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Top 15 Free Flying Geese Quilt Patterns (+4 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

The Flying Geese quilt block is a traditional favorite among quilters. This sewing method, known as flying geese, guarantees you flawlessly symmetrical “v” forms in all your quilting projects. It is fascinating that there are numerous ways and methods to create a flying geese quilt. From paper piecing, traditional piecing, and using half-square triangles, feel free to explore and unleash your creativity! We rounded up the best flying geese quilt patterns for you:

Free Flying Geese Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: GO! Flying Around the Tracks Pillow and Quilt

GO! Flying Around the Tracks Pillow and Quilt - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Mary Anne Fontana for AccuQuilt

The GO! Flying Around the Tracks Pillow and Quilt is a combination of Goose Tracks and Flying Geese blocks. This project is a vibrant colored pillow and quilt that will give positivity and boost the playful style in your room. A beautiful modern decor to give these classic quilt blocks up-to-date transitions.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Flying Geese in the Wildflowers Quilt

free quilt pattern - Flying Geese in the Wildflowers Quilt by Leah Day

Designer: Leah Day

Feel free to run wild with flowers with this lovely quilt by Lea Day! Release your inner child in you as you reminisce about yourself being a child playing in a field of flowers under a hot sun. Draping this quilt as your wall-hanging design will surround your house with playful childhood memories growing up. Intermediate quilters are suited to reduplicate this one. The finished size measures 32 inches x 42 inches.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Northbound Quilt

free quilt tutorial - Northbound Quilt by Natalia of Piece N Quilt

Designer: Natalia of Piece N Quilt

If you’re in search of a calming and modern quilting project that makes the most of your fabric scraps, the Northbound Quilt is a wonderful choice. Designed by Natalia of Piece N Quilt, this free flying geese quilt pattern beautifully balances bright and low-volume fabrics, resulting in a serene aesthetic. The Northbound Quilt, spanning 78 inches by 90 inches radiates simplicity and elegance. With an easy skill level, it’s an ideal project for quilters of various expertise to enjoy creating and displaying.

4. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Flying Geese Pinwheel Block

free quilt tutorial - Flying Geese Pinwheel Block by Jenna of Sew Happy Geek

Designer: Jenna of Sew Happy Geek

Crafted by Jenna of Sew Happy Geek, the Flying Geese Pinwheel Quilt Block is a captivating fusion of flying geese and pinwheel blocks. Seamlessly uniting these elements results in a visually striking geometric quilt pattern. Assemble multiple Flying Geese Pinwheel blocks to construct an exquisite and cohesive quilt that showcases the intricate symmetry of these classic quilt block designs.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Trailblazer Quilt

Trailblazer - free flying geese quilt pattern by Andover Fabrics

Designer: Patty Sloniger for Andover Fabrics

Don’t you want to know what it feels like to walk in a forest with the moon shining down your path? This intermediate level quilt employs the creative arrangement of large and small flying geese blocks, circles, and oblongs to create a picturesque view of a forest under a moonlit sky. It is the perfect companion for your chilly nights to accompany you to sleep. It can be your wall-hanging design or a couch blanket. It would easily capture everyone’s attention. It was designed by Patty Sloniger for Andover Fabrics, and the finished size measures 64 inches square.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: Waggle’s Gaggle

Waggles Gaggle - free flying geese quilt pattern -

Designer: Debbie Bigley and Angela Clark

Beauty, perfection, and order harmonize in the art of triangles, especially in the captivating world of quilting. Enter Waggle’s Gaggle, a simple yet elegant flying geese quilt pattern suitable for every skill level. Within this expansive design, you have the choice of two distinct layouts, each offering its own visual charm. Delve into the tutorial’s clear and user-friendly instructions, ensuring your quilting journey is a delightful one. Assemble your fabrics, thread, and needle, and begin crafting your version of Waggle’s Gaggle today. With a finished size of 76 inches by 76 inches, this quilt promises to infuse beauty and precision into every stitch you create.

7. Free Quilt Pattern: Faded Geese

Are you the type of person who instantly falls in love with something clear and simple? Try this free flying geese quilt pattern and create an illusionary scenic pattern using darker to light fabrics. Perfect for outdoor picnics or outdoor evenings.

Faded Geese Quilt Pattern gives you the step-by-step instructions for cutting and piecing. Once you’ve finished, you/ve create a beautiful quilt to be cherished forever.This is suitable for all quilters of all levels to recreate. The finished size measures 65 ½ inches x 91 inches.

8. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Gosling-Go-round

Gosling Go Round Quilt Block - free flying geese quilt block

Designer: McCalls Quilting

This beginner-friendly quilt block is an excellent choice for creating any quilt pattern you can imagine. It works well as a pillowcase, placemat, table runner or bed quilt.

This flying geese quilt block can also be the perfect token where good memories are kept. Quilters of all levels are suited to replicate this quilt design. The finished size measures 12 inches x 12 inches.

9. Free Quilt Pattern: Remixed Geese

Remixed Geese - free flying geese quilt pattern

Designer: Erica Jackman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Decorate your house with this mischievous-looking quilt to brighten your home! It is lively and glowing, chasing away the dark glum lurking in the corners of your home. It is pleasing to look at and brings an odd sense of comfort into your nerves and bones. It will just feel the same as home. If you are a beginner quilter, you will absolutely adore recreating this easy flying geese quilt. Designed by Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting for Robert Kaufman Fabrics this quilt measures 54 inches x 66 inches.

10. Free Quilt Pattern: Summery Pillow

Summery Pillow - free flying geese quilt pattern_

Designer: Jannelle for AGF Blog

Embrace the essence of summer with the Summery Pillow, a delightful flying geese quilt pattern crafted by Jannelle for AGF Blog. This pattern features their Nature Elements and Pure Solids fabric collection, radiating vibrant hues. Dive into the art of Stroked Flying Geese, a unique technique that offers a twist on the classic No Waste Flying Geese, resulting in a captivating bordered effect. With a step-by-step picture tutorial, this 20’’ x 20’’ pillow cover becomes a canvas for your creativity to flourish, infusing your space with the vivid energy of the sunniest season.

11. Free Quilt Pattern: Migrating Geese

Migrating Geese - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Ariga Mahmoudlou for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Discover the Migrating Geese quilt pattern by Ariga Mahmoudlou for RK, featuring the Artisan Batiks Patina Handpaints: Double Ombre fabric. Ideal for beginners, this quilt measures 55 inches x 71 ½ inches and portrays geese in flight. Follow the Block Assembly Diagram in this pattern tutorial to ensure precise fabric placement and block orientation, making your quilting adventure smooth and gratifying.

12. Free Quilt Pattern: Flying Geese Mini Quilt

Flying Geese Mini Quilt - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Trina for Fort Worth Fabric Studio

The Flying Geese Mini Quilt, designed by Trina of Will Cook for Shoes in collaboration with Fort Worth Fabric Studio, is a free pattern that features the charming Day Sail fabric collection by Moda. Featuring a variety of flying geese blocks in different sizes, this sampler style mini quilt showcases a captivating array of flying geese patterns. Unlock your creativity and fashion a unique piece of quilted art that pays homage to the timeless beauty of flying geese patterns.

13. Free Quilt Pattern: Geese in my Kitchen

Geese in my Kitchen - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Kathy Patterson for McCalls Quilting

Unveil the enchanting Geese in my Kitchen quilt pattern by Kathy Patterson for McCall’s Quilting. With an intermediate skill level, this quilt measuring 68 ¾ inches x 91 ½ inches showcases 2 inches x 4 inches flying geese units. Designed as a tribute to a nostalgic kitchen floor, this pattern beautifully highlights identical geese units created in a block exchange. The result is an authentic and charming design that carries a touch of nostalgia and creativity, making it a delightful addition to your quilting repertoire.

14. Free Quilt Pattern: Off the Grid

Off the Grid Quilt - free quilt pattern_

Designer: Natalie Crabtree for Windham Fabrics

Take a quilting adventure with Off the Grid Quilt, a free pattern by Natalie Crabtree. Created with the Meridian fabric collection from Whistler Studios, this quilt measures 78 inches x 78 inches and is a masterpiece of precision. The design resembles a compass, with blocks that guide you in all cardinal directions – North, South, East and West. Flying geese arranged carefully add to the navigational charm of this quilt making it a captivating project for quilters of all levels.

15. Free Quilt Pattern: Migrating

Migrating - free quilt pattern_

Designer: AGF Studio

Embark on a quilting journey with Migrating Quilt, a free pattern by AGF Studio showcasing their vibrant Color Master fabric collection. With dimensions of 84 inches × 84 inches, this quilt is an exquisite blend of strip sets and flying geese blocks, meticulously combined to orchestrate a stunning kaleidoscope of colors. As you piece together this masterpiece, you’ll witness the magic of hues merging harmoniously, resulting in a captivating quilt that’s not just a cozy cover, but a true work of art that brings warmth and beauty to any room.

BONUS Flying Geese Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Flying Geese Log Cabin Quilt (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

printable quilt pattern - Flying Geese Log Cabin Quilt by Quilt fox design

Designer: Judit Hajdu of QuiltFOX Design

If you love Log Cabin and Flying Geese quilt blocks then this is the perfect quilt combination for you.

The Flying Geese Log Cabin Quilt is designed by Judit Hajdu of QuiltFOX Design. This is an awesome quilt project that takes a simple log cabin block and enhances it with flying geese blocks. An interesting flying geese quilt that creates a 3D structure illusion. The finished quilt size of this intermediate level pattern is 86 ½ inches x 100 ½ inches.

2. Flying Goose Vortex Quilt (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

printable quilt pattern - Flying Goose Vortex Quilt by Elaine Poplin of Messygoat Sews.

Designer: Elaine Poplin of Messygoat Sews

The Flying Goose Vortex Quilt is designed by Elaine Poplin of Messygoat Sews. This is a 20-page quilt pattern that will give you a lot of different design variations depending on how you will place the fabric, background fabric choices, and fussy cutting. This flying geese quilt block is 2-½ inches strip friendly with a Dresden-style foundation-pieced pattern in 25 wedges. A great fun challenge for beginner and seasoned quilters

3. Stargeese Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Stargeese Quilt Pattern - instant download

Designer: Kristin Rauch of Woollypetals

This fat quarter friendly quilt will remind you of an artist’s smock splattered with many colors! Feel free to splatter your own colors onto this quilt and be playful with it! You will feel loved as you nestle closer to its comforting feel. It is perfect to use as your couch blanket or a bed cover. The design belonged to Kristin.

It has three sizes:

  • Baby – 45 inches x 45 inches
  • Throw – 60 inches x 75 inches
  • Twin – 75 inches x 90 inches

4. Gander Lake Quilt Pattern (Electronic Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Gander Lake Quilt Pattern_

Designer: Shannon of The Flemings Nine

Gander Lake is a modern quilt pattern designed by Shannon Fleming. It’s made from fat quarters and offers two sizes – Throw (57″ x 68″) and Queen (96″ x 96″). The flying geese blocks are expertly crafted using the efficient 4-at-a-time no waste, no trim method. Ideal for advanced beginners and beyond, this pattern includes user-friendly instructions complete with charts and graphics to guide you through cutting and piecing.

Here Are More Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from Tawnya Bonnell

Photo Source: Tawnya Bonnell

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from Vasudha Govindan

Photo Source: Vasudha Govindan

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from EGM Quilted

Photo Source: EGM Quilted

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from Tania Mills

Photo Source: Tania Mills

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from Kelly Lea Teske

Photo Source: Kelly Lea Teske

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from lizzymakes

Photo Source: Lizzymakes

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from The Makings Of Joy

Photo Source: The Makings Of Joy

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from Geometriquilt

Photo Source: Geometriquilt

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Idea from EGM Quilted photo 2

Photo Source: EGM Quilted

There are many different methods for creating flying geese blocks, each with their own advantages. The bottom line? Whichever method you choose, make sure that your process is enjoyable and gives the results you wish to achieve.

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