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Brother CS7000i vs CS7000X | Which One Worth the Money in 2023?

There are a bunch of different sewing machine brands in the market in 2023. This is a reason that makes looking for the ideal sewing machine challenging and intimidating. But Don’t worry; we are looking at a reputable sewing machine brand, Brother. In this article, we will compare the Brother CS7000i vs CS7000x and will see which option is better for you.

A sewing machine has now become one of the necessary tools that should be in everyone’s home for stitching, quilting, and designing. And what will be your excitement level if you have gotten the ideal sewing machine? It will be the best feeling; because the money you spent is worth it well.

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Before moving on to the review and comparison of both of these sewing machines, let’s find out a few lines about this famous name, “Brother.” It is one of the trustworthy brands that can never be underestimated as far as quality or performance is concerned.

Quick Features Comparison

Here is a quick comparison table where we have described the features of both the sewing machines side by side.

FeaturesBrother CS7000i
Brother CS7000i
Brother CS7000X
Brother CS7000x
Built-in Stitches
Stitching Speed850 SPM750 SPM
LCD DisplayYesYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYes
Extension TableIncludedIncluded
7-in-1 Auto Size

7-in-1 Auto Size
Built-in Free Arm

Include Presser Feet1010
Warranty25-year limited25-year limited
Pricecheck price (1)check price (1)

Brother CS7000i vs CS7000X – Which is better to buy in 2023?

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, you’ll find out multiple sewing machines by Brother according to your requirements and within your price range. But the Brother CS7000i and CS7000x sewing machines are going to amaze you with their outstanding features very soon.

Although there are no significant differences, it is a fact that the latest model always comes with some advancement. Check out our detailed comparison of Brother Cs7000i vs Cs7000x, and decide what one is your ideal sewing machine in 2023?!

Are CS7000i stitches different from CS7000x?

Not that much! You will not find such kind of stitch differences among them. Both offer unique 70 built-in stitches that allow the sewer to sew a fabric of enchanting designs, including decorative, utility, quilting, heirloom, etc.

Also, you can make your fabric more attractive and beautiful with their superb-classy seven auto-sized buttonholes. So, you can owe any of them as both offer almost the same stitching patterns.

Is sewing easy in brother CS7000i or CS7000x for long projects?

Long projects require a wide table. When we compared both of their tables, we got to know about a slight difference. Brother CS7000i has provided an extended table that could easily accommodate a lot of stuff.

But, you’ll find a short table of CS7000x, which you can extend to a limited range when it is required. So, if your work usually relates to longer projects, we think that both are best. But, Brother Cs7000xsewing machine can serve as an ideal one!

An LCD Display; makes sewing easy

LCD Display is of great use, especially when you sit to apply multiple patterns on your fabric. The Brother Cs7000i sewing machine has a backlit LCD in the middle that makes your stitch selections visible prominently on a screen.

You will also discover a sideway LCD Screen on the Cs7000x, just above the stitching patterns. Check your choices on to it, but we think that Cs7000x has a far better screen as compared to the previous Cs7000i model.

What presser feet are included?

Brother Cs7000i vs Cs7000x is not showing that many differences, and it seems like Cs7000x is going to take over the cs7000i by offering the same features with some modest improvements. You can try stitching with their 10 presser feet that wait for you to start your tasks.

The zigzag, blind stitch, overcasting, monogramming, buttonholes, walking, zipper, quilting, ¼” piercing, and button sewing foot will surely help you create your desired design ideally.

Which threads the best?

Brother CS7000x has introduced a more reliable, improved automatic needle threader. The needle of Brother CS7000i vs CS7000x has a pretty big difference; that is, you could not help yourself from appreciating Cs7000x’s threader that gently and quickly threads the needle with a single touch on the lever. Cs7000x one’s threader also does the same, but it can sometimes show a slight resistance.

Both have a convenient and jam-resistant drop-in bobbin system that ensures the balance of bobbin with eye strain-free loading. Do cleaner sewing and quilting as the needle is fixed properly and the bobbin is set to help you out. So, the brother Cs7000x sewing machine is winning a point here!

Stay brighter with Brother sewing machines

Everything is present inside this best brand’s sewing machines that facilitate you as much as possible. LED light is vital for sewing machines which could help sewing during the night or in darker surroundings.

Brother Cs7000x has provided the LED light just above the stitching needle that illuminates the workspace. So, you can efficiently work on darker fabrics or during dark hours to feasibly complete your task without eye strains.

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What about other features?

As ‘Brother‘ is a high-quality name, there is no chance that you don’t get a versatile machine. Brother Cs7000i vs. Cs7000x’ quality has a minute difference that just mainly changes the looks and weight of these two.

The metal frame of Cs7000x offers almost the same durability. But it slightly increases its weight as compared to Cs7000i which affects the portability. As Cs7000x is the latest one, you will find a more attractive look: more shining and stylish.

The stop/start, reverse/forward, and speed control features are must be appreciated as it makes the work of sewer easiest. Within a push of a button, you get your small jobs done for you within seconds. You can adjust speed according to the way of your stitching. It is more easily manageable with a regulator on the CS7000x, allowing the one to reach the finest of stitching.

Whose price is worth the most? Brother CS7000x vs CS7000i

We know that the advancement of technology offered to us demands more price to avail of that facility. The same is happening here! The cost of Brother Cs7000x vs Cs7000i is lesser as it becomes an older one.

Similarly, the CS7000x demands a higher price due to the presence of more features or few improvements. Both of their prices are worth in their ways well. Now, it depends on you that to which price tag your range matched up!

Download User Manual of Brother CS7000i

Download User Manual of Brother CS7000x

Bottom Line

Whether a beginner or experienced, the sewer always demands the best. If you’re choosing Brother, we can unhesitatingly say that you’re moving towards an ideal brand. We selected its two best models (Cs7000i and Cs7000x) and compared them with each other.

We have found that the Brother Cs7000x better option while talking about the Brother Cs7000x vs Cs7000i sewing machine. Why? It consists of many advanced features that can allow the easiest sewing experience.

It is a fact that it also has a high price tag, but if you want an ideal sewing machine, then it is the one that can serve you with the mind-blowing stitching style. Brother Cs7000i is also not a bad option. You can choose it too if your range or satisfaction level is not allowing you to go for Cs7000x.

So, Go for the Best, Relax for the Rest!