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Top 12 Free Southwest Quilt Patterns (+7 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Southwest Quilt Patterns offer a unique blend of history and artistry, making them a fascinating addition to any quilter’s collection. The cultural heritage of the American Southwest is brilliantly reflected in the bold and vibrant Southwest quilts that incorporate elements from Native American, Spanish, and pioneer traditions. These stunning quilts boast of bold geometric designs, symbolic motifs, and vibrant colors that confidently showcase the region’s diverse stories and stunning landscapes. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or appreciate distinctive designs, creating a Southwest quilt is a rewarding way to explore a storied quilting tradition that spans generations. Perfect for anyone seeking to infuse their quilting with depth and character, these patterns are an invitation to celebrate and preserve a unique and enduring art form.

Free Southwest Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Totem

Free Quilt Pattern -  Totem Quilt by cloud9 fabrics

Designer: Michelle Engel Bencsko of Cloud9 Fabrics

The Totem Quilt, a free pattern by Michelle Engel Bencsko of Cloud9 Fabrics, is a contemporary quilt that draws inspiration from the American Southwest. Emphasizing the creation process and the final aesthetic, this diamond quilt pattern is a visually stunning project. It suits quilters who are eager to explore and learn foundation paper piecing techniques. With a finished size of 46″ x 64″, the Totem Quilt is an excellent project for those looking to combine modern design with traditional quilting methods, resulting in a piece that’s as enjoyable to make as it is beautiful to behold.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Pyramid Points

Free Quilt Pattern- Pyramid Points by AGF Studio

Designer: AGF Studio

Pyramid Points is a free quilt pattern by AGF Studio, showcasing the stunning Craftbound fabric collection. With a generous finished size of 70″ × 90″, this quilt creatively employs a series of triangle shapes to achieve a tribal-like effect. The playful and engaging design makes it a joy to piece together. It’s an excellent project for quilters who enjoy working with geometric patterns and want to add a touch of playful, tribal-inspired aesthetics to their work. The pattern suits various skill levels, offering a satisfying and visually striking outcome. Perfect for those who appreciate unique designs, Pyramid Points will surely be a standout addition to any quilt collection.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Four Corners Strip Quilt

Free Quilt Tutorial - Four Corners Strip Quilt by Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter

Designer: Amy Smart for Diary of a Quilter

Immerse yourself in the beauty of American Southwest motifs with the Four Corners Strip Quilt, a free pattern designed by Amy Smart for Diary of a Quilter. Boasting a finished size of 40 inches by 54 inches, this stylish quilt captures the spirit of native America. The fussy cutting technique allows large-scale focus print to make remarkable design statements, transforming a simple strip quilt into a striking masterpiece. Trendy and timeless, it’s the perfect project for a swift yet impressive gift that’s sure to be loved.

4. Free Quilt Pattern: Navajo Sunrise Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Navajo Sunrise Quilt by Jinny Beyer

Designer: Jinny Beyer

The Navajo Sunrise quilt pattern bears resemblance to a sky filled with violet-hued sunrise. The elaborated art of arranging single blocks is refined and delicate. It adds extra sophistication to your home decor. The pattern may look complicated but it’s actually perfect for beginners and expert quilters alike. Jinny Beyer designed this pattern using her Palette Fabric Collection for RJR Fabrics. Select from five sizing options: from wall hanging to king quilt size.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Rough Hewn Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Rough Hewn Quilt by Andover Fabrics

Designer: Giucy Giuce for Andover Fabrics

Rough Hewn is an industrial-rural mix that will give any project a marvelous patina. A neutral color palette with wood grains, tin ceilings, and basket weave patterns creates a distressed look. You’ll only need to cut pieces of triangles and strips from your choice of fabric. It may look complicated but beginners can absolutely recreate this piece. This is one of the designs from Andover Fabrics. This captivating quilt, designed by Giucy Giuce for Andover Fabrics, measures approximately 60 inches by 68 inches upon completion

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Wind Bells Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Wind Bells Quilt by AGF Studio

Designer: AGF Studio

The pastel colors and positioning of this Wind Bells quilt pattern give off a modern and charming look of a southwestern pattern. The intricate triangle patterns are sewed carefully. Intermediate and advanced quilters will enjoy recreating this challenging piece. Designed by the AGF Studio featuring Shine On fabric collection, the finished quilt measures 96 inches x 108 inches.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Sundance Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Sundance Quilt by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair

Designer: Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair

The Sundance Quilt Pattern, crafted by Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair, is a wonderfully straightforward design, perfect for beginners. Measuring 58 inches x 74 inches upon completion, this pattern primarily uses half-square triangles, making it simple yet elegant. The design features a classic ivory row with a touch of red, giving it a refined and stylish look. It’s an ideal choice for quilters starting their journey, offering an easy-to-follow pattern that results in a sophisticated and charming quilt, suitable for a variety of uses.

8. Free Quilt Pattern: Shades of Southwest

Shades of Southwest - free quilt pattern

Designer: Sarah Olive for APQS

Shades of Southwest, a free quilt pattern by Sarah Olive for APQS, is a striking yet straightforward project, perfect for beginners. This design emphasizes simplicity, utilizing only squares and half-square triangles to create a visually appealing graphic. The finished quilt measures 78” x 91”, offering a generous size that’s ideal for beds or as a cozy throw. While the original uses Kona Cotton, you can customize the colorway according to your preference by selecting light, medium, and dark fabric. This pattern is an excellent choice for those starting their quilting journey, seeking to create something beautiful and uncomplicated.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Warrior Quilt

Free Quilt Pattern - Warrior Quilt by Suzy of Suzy Quilts

Designer: Suzy of Suzy Quilts

The Warrior Quilt, a free pattern designed by Suzy of Suzy Quilts and featuring the Swan Lake fabric collection by Patrick and Andrea Patton for Birch Fabrics, is a modern take on classic tribal patterns. This southwest-inspired quilt is straightforward and enjoyable to make, perfect for those who love geometric designs. The pattern includes a detailed downloadable tutorial with fabric requirements, cutting instructions, row assembly, finishing tips, color options, and templates. It has seven rows, including three repeated and four unique blocks, allowing creative customization with your favorite prints. Measuring 56 inches x 65 inches, this quilt is a wonderful addition to any home decor.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Desert Daydreams

Desert Daydreams - free quilt pattern

Designer: Cat Nix for Anthology Fabrics

Desert Daydreams by Cat Nix for Anthology Fabrics is a quilt pattern that captures the essence of desert beauty. This pattern provides a clear set of cutting instructions to help you precisely create each block, leading to an effortlessly beautiful quilt assembly. The finished quilt measures 71 inches by 87 inches, making it ideal for a cozy bedspread or a comfortable throw. This pattern is perfect for quilters who enjoy working with detailed instructions to bring a vision of desert tranquility and color to life in their quilting projects.

11. Free Quilt Pattern: Rising

Rising - free quilt pattern

Designer: April Rhodes for AGF Studio

Rising, a captivating free quilt pattern featuring the Arizona Fabric Collection designed by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics, brings a unique aesthetic to quilting projects. The finished quilt, measuring 60″ x 80″, is an excellent showcase of design and creativity. This pattern includes comprehensive cutting directions and step-by-step instructions for assembling the rows and the quilt top. It also provides a free template, simplifying the process of cutting all the triangles and the side angles of each trapezoid. Ideal for quilters who enjoy working with vibrant fabrics and geometric shapes, this pattern is perfect for creating a standout piece that combines modern design with traditional quilting techniques.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis, presented by Riley Blake Designs, is a striking quilt pattern that features the vibrant Four Corners Fabric Line by Simple Simon and Company. This pattern culminates in a generously sized finished quilt measuring 76” x 79 ¼”. It creatively employs strips and flying geese blocks, making it an engaging project for quilters who enjoy working with dynamic shapes and patterns. The design echoes the rich hues and textures of a desert landscape, offering a visually stunning piece that beautifully blends traditional quilting techniques with contemporary fabric choices. This pattern is perfect for those looking to create a bold statement piece for their home.

BONUS Southwest Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Navajo Throw Quilt (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Navajo Throw Quilt by Judit Hajdu of QuiltPatterns

Designer: Judit Hajdu of QuiltFox Design

The Navajo Throw by Judit Hajdu of QuiltFox Designs is a splendid example of Southwest style, timeless in its beauty. The centerpiece of this quilt is inspired by a woven blanket crafted by Myrtel, an American Indian artisan. Judit has skillfully reimagined this design, complementing it with harmonious backgrounds and borders. This pattern includes detailed yardage calculations, cutting and piecing instructions, and sashing and quilt assembly guidance.

2. Prairie Sky Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Prairie Sky Quilt by Taralee Quiltery

Designer: Tara Evans of Taralee Quiltery

The Prairie Sky Quilt Pattern by Tara Evans of Taralee Quiltery is a striking design that presents a delightful challenge for intermediate-level quilters. This pattern artfully blends traditional piecing with foundation paper piecing and applique techniques. It offers versatility with two sizes: a Throw (60×64) and a Bed (72×96), along with options for 2-tone and 5-tone color schemes. The pattern comes complete with coloring pages and a detailed cutting guide, ensuring efficient use of fabric and aiding in the visualization of the final product.

3. Aztec Quilt Pattern Pack (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Aztec Quilt Pattern Pack by Abby Hecke

Designer: Abby Hecke of Broken Arrow Crafts

The assimilation of geometric shape designs in the Aztec quilt pattern is a brilliant representation of the culture of the Nahuatl-speaking people in the 15th century. The quilt made the Aztec-inspired pattern design modern-looking, giving your home an air of classic luxury. This is also fitting to be the beginner’s first quilting project. This design is created by Abby Hecke. This pattern offers three sizing options to choose from: Aztec Twin Quilt (74″ x 98″), Heirloom Aztec Quilt (a large throw-sized quilt, 78″ x 86″), and Aztec Quilt (a small lap or baby quilt, approximately 42″ x 48″).

4. Heirloom Aztec Quilt (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Heirloom Aztec Quilt by Abby Hecke

Designer: Abby Hecke of Broken Arrow Crafts

The Heirloom Aztec quilt pattern has a jaw-dropping and captivating design. This quilt is made up of four identical blocks. The use of dark earth-toned colors makes it more captivating. Blocks building requires reversed or mirror techniques. A fundamental understanding and experience in cutting, piecing, and binding is necessary. It is ideal for confident beginners, intermediate, and expert quilters. It was crafted by Abby Hecke. The finished quilt measures 78 inches x 86 inches.

5. Homecoming Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Homecoming Quilt Pattern  - etsy

Designer: Brittany of Lo & Behold Stitchery

The Homecoming Quilt Pattern by Brittany of Lo & Behold Stitchery is more than just a quilt; it symbolizes warmth, comfort, and belonging. This pattern is versatile, offering three size options: Baby (32″ x 42″), Throw (53″ x 71″), and Bed (74″ x 99″). It comes packed with helpful diagrams, thorough instructions, and a coloring page to help you plan your quilt creatively. Additionally, it includes alternate color-way ideas to inspire your design choices. Suited for intermediate-level quilters, this pattern provides an enjoyable and fulfilling quilting experience, allowing you to create a piece that feels like home in both its making and its presence.

6. Nomad Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Nomad Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Summer of Squat and Run Stitches

The Nomad Quilt Pattern by Summer of Squat and Run Stitches is an adventurous and dynamic block-based design, perfect for those beginning their quilting journey. This pattern cleverly integrates a variety of shapes, including stripes, half-square triangles, and quarter-circle blocks, to create a visually stimulating quilt. It’s available in four versatile sizes: Pillow (20″ x 20″), Wall (30″ x 36″), Baby (48″ x 48″), and Throw (60″ x 72″), making it suitable for a range of projects. Classified as ideal for an experienced beginner, the Nomad Quilt Pattern perfectly balances challenge and accessibility, allowing new quilters to enhance their skills while enjoying the creative process.

7. Desert Wind Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Desert Wind Quilt Pattern - etsy

Designer: Judit Hajdu of QuiltFox Design

The Desert Wind Quilt Pattern by Judit Hajdu of QuiltFox Design, measuring 80″ x 96″, brings the allure of the Southwest to quilting with its beautiful colors and design elements. While it appears complex, the quilt is surprisingly approachable, especially when you master the Half-Square-Triangle mass production method. This technique simplifies the process, making it accessible even for those with less experience. The pattern is perfect for quilters drawn to intricate designs but want a manageable project. It’s an excellent way to dive into the beauty of Southwest-inspired quilting, creating a piece that’s eye-catching and satisfying.

Here Are More Southwest Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from Abby Luchsinger

Photo Source: Abby Luchsinger

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from Harper Longarm Quilting

Photo Source: Harper Longarm Quilting

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from Zahm Co

Photo Source: Zahm Co.

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from Statia Gibson

Photo Source: Statia Gibson

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from kateq.uilts

Photo Source: kateq.uilts

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from Island Batik

Photo Source: Island Batik

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from corinne.sovey

Photo Source: corinne.sovey

Southwest Quilt Pattern Idea from Dutch Rose Quilt Shop

Photo Source: Dutch Rose Quilt Shop

Our roundup of Southwest quilt patterns uncovers a rich array of designs that beautifully capture the unique spirit and charm of American Southwest motifs. Every pattern illustrates a diverse blend of geometry, color, and narrative, paying homage to the region’s distinct cultural tapestry. These choices provide an exciting gateway for quilters to explore complex techniques and gain new inspirations. So, whether you’re an expert quilter or a beginner starting your journey, these Southwest-inspired patterns offer something special – a piece of art that fuses tradition with contemporary trends, ensuring it’s not just a quilt, but a heartfelt narration of an enchanting culture.

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Tuesday 16th of August 2022

I am trying to download your free patterns and am unable to ! , any suggestions I like the Navajo one snd the Aztec one


Monday 16th of January 2023

Hi Cindy, Navajo Sunrise is a free pattern that you can download here

However, Aztec Sky and Navajo Throw Quilt Patterns are paid patterns.