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I love Quilting Forever Top 6 FREE Storm at Sea Quilt Patterns

Top 6 Free Storm at Sea Quilt Patterns

Below we gathered different tutorial versions of Storm at Sea Quilt Pattern.

1. Gemstone


An intricate version of the Storm at Sea quilt pattern.

Project Finish Size: 70 inches x 76 inches

2. Making Waves


Here is another version using a coastal drift technique to create a wave effect.

Project Finish Size: 90 inches x 90 inches

3. Storm at Sea Block Tutorial

photo source: Quilt in a Day

Here is a block tutorial of the Storm at the Sea from Quilt in a Day .

4. Lost in the Storm

Lost in the Strom Quilt

Lost in the Storm is an advanced expert version of the Storm at Sea quilt designed by Shelley Swanland.

Project Finish Size: 60 inches x 60 inches

5. Storm at Sea Quilt

photo source: Better Off Thread

A gorgeous black and white Storm at Sea quilt designed by Janice Ryan from Better Off Thread .

Project Finish Size: 65 inches x 80 inches

Skill level: Experienced Intermediate

6. Rainbow Waves

photo source: Free Spirit Fabrics

A fun and colorful Rainbow Waves Quilt using both paper pieced and traditionally pieced technique.

Project Finish Size: 80 inches x 96 inches

Skill level: Advanced

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