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8 Fantastic and Free Chevron Quilt Patterns

Quilts can be used for almost anything. Blankets, bed covers, wall-hanging design, lap blanket, couch blanket, you name it. You can't get enough of quilts! If you want to learn how to quilt, you need to have an inspiration first for your first project. We have gathered this list for you and let's see what we can get out of it!

Free Chevron Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt

Easy Peasy Chevron Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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Designed by Aneela Hoey, this quilt is perfect for celebrating the Christmas season. With just using layer cakes, any beginner quilters can easily recreate this piece. The colors brought to life the simplicity of Christmas, an eye-catching subtle detail that will enchant your visitors. The finished quilt measures 50 inches x 60 inches.

2. Fletcher Quilt

Fletcher Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern
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A flash of bold colors may be the only thing you need if you are looking to elevate your living room or bedroom’s ambience. Outlined with the simplest pattern, this beginner-friendly quilt sets up a dramatic effect to snatch everyone's attention. The piece was designed by Wendi Gratz. It has five sizes you can choose from:

  • Crib – 48 inches x 61 inches
  • Nap – 60 inches x 72 inches
  • Twin – 66 inches x 83 inches
  • Queen – 84 inches x 94 inches
  • King – 108 inches x 94 inches

3. Arrows Aweigh Quilt

Arrows Aweigh - Free Quilt Pattern
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Looking for a quilt that make you feel at peace just by simply looking at it? This beginner-friendly quilt is infused with cool colors that you will feel as if you're floating on air. It is pleasing to the eyes and the soft texture will leave you embracing it with yourself. The simple design is what makes it beautiful, achieving that sophisticated look just by being modern. The design belonged to Lindsey Weight. The finished size measures 36 inches x 36 inches.

4. Broken Chevron

Broken Chevron - Free Quilt Pattern
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This quilt designed by Elise Lea exhibits unique patterns that looks parallel to a renaissance painting. The colors used are rich and vibrant in character, establishing a vintage aesthetic. Its features resemble a distorted mosaic, which is perfect to be used as a wall-hanging decor to grace your otherwise dull and bland walls. This piece can be easily reduplicated by all beginner and advanced quilters. The finished size measures 58 inches x 66 inches.

5. Halloween Chevron

Halloween Chevron - Free Quilt Pattern
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Feeling like you have the same decorations for Halloween? Well, try this beginner-friendly quilt for a change! Infused with the joyful complements of the dark and eerie colors of Halloween, it perfectly sets the mood for the holiday. It is also ideal to be used as a couch or lap blanket. A beginner quilter can easily reduplicate this design. The finished size measures 45 inches x 58 inches.

6. Chevron Stars

Chevron Stars - Free Quilt Pattern
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Be playful with your colors with this beginner-friendly quilt! It is perfect to be used outdoors, whether a picnic blanket or something that you can cocoon yourself with. It features vibrant colors that perfectly complement each other. The finished size measures 72 inches x 84inches.

7. Shea Zig Quilt

Shea Zig - Free Quilt Pattern
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Having trouble with what to gift for your daughter? Worry not because this quilt will guarantee you that she will love it! The piece features a zigzag pattern that brings out the modern style in it. The colors look aesthetically pleasing, establishing a sleek style. Moreover, it has vintage vibes that can easily go with everything. It can be her blanket, bedcovers, or even a couch blanket. This is perfect for all beginner quilters. The finished size measures 71 inches x 54 inches.

8. Disney Chevron Quilt

Disney Chevron - Free Quilt Pattern
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Do you love Dalmatians? If so, you will definitely love this Dalmatians-inspired quilt! Feel free to admire the Disney Chevron Quilt with this adoring background of Dalmatians. It will have everyone's head turn, exclaiming the ingenuity and cuteness of the piece. It is perfect to be used as your blanket or your bed covers. The finished size measures 45 inches x 54 inches.

I know it is difficult to choose from these beautiful pieces for you to recreate. And we can't blame you! They're all beautiful and just mesmerizing to look at, not to mention that they are also easy to recreate. So, no matter whatever piece you chose, it is important that you're also enjoying yourself in the process!

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