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Top 15 Free Beginner-Friendly And Easy Quilt Blocks (+4 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

If you’re a novice quilter, undoubtedly, one of the first jargons you’ll encounter is a “quilt block.” Due to the challenges of sewing a huge quilt, smaller blocks were created. The quilt blocks were put together to construct the quilt in various designs or recurring patterns. Explore this beginner-friendly list that features easy quilt blocks that look difficult that are guaranteed to get you excited about quilting!.

Free Easy Quilt Block Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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If you’re looking for a classic autumn decor to have fun this Stitch-tober, you should try recreating the Maple Leaf quilt block from Fat Quarter Shop. This piece depicts the timeless beauty of maple leaves falling on the ground as the coziest time of the year arrives. Colors seem to change from green to yellow to red as the blocks fill the space of the white background. Whether you want it in the size of a crib, lap, twin, or queen, you’ll enjoy the warmth that this quilt brings.

2. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Celtic Twist

Celtic Twist- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The Celtic Twist may seem like an intricate quilt pattern you can’t wrap your head around, but believe it or not, it’s beginner-friendly! Each block is made of four carefully arranged materials to create an illusion of a twisting image. Position the light and dark fabric pieces alternately. Connect the similar strips with a triangle piece the same color as them to make their flow look continuous. As you can see, the critical point in achieving its look is color placement and a bit of imagination. It’s fun, stylish, and modern—definitely something you’d love to have in your bedroom!

We’ve rounded up beautiful Celtic Quilt Patterns to give you more inspiration.

3. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Double Pinwheel Quilt Block

Double Pinwheel Quilt Block- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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Make your little ones smile with the fun and adorable pattern of the Double Pinwheel Quilt! This piece is a sum of three fabrics cut into quarter square triangle units. The best part about recreating it is the freedom to choose the color of each block, allowing you to put together something that reminds you of your kid’s personality. However, it’s quite tricky and tedious, so you’ll need the skills of a confident beginner.

4. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Eight-Pointed Star Quilt Block

Eight-Pointed Star Quilt Block- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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If you’re looking for a stylish starry block to elevate the look of your quilt, the Eight-Point Star is a perfect choice! This pattern was crafted by Jinny Beyer for beginners. Its form has a satisfying symmetry and contrasting color placement, creating a simple yet eye-catching shape that will make you stop and stare. Starry blocks are ideal for any occasion. Whether you’re stitching for yourself or making something special for someone, this will make your quilt an adorable gift. It is ideal for quilters of all skill levels.

5. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The Sugar Plum Quilt block from Fat Quarter Shop blooms with sweetness and warmth that will make your darling blush. You can use muted summer palette and a fair combination of plain and floral fabrics, to give it a youthful beauty that will make anyone smile with its sight. The pieces are cleverly put together to create a pattern reminiscent of a flower. Beginners and advanced quilters alike will still enjoy recreating it. It’s simple, thoughtful, and timelessly beautiful. Your quilt will look stunning with these blocks!

6. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Friendship Star Quilt Block

Friendship Star Quilt Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The best way to celebrate your friendship is to stitch your quilt with blocks made just for it! The Friendship Star Quilt block has a well-loved pattern that has been present in patchwork quilts for almost a century. Squares and half-square triangle units are thoughtfully put together to create a nine-patch design that looks simple yet interesting. Feel free to use fabric pieces that represent you and your friend. Ideally, use contrasting colors to give it dimension. By giving it a personality, you’ll have something to cherish for eternity!

7. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Twisted Pinwheels

Twisted Pinwheels - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The Twisted Pinwheel block may look tricky and complicated for a first-time quilter, but don’t be fooled— it’s actually designed for beginners! This block is part of the Star Twist Quilt Pattern by Jackie Robinson for Sew in Love with Fabric. It has a twisty chain effect that makes the pinwheels look wobbly from afar. Though it adapts a less traditional way of putting the fabric pieces together, it remains stylishly symmetrical with its repetitive pattern. The key point in assembling it is color placement: two-toned triangles meet halfway diagonally on a cream square unit to create an elongated wing of a pinwheel. Together, they are positioned in a clockwise direction to achieve the look of a twisted star. So give your quilt a twist without sweating about it!

8. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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If you’re fond of stitching Half-Square Triangles, you’ll fall in love with the timeless beauty of the Lady Of The Lake block from Fat Quarter Shop! This traditional quilt pattern for beginners was first used in 1820. The pattern name is inspired by a poem that Sir Walter wrote, which involves three men pursuing the love of one maiden. Quilters of all levels will enjoy recreating the different looks that this two-toned pattern can possibly make. The trick to making it appear more interesting is to turn it in another direction. Fill your quilt with this block and prepare to be amazed at your masterpiece!

9. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Lisa’s Star Block

Lisa’s Star Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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If a pinwheel block and an eight-pointed star block had a child, it would be Lisa’s Star Block! This quilt block from Lisa Bongean is part of Moda Fabrics 2017 Block of the Week. The block 11 pattern used three fabric pieces to create its stunning shape: two dark and one light fabric. The light fabric assimilated to the quilt’s background, making the dark ones seem to float on the surface with triangular holes. The classic pinwheel pattern in the center of the block is elongated with a Half-Square Triangle that faces the opposite direction. Another Half-Square Triangle mirrored the extension, completing the starry look that it’s going for. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or expert quilter, this is a must-try!

10. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Churn Dash

Churn Dash - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The Churn Dash block is an ideal piece to recreate for guild exchanges and quilting bees. It takes pride in the simplicity of its pattern, which is just a sum of half-square triangles, solid squares, and simple strip pieced yards. The critical step in making it look more attractive is color placement. Be creative with your light and dark fabrics, and you’ll find yourself staring at a striking pattern you never thought you could make. A lot of things could happen in one block. If you fill your quilt with it, you might create an abstract masterpiece!

Be inspired with more Churn Dash Quilt Patterns

11. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Log Cabin Quilt Block

Log Cabin Quilt Block - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The log cabin quilt block is an ideal project for new quilters. It’s a classic, simple quilt block pattern that’s easy to put together. It looks great in any color scheme. Choose your scrap fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Or you can play wth the colors for different seasons to add warmth and coziness to your home all year long.

Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color offers a step-by-step tutorial with photos that can help visual learners quickly grasp the process.

12. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Bear Paw

Bear Paw - Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The Bear Paw, a timeless quilt block, exudes rustic charm and elegance. Comprised of simple half-square triangles and squares, this design captures the spirit of the wilderness. Four bear paw units, artfully arranged, create a stunning focal point, while the background offers ample opportunities for creative fabric play. Suitable for quilters of all levels, the Bear Paw block allows for endless color variations and personal touches, making each quilt a unique masterpiece.

13. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Card Trick

Card Trick- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The Card Trick quilt block pattern weaves an illusion of magic and mystery. Inspired by the intricate artistry of playing cards, this design showcases cleverly arranged half-square triangles (HST) and quarter square triangles (QST). As the blocks come together, an enchanting optical illusion emerges, creating the illusion of interwoven cards. This free quilt block pattern is generously shared by The Scissortail Quilting Company. Their tutorial offers five different sizes, allowing quilters to explore various dimensions and unleash their creativity. With its clever construction and versatile color choices, the Card Trick block presents endless possibilities for visually stunning and intriguingly deceptive quilts.

14. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Connemara Flower

Connemara Flower- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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The Connemara Flower, a captivating free Irish quilt block pattern from McCalls Quilting, presents a delightful challenge for confident beginners. Through the careful arrangement of half square triangles, rectangles, and a square, the block blossoms into a stunning floral motif. With its delicate petals and vibrant center, this block radiates beauty and elegance.Whether you choose for traditional Irish colors or your own unique palette, the Connemara Flower block empowers quilters to showcase their skills and create a remarkable piece of art.

15. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Chevron

Chevron- Free Quilt Block Pattern
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Chevron patterns are popular for quilts, but they can be difficult to stitch. Jessy Ratfink, who writes for Instructables, has designed a Chevron pattern that’s easy to make and fun to use. The first method uses four squares; it’s perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at quilting. The second method uses 12 squares; it results in a more complex design that looks beautiful when stitched. Whichever method you choose, this block will add elegance to your quilting projects.

BONUS Easy Quilt Block Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Twinkling Star Quilt Block (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Twinkling Star Quilt Block Pattern
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The Twinkling Star block has a chic pattern that will make your eyes twinkle from afar. This piece features a five-pointed star that shines with its multi-colored sides. Aside from its generous space, the shape is highlighted with a white background and defined with bold lines. On top of that, lines are stretched further across the block and reached sides, creating an impression of a simple puzzle piece. This block comes in four different sizes to cater to the needs of your quilt. Beginners and advanced quilters alike will enjoy recreating this pattern.

2. Bird Quilt Block (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Bird Quilt Block Pattern
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Are you working on a theme that needs a flying creature? Stitch the Bird Quilt block, and you’ll love how it will come out in the picture! Though this pattern is easy to use, its look has a complexity that will make people think it’s the work of an advanced quilter. Fortunately, it’s easy enough for newbie quilters to follow. As a matter of fact, some people have been enjoying creating flocks out of it! It may look tricky at first, but once you familiarize yourself with the patterns and get the hang of them, you’ll be thrilled to recreate this quilt block whenever you wish!

3. Around the Square Quilt Block Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Around the Square Quilt Block Pattern
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Here’s another beginner-friendly pattern that would look pretty interesting on your quilt! The Around The Square block explores triangles and squares to create a strikingly beautiful piece. Color placement plays a crucial role in achieving the complexity of its look. Light and dark values alternate in the space, creating a slightly embossed effect from afar.

Filling your quilt with this block will produce a geometric piece of art. Whichever skill level you have, you could do this with ease as long as you know the basic cutting and sewing of quilts.

4. Building Blocks Sampler Quilt E-book (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Building Blocks Sampler Quilt E-book Quilt Block Pattern
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The Building Blocks Sampler Quilt could be the most versatile pattern you have in store. Designed by Felicity Walker, the selling point of this piece lies in its ability to be recreated into hundreds of different designs. True to its name, it features the basic block components that are present in many quilts. You could mix and match them as you wish and give your piece its own personality. Turn them in a different direction, change the color palette, and bring your imagination to life. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never quilted before. It’s that easy to make!

Don’t be intimidated by these easy quilt blocks that look difficult! They are very straightforward and quick to recreate. Hope you found the perfect first quilt block pattern that suits your preference!