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13 Best Halloween Quilt Pattern

We have gathered different tutorial versions of the Halloween Quilt Pattern for you to create.

1. Spider Web Quilt

photo source: Scrapatches

A wicked cool quilt pattern to add on your ornament for the Halloween festivity. Spider Web Quilt-Along is a scrap-friendly quilt project that is shared to us by Scrapatches.

2. Trick or Treat Sue Quilt Block


Here is a cute witch ready for the trick or treat activity. Designed by Jennifer Ofenstein from Sewhooked, Trick or Treat Sue quilt pattern is a scrap-friendly quilt block project.

3. Spooky Treats Quilt


A cute Halloween quilt design that shows those spooky treats in a jar. Spooky Treats Quilt is designed by Christine Stainbrook for RJR fabrics. A fun and colorful quilt project to decorate.

4. All Hallow’s Eve Wall Quilt


A classic black and white quilt perfect for the Halloween decoration. This eerie but cute quilt pattern is designed by Amanda of Jedi Craft Girl. All Hallow’s Eve Wall Quilt is a wall-hanging quilt decor to add to your mystical home.

5. GO! Monster Trick or Treat Totes Pattern


GO! Monster Trick or Treat Totes is a free quilt pattern from AccuQuilt. This is a perfect goodie bag that your kids should bring to their trick-or-treat activities. They will be happy as this Halloween tote bag can store a lot of spooky treats.

6. Scary Moon Quilt Banner & Pillow


A creepy looking home decor to welcome your family and friends to celebrate a mystical night event in your home. Designed by Janet Houts for Andover Fabrics, the Scary Moon Quilt Banner & Pillow is a quilt pattern for experienced quilters.

7. GO! Fright Night Pillow Quilt


Featuring a Double four patch block, the GO! Fright Night Pillow Quilt pattern is perfect for beginners. With the spiders, spirits, and a witch hat design on this quilt project, it sure is a Halloween decor to go for.

8. Ghost Quilt Block


Who said spirits are scary? Here is a cute Ghost Quilt Block to add to your Halloween quilt project. Interchange its tail direction to make it look like flying.

9. Cheeky Pumpkin Quilt


These scary but enchanting pumpkins are tempting to quilt for your next project. The Cheeky Pumpkin Quilt is an upbeat quilt pattern that can put a smile on every trick or treater’s face.

10. Itsy Bitsy Spider Quilt


These large eyes spiders will give your guests goosebumps coz it looks like running down the wall. Designed by Wendy Sheppard, the Itsy Bitsy Spider quilt is a great pattern for beginners.

11. GO! Spider Cluster Quilt Table Runner

A cute way to decorate your table is by placing the GO! Spider Cluster Quilt Table Runner on it. The spider on this quilt project seems like climbing onto the table. Play with colors to make the spiders look cute instead of using the classic black spider design.

12. Altogether Spooky Quilt


A colorful Halloween decor to make the mystical night event playful and fun. Altogether Spooky Quilt is Fort Worth Fabric Studio Halloween’s Mystery Quilt last 2019.

13. That Cat Halloween Quilt


Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a black cat in the scene. That Cat Halloween Quilt is a great quilt project to add spookiness to your decoration. This quilt project uses the applique technique to make the kitty noticeable.

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