have worn-out denim pants or jackets that you no longer want to wear? Let’s turn that into a cute pillowcase! Reinvent coziness by sewing the softness of the pure cotton fabric and the bluish touch of denim together in a cathedral window block. Arrange them in diagonal lines until you find yourself owning a chic and stylish quilt piece. Whichever skill set you have, you’ll enjoy quilting this denim cathedral window quilt pattern!

16. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Orange Windows

Orange Windows - Free cathedral window Quilt Block Pattern by leila gardunia

Are you looking for a cute block to decorate your quilt with? Orange Windows is perfect for you! It is a combination of orange peel block and faux Cathedral Windows block. This piece uses the raw edge applique technique to put scrappy fabrics together on a plain white background. Don’t overthink which fabric to use on each petal! Feel free to mix and match colors and prints, and you’ll still fall in love with the beauty of the piece.

17. Free Quilt Pattern: Winter Seeds Table Topper

Winter Seeds Table Topper - free cathedral window quilt pattern - the crafty quilter

Winter Seeds Table Topper is a one-of-a-kind quilting piece by Julie Cefalu of the Crafty Quilter that you should consider recreating for a holiday! Its starry shape is a refreshing twist that will make your guests wonder where you got the quilt. With pumpkin seed blocks creating cathedral windows and flowers as they arrange themselves in diagonal lines, the pattern inside will leave you in awe. The fabric used in the background also has dainty details for you to adore. Indeed, it’s a stunning piece to have!

Printable Cathedral Window Quilt Patterns To Download From Online Shops (Paid)

1. Sew Anyways Sampler Quilt Pattern

Sew Anyways Sampler Quilt Pattern

The best way to challenge yourself in the world of quilting is to try every pattern you’ve learned in a single piece! Designed by Nancy McNally, Sew Anyways Sampler Quilt has a pattern designed for beginners. It allows you to play with color values as you try 7 different easy-to-construct blocks and arrange them randomly on a plain white background. From cathedral windows, pinwheels, and starry blocks to flying geese, you got them all in one go!

2. A Christmas Legacy Quilt Pattern

A Christmas Legacy Quilt Pattern - cathedral window quilt pattern

Have you thought about what legacy you want to leave this Christmas? Don’t just think about it, go quilt it with this festive piece! A Christmas Legacy Quilt embodies the essence of Christmas with its red, green, and white palette, cathedral window blocks, and poinsettia-printed fabrics. Its generous size is enough to keep you warm during the winter season. It’s best recreated as an intermediate quilter, but if you’re a beginner who’s confident with their skills already, feel free to explore this pattern!

3. Cathedral Window Quilt & Pillow Pattern

Cathedral Window Quilt & Pillow Pattern

You will fall in love with the Cathedral Window Quilt and Pillow because of its pretty and stylish pattern! This stunning piece features cathedral windows in dainty prints. Thin line borders traced their shape to elevate their look and surround them to seemingly keep them in a bubble. It looks intricate to recreate, but if you’re an intermediate quilter, it’s a piece of cake!

4. Cathedral Window Table Runner

Cathedral Window Table Runner_pdf download
Photo Source: The Window Way

Elevate your dining experience with a simple yet elegant table runner. This cathedral window quilt has an embossed effect that will remind you of cake frosting. Its delicious look is made more appetizing with the pop of colors that will make you taste lemon and blueberry with their sight. It’s easy enough to be recreated with a beginner set of skills, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it!

5. Modern Windows Quilt Pattern

Modern Windows Quilt Pattern - pdf download
Photo Source: Quilting Wemple

Are you looking for an origami-inspired pattern for your next quilting project? You would love to recreate the Modern Windows Quilt! This classic beauty features a refreshing look of cathedral windows peeking on a white background like flowers waiting to bloom in early springtime. The technique used won’t require batting or binding, that’s why it’s less cuddly than a quilt. But if you’re going to use it as a surface cover or a wall decoration, you will surely appreciate it.

That concludes our compilation for today! Did you find an exciting Cathedral Window quilt to try at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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