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Brother DZ2400 Sewing Machine | Best Affordable Machine for Quilters

If you need a well-known brand for your sewing, you may hear about the Brother DZ2400 sewing machine. This sewing machine is the proud product of Brother – a top-rated brand at Amazon. It’s time we read about a Brother DZ2400 review to see why this machine is still the top-rated brand when considering a Brother sewing machine.

Brother’s designio DZ2400 computerized sewing and quilting machine provides you with a high-level platform to explore your talent. Its 130 sewing stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches make it a valuable product for every sewist. Eight styles of 1 step buttonholes that automatically fit your button size provide you a pro-level designer finish.

Brother dz2400 computerized sewing and quilting machine is a top model of the Brother Designio series. This fantastic sewing machine is fully loaded with advanced features that provide you with a versatile sewing experience.

Brother DZ2400 Sewing Machine Features

Do you want to enjoy a higher level of sewing experience? Or you want to express your unique ideas on fabrics then you may need an extraordinary tool. Brother dz2400 is the perfect choice to design unique crafts.

If you are interested in purchasing Brother dz2400 for your pro-level sewing experience, you need to understand the following features.

1- Quick and setup

This sewing machine is beginner’s friendly that is easy to set up and start. Insert the power cord plug into the jack on the right side of the device and plug it into a wall outlet. The sewing lamp and display come on when the power is turned on. After loading the bobbin and thread the needle with an automatic needle threader, your machine is ready to use.

2- Price

This sewing machine was a high-end machine with a hefty price tag when it arrived. Still, many years on, the cost has reduced significantly making the computerized sewing machine an attractive option for those who need a high-quality sewing machine under $300. Today, we count this sewing machine in the low-range list.

This sewing machine should be affordable, with a lot of power-packed features. If the price is a little bit low and there are small quality features, there is no need to purchase such a type of sewing machine.

3- Built-in stitches

This fantastic sewing machine contains overall 185 built-in stitches (130 sewings and 55 alphanumerics) that provide you with a versatile stitching option. As the built-in stitches increase the price of the sewing machine increase but here we can get the double quantity of stitches in this price range.

4- LCD Touchscreen

This computerized sewing machine is controlled through an LCD touchscreen. Different features you can manage and set through this LCD screen. Its LCD freed you from focusing on knobs. You can easily adjust and monitor stitch length, width, and stitching speed.

5- Stitching speed

Brother dz2400 is a super-fast sewing machine with a maximum stitching speed of 850 stitches per minute. Its fast stitching speed is helpful to complete large objects in a short time like quilting.

6- Variable speed controller

It would help if you had a different stitching speed according to fabrics. Brother dz2400 is a fully computerized sewing machine that provides you with a variable speed controller. With a three-step speed adjustable button, you can choose your required speed.

7- Free arm

The free arm is an essential feature of the latest sewing machine. Brother dz2400 also has this fantastic feature. You can easily dismantle counterpart and stitch cylindrical objects.

8- Automatic needle threader

In this budget-friendly sewing machine you get a lot of advanced features, an automatic needle threader is one of them. Brother dz2400 needle threader system with a complete guide makes this machine attractive for beginners.

9- Extra-wide table for large projects

Another significant part of the brother dz2400 sewing machine that enables easy stitching for large objects. Its extra-wide table provides you with a large space to handle fabric on board.

10- Needle position

Needle position is another excellent feature that minimizes your manual work. You don’t need to lift up or down the needle manually when completing a part. With an automatic needle position feature, you can pre-adjust the needle position up or down.

11- Buttonhole feature

This sewing machine offers you a buttonhole in a single step. Not only has this but also provided eight different buttonholes styles to give a professional touch to your fabrics.

12- Presser’s feet

This multitasking sewing machine comes with 12 different presser feet to perform various tasks. You can use these presser feet to attach zips, make a buttonhole, for button sewing, for monogramming, for blind stitch, and for quilting.

13- Bobbin winding system

Here in brother dz2400 computerized sewing machine you get an easy bobbin winding system. Install the spool on the spool holder and upload the bobbin on the bobbin’s shaft an easy and fast winding system is ready. In the machine bobbin winding speed is also controlled by the foot controller. Attach the foot controller through the pin, and then you can control the speed of winding by the presser foot.

The extra-large table for easy quilting
The bulk of built-in stitches 185
Lightweight easily portable
Enriched with accessories
Onboard storage
Versatile sewing options
Poor LED light
Complaints about automatic needle threader
Carrying case not included
No USB connectivity


  • Power cord
  • Operation manual
  • Foot controller
  • Large table to extend the working area
  • 12 different presser feet (Zipper, Zigzag, Buttonhole, Overcasting, Button sewing, Monogramming, Blind stitch, Quilting, Walking feet, ¼ piecing, and Stitch guide feet)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle set, twin needle, ballpoint needle, seam ripper
  • Extra spool pin
  • Four bobbins with extra bobbin clip
  • Eyelet punch
  • Instructional DVD

Video Guide Brother DZ2400 Sewing machine

Brother Designio™ Series DZ2400 Sewing & Quilting Machine Overview

Instruction Manual

To download the complete user manual of Brother dz2400, click here

Common FAQ’S about Brother dz2400 Sewing machine

Is the Brother DZ2400 Sewing machine quiet or loud?

This sewing machine is tranquil even at high speed. Keep your device in a dust-free environment and oiling properly. A louder sewing machine can affect your productivity because a noise level of more than 40 dB is a cause of stress and fatigue.

Can we hem jeans with this machine?

It depends on the thickness of the denim. You can sew lightweight denim with this fantastic machine easily. But something that should be kept in mind is using a denim needle, increase the stitch length maximum as your thread can support, and then go very slowly. This sewing machine is not specially designed for denim, but you can sew in small jobs.

Can brother DZ2400 sewing machine get designs from the computer?

It’s the only drawback of this valuable sewing machine that brother dz2400 is not had USB or computerized connectivity. You can only enjoy the built-in feature of this sewing machine.

Bottom Line

There are various advanced sewing machines available in the market of 2020. But brother dz2400 computerized sewing and quilting machine is best in this price range. Due to its valuable features mostly seamstresses recommend this sewing machine for a versatile sewing experience.

Here we describe brother dz2400 features and have showcased their capabilities in the best possible way. We hope that your best sewing machine buying experience becomes fruitful.