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Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine | Quality Product – An Affordable Price

There is a wide range of sewing machines available on the market, and it can be a challenge to know which one to get. So, we have done extensive research and have come up with a detailed review of the Brother CS7000i sewing machine that can help you while you are making a choice.

Like Brother CS6000i, Brother CS7000i computerized sewing and quilting machine design to tackle both tasks quite easily. This sewing machine is an upgraded machine of Brother’s old model CS6000i with additional features. If you want a value-packed sewing machine that can carry out double duty as a sewing machine, then CS7000i is a real workhorse.

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Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine Features

Brother CS7000i sewing machine is a versatile and feature-loaded sewing machine that can take your sewing skills to the next level. Even though it’s digital features with many options, brother did a great job making it intuitive and easy to use.

It comes with all frequently used features at an affordable price. Ok, let’s reveal all its features and see is this machine worth the money or not?

Sewing Speed

While talking about the sewing speed, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine comes with a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, which is the same as compared to its advanced model CS7000x. An expert sewist can complete their sewing and quilting projects quickly.

Furthermore, it has an automatic speed controller that can use to speed up or down during stitching. This speed controller is necessary for beginners because a newbie can’t work at such a high sewing speed. Thanks to this controller, you can adjust the stitching speed according to the requirement.

Built-in Stitches

The old model of this sewing machine is Brother CS6000i that had only 60 built-in stitches, but the CS7000i has ten additional built-in stitches making it a total of 70 stitches option. While that’s a lot of stitches, it’s not an overwhelming number.

If you plan to utilize this machine for quilting, you’ll realize having so many decorative stitches to choose from for versatile quilting. Other notable sewing stitches include utility, decorative, heirloom stitches, and 7 auto-size buttonholes.

All of the stitches are handily displayed and labeled on the front of the machine. Choosing the desired stitches is easy in this machine. There are two buttons under the LCD Display that allows the user to adjust the stitch number. Moreover, you can also change the stitches’ length and width from the front panel of the machine.

Automatic Needle Threader

A notable feature in the Brother CS7000i is its automatic needle threader. If you struggle to thread the needle, the automatic needle threader is a rescuer. This feature pushes the thread through the needle’s eye in a tap of a second, making it very suitable, especially for beginners without eyestrain.

Quick Setup Bobbin

The Brother cs7000i sewing machine bobbin system is relatively easy and fast. You can easily set up a bobbin through the latest drop-in top bobbin system.

Backlit LCD

The brother cs7000i eye has a bright backlit LCD. It shows vital information and allows you to control stitch width and length to use push buttons. Stitch length can adjust with the upper right button. The lower right button holds the stitch width needle position. For easy reference, the stitches are displayed right on the body of the machine.

Quilting Table

If you have to make a quilt or perform a large project, you must need a large space. For this purpose, the Brother CS7000i sewing and quilting machine comes with an extension table. You can attach or remove this extension table according to your need.

Free Arm

One of the essential features of a CS7000i sewing machine is the moveable free arm feature. This feature lets allow you to sew narrow and rectangular pieces like cuffs, sleeves, and collars.

Sewing & Quilting feet

To handle different tasks, we need to replace the presser feet. And various types of fabrics need particular types of presser feet, so that’s why this superb sewing machine comes with ten additional sewing and quilting feet. These included feet are:

  1. Zipper feet
  2. Zigzag feet
  3. Spring action quilting feet
  4. Walking feet
  5. 1/4″ piecing feet
  6. Button sewing feet
  7. Buttonhole feet
  8. Blind stitch feet
  9. Overcasting feet
  10. Monogramming feet

Brother CS7000i Included Accessories

While talking about the included accessories, brother cs7000i comes with almost everything you need to get started. So, you don’t have to purchase additional stuff and it saves your money.

  • 10 additional presser feet.
  • Hardcover
  • Detachable extension table
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle pack
  • Instructional manual
Easy to set up
Automatic needle threader function
Best for both sewing and quilting
Detachable extension table
Included hard protective case
Best value for money
The needle gets stuck in the fabric
Not an excellent choice for heavy-duty sewing

Brother CS7000i Manual

To download the complete user manual of Brother cs7000i click here:

Common FAQs of Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine

Can Brother CS7000i Sew Leather?

Yes, you can sew leather with CS7000i. It works great with thin leather and sews through two layers of leather. While if you want to sew thicker leather, then you have to use the handwheel. You will need a 110/18 needle to sew thicker fabrics.

Can you embroider with brother CS7000i sewing machine?

Although this machine is not an embroidery machine, you can learn to do embroidery work by learning free-motion embroidery. Darning toe presser foot comes as a bonus with this machine, which uses for embroidery. Moreover, you can discover free motion embroidery on youtube by watching embroidery tutorials.

Can you quilt with Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine?

Yes, you can quilt with this machine, Brother CS 7000i design for quilting and sewing projects. The device can easily do quilting within three layers of a quilt. It comes with free motion quilting feet.  It also includes a walking foot and quilting guide to maintaining parallel stitches even.

Product Information

Manufacturer Brother
Size 16.02 x 6.69 x 12.09 Inches
Weight 19.58 Pounds
Sewing speed 850 SPM
Warranty 25 Years Limited

Bottom Line

Hopefully, our comprehensive review of the Brother CS7000i sewing and quilting machine will help you decide if it is the right sewing machine for you or not. It is one of the highly-rated modern machines by a well-reputed brand named Brother.

It comes with all features that should be in an up-to-date sewing machine. Its faster sewing speed and high accuracy stitching are more valuable features.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing a computerized sewing and quilting machine, here is the Brother CS7000i review for you.