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Bernette B33 vs B35 | Don’t Buy Before Reading Our Latest Comparison

Bernette is famous for constructing high-quality sewing machines that perform extraordinarily well on a variety of fabrics. Bernette’s B33 and B35 models resemble each other to a substantial extent.

Many features they share in common include the same color, almost the same design, weight, and many others. But, a few different things force a buyer to research these models. So, read out our latest and detailed comparison of Bernette B33 vs B35 and select the ideal one.

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Quick Features Comparison

Here is a quick comparison table where we have described the features of Bernette B33 vs B35 side by side.

Features Bernette 33
Bernette 33 
Bernette 35
Bernette 35
TypeMechanical Mechanical
Built-in Stitches1523
Stitching Speed860 SPM860 SPM
Lighting Type LEDLED
Automatic Needle ThreaderNoNo
Bobbin TypeFront LoadingFront
Buttonhole1 Four-step1 One-step
Built-in Free ArmYesYes
Included Presser Feet57
Presser Foot PressureNon-AdjustableNon-Adjustable
Thread TensionManualManual
Stitch Length4mm4mm
Stitch Width5mm 5mm 
Warranty10-Year limited10-Year limited
Pricecheck price 2check price 2

Overview of Bernette B33

Bernette b33 is one of the best sewing machines introduced by the brand that highly suits beginners. You can take a start of your sewing with the help of its semi-automatic needle threader. It offers ease to your work and lessens frustration by threading the needle within seconds.

You can be more creative in your design using its unique 15 stitching patterns and a four-step buttonhole function. Make a selection of stitches by rotating a beautiful pattern selection dial and create perfect stitches of maximum length 4mm, and width 5mm.

An extremely lightweight machine of less than 1 pound offers 860 stitches per minute speed along with ample space to deal with the longer projects. An LED light is there to help you out during night sewing. After completing your work, one needs to manually cut the thread and put all the accessories in an accessory storage box.

Overview of Bernette B35 

Another outstanding performing sewing machine, the Bernette B35 model, accompanies an attractive Swiss design versatile construction with many impressive features.

A huge bunch of 23 built-in stitching patterns (utility and decorative) showing in the chart front from which you can make your desired selection by a dial. There is a one-step buttonhole that perfectly creates the hole within seconds automatically.

With a variety of patterns, it also offers a bunch of seven presser feet. You can select your appropriate foot for whatever requires and suits perfectly for your fabric. By its advanced two-step presser foot lift, the sewer can outstandingly sew thick-layered fabrics.

Similar to b33, it also accompanies a manual threader along with a manual thread cutter. Furthermore, the stitching speed of 860 SPM, an LED Light, 4mm stitch length, and 5mm stitch width are the features that receive positive responses from the users.

Major Feature Differences of Bernette B33 vs B35

Have a look at the few contradicting features of these models:

Stitching patterns

Bernette B35 being the latest model, offers eight more stitch patterns than the B33 sewing machine, carrying a total of 23. While the B33 only accompanies the 15 stitching designs that provide fewer opportunities to be more creative.


The B35 sewing machine is winning the plot in this category by having a one-step buttonhole that lessens the efforts and creates the hole within seconds. On the other side, the B33 model has a 4-step buttonhole to which you have to pass through multiple stages that acquire more time and effort.

Presser’s feet

It is also a dominant difference we have found between these two sewing machines. The B33 offers a variety of 5 presser feet. On the other hand, the Bernette B35 accompanies 7 presser feet that concluding that it is offering more opportunities to help you provoke your sewing skills more precisely.

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Common Features of Bernette B33 vs B35

  • Manual needle threader and cutter
  • LED light
  • Maximum stitch length: 4mm
  • Maximum stitch width: 5mm
  • Stitch selection dial
  • Stitches per minute: 860
  • Front-load bobbin system

Bottom Line

Many features are similar while comparing Bernette B33 vs B35, but there are some differences to look at, at least once. So, by giving a thought conclusively as per the above discussion, the Bernette B35 sewing machines have more feasible features than the b33 machine. But, Bernette B33 is also an excellent model for beginners. Select your favorite one!