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Free Quilt Tutorial: Escher Quilt

Judith Newman from JMN Creative Endeavours was determined enough to do the Escher Quilt on her own. She made an Escher Quilt along for those who are interested to make this amazing optical illusion. The assembly creates the illusion of impossible interlocked elements.

A versatile quilt block, this design uses a simple piecing technique to create dynamic movement and visual interest. Three triangle units are sewn together in pairs – one block having the small triangle at the left of the first trapezoid, the second having it at the right end. The result: a stunning visual look with minimal effort!

Fabric Used: Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics
Finished Quilt Measures:53 inches x 67 inches

Similar Quilt Pattern: Simply Basics

19 thoughts on “Free Quilt Tutorial: Escher Quilt”

    1. Hi Pamela, Hope all is well. Look for the button with the text “QUILT ALONG 1” up to “QUILT ALONG 8” to see the tutorial. Happy Quilting!

  1. I have made this quilt being privileged to have taken a class with Chris Weinhold here in Wisconsin. A very satisfying accomplishment.
    I too don’t know if I will make the same again. He has other design layouts to try🤪

    1. Hi Charlotte, you may try to clear your browser cache and try again. Look for the pink button with the words “QUILT ALONG 1” up to “QUILT ALONG 8” to see the tutorial.

    2. Hi there, l’m having trouble opening the tutorial or the pattern to your beautiful Escher Quilt. Hope you’ll be able to send it to me or help.
      Thank you

    1. Hi Janet, Look for the pink button with the words “QUILT ALONG 1” up to “QUILT ALONG 8” to see the tutorial. Happy Quilting

  2. Quite a surprise to find my quilting “instructions” for The Escher Quilt here! Hope they make sense to people. If not, get in touch with me with your questions via my blog: – I’m happy to help out.

  3. Fascinating pattern. So easy yet so complicated. I must dig out some usable fabric to give it a try. Thank you for the logic you used!

    1. Hi Deb, The Escher Quilt by Judith Newman is a quilt-along tutorial. It is an 8-page tutorial, we suggest you bookmark this tutorial so you can easily find it in your web browser.

  4. Judith Newmans story on making the Escher quilt was enthralling. I couldnt stop reading!!!! Then she went on about her clothes making. I want to keep reading every day about her life. Like reading someones journal.
    Thank you Judith!!! Keep it up

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