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Top 5 Free Sunflower Quilt Pattern

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of Sunflower Quilt Pattern.

1. Sunflower Block – Video Tutorial

photo source: AGF Quilt

Here is a video tutorial of the Sunflower Block quilt from the Live Art Gallery Fabrics YouTube channel.

2. Snappy Sunflowers Quilt

Photo Source: Animas quilts

A gorgeous Snappy Sunflowers quilt from Animas quilts .

Project Finish Size: 55 inches x 70 inches

3. Traditional Sunflower Quilt Block

Photo Source: Fabric 406

Here is a step by step tutorial of the Traditional Sunflower Quilt Block from Fabric406 .

Project Finish Size: 12 inches x 12 inches

4. Scrappy Sunflower Block

Make use of those scraps by quilting this Scrappy Sunflower Block.

A step by step tutorial from Craftsy.

5. Dresden Sunflowers Quilt

Dresden Sunflowers Quilt designed by Kimberly Einmo from AQS Blog .

Project Finish Size: 52 inches x 52 inches

Skill level: Easy

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