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Top 6 Free Horse Quilt Patterns (+6 Bonus Patterns For Sale)

Horse quilt patterns hold a special place in the hearts of many quilters, especially those who love these majestic animals or the freedom they represent. Dating back to when horses were a vital part of daily life, these patterns have evolved from simple, functional designs to intricate artworks that capture the spirit and beauty of horses. Adding a horse quilt pattern to your collection isn’t just about embracing a piece of quilting tradition; it’s about crafting a tribute to the grace and strength of horses that have inspired artists and animal lovers throughout history.

Free Horse Quilt Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Quilt Pattern: Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind - free quilt pattern

Photo Source: RBD Designers

Three of a Kind, a captivating free quilt pattern by RBD Designers, features a majestic panel fabric centerpiece showcasing three horses. This enchanting quilt, measuring 67″ × 78″ when finished, is further adorned with beautifully crafted eight-point star blocks positioned above and below the central panel. The pattern includes a clear Quilt Layout Diagram, guiding quilters through the process of arranging these elements to create a harmonious and visually striking design. Ideal for horse lovers and those drawn to nature-themed quilts, this pattern is a delightful project that captures the essence of equine grace.

2. Free Quilt Pattern: Rocking Horse Baby Quilt

Rocking Horse Baby Quilt - free quilt pattern

Photo Source: Katie Wiseman of Katie’s Quilts and Crafts

Embrace the charm of nursery decor with the Rocking Horse Baby Quilt Pattern by Katie Wiseman of Katie’s Quilts and Crafts. This delightful design features a classic rocking horse brought to life with fusible appliqué, surrounded by a colorful piano-key border. The pattern provides an opportunity to add a personalized touch by free-motion embroidering the baby’s name, making each quilt a special keepsake. Ideal for advanced quilters, this project blends traditional themes with modern techniques for a truly memorable piece.

3. Free Quilt Pattern: Holding Horses

Holding Horses - free quilt pattern

Photo Source: Michelle Engel Bencsko of Cloud9 Fabrics

The Holding Horses quilt pattern by Michelle Engel Bencsko of Cloud9 Fabrics is a tribute to the timeless beauty and elegance of horses. This free quilt pattern, finishing at 56 inches x 70 inches, showcases 20 appliqué horses, each facing different directions, adding a dynamic and personalized touch to the design. Ideal as a cozy throw for your home, this quilt captures the majestic allure of horses with their striking eyes and graceful presence. It’s a perfect gift for horse enthusiasts or a charming addition to any western-themed decor. This pattern allows you to decide the orientation of the horses, making each quilt uniquely yours.

4. Free Quilt Block Pattern: Handsome Hank Block

Photo Source: Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day

Get ready to welcome a piece of the countryside into your quilting collection with the Handsome Hank Quilt Block, designed by Eleanor Burns as part of the “Fun on the Farm” series. This delightful 12″ finished block features easy piecing complemented by playful paperback applique, making it accessible for quilters of all levels. As the 11th block in the series, Handsome Hank offers a charming way to add farm-inspired warmth to any project. It’s perfect for those who appreciate rural charm or want to bring a touch of the farm into their home.

5. Free Quilt Pattern: Horse Whisperer

Horse Whisperer - free quilt pattern

Photo Source: Heidi Pridemore for Studio-e Fabrics

Embrace the majestic beauty of equine grace with the Horse Whisperer Quilt Pattern, exquisitely designed by Heidi Pridemore and featuring the Horse Whisperer collection by Kathleen Hill for Studio-e Fabrics. This captivating quilt pattern, with a finished size of 65” x 77”, alongside a complementary pillow measuring 18” x 18”, is perfect for advanced beginners ready to take on a project that celebrates the spirit of these noble animals. The design artfully frames the stunning horse fabric panels from the collection, inviting quilters to follow a detailed block assembly and pillow layout. It’s an ideal project for anyone who is passionate about horses or looking to bring a touch of equestrian elegance into their home decor.

6. Free Quilt Pattern: High Horse

High Horse - free quilt pattern

Photo Source: Riley Blake Designs

Step into the equestrian world with the High Horse Quilt Pattern from Riley Blake Designs, a stunning project showcasing horses’ majestic beauty. Measuring 57″ x 75″, this quilt pattern is a tribute to horse lovers, featuring a large, captivating horse panel at its center and complemented by smaller horse panels adorning each corner. It’s a design that not only frames the exquisite horse fabric panels but also brings the spirit and grace of these noble animals into your home. Perfect for anyone who appreciates the elegance of horses, this quilt pattern is a must-add to your quilting collection, offering a unique way to celebrate these magnificent creatures.

BONUS Horse Quilt Patterns For Sale from Online Shops

1. Horse Quilt Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Horse Quilt Pattern - etsy

Photo Source: Rita Gazubey of Crazy Quilts Lab

For those captivated by the elegance and spirit of horses, Rita Gazubey’s Horse Quilt Pattern from Crazy Quilts Lab offers a unique opportunity to bring this majestic creature into your home decor. Utilizing the raw edge appliqué technique, this horse quilt pattern allows for intricate detailing and dynamic expression, resulting in a spectacular piece of textile art. Sized at 31″x 39″, it’s perfect for an eye-catching wall hanging or a statement piece in any room. Ideal for quilters with a passion for equestrian beauty and a love for detailed appliqué work, this pattern challenges and rewards with its stunning outcome.

2. Horsing Around Quilt Block Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Horsing Around Quilt Block Pattern - etsy

Photo Source: Rachel Julia of Kohatu Patterns

Step into the whimsical quilting world with the Horsing Around Quilt Block Pattern by Rachel Julia of Kohatu Patterns. Perfect for quilting enthusiasts looking to add a playful touch to their projects, this pattern allows you to create a delightful 12″ horse quilt block. This block is versatile and fun and ideal for a farmyard-themed quilt or as a standout addition to a child’s blanket.

3. Ariel Quilt Pattern (PDF Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Ariel Quilt Pattern - etsy

Photo Source: Lise Belanger

Embrace the artistry of quilting with the Ariel Quilt Pattern by Lise Belanger, a project perfect for those skilled in raw-edge fused appliqué. Creating a stunning 24”x 24” quilt with an impressive picture of a horse is made simple with this pattern. With options to add a personalized border or frame it as you wish, this pattern is filled with clear, helpful pictures for each step. It’s an ideal choice for quilters looking to showcase their skill while crafting a piece that beautifully captures the elegance of a horse.

4. Mare & Foal Baby Quilt Pattern (Digital Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Mare & Foal Baby Quilt Pattern - etsy

Photo Source: Ellen Abshier of Laugh Sew Quilt

Craft a heartwarming gift with the Mare & Foal Baby Quilt Pattern by Ellen Abshier of Laugh Sew Quilt. This charming design is ideal for welcoming a little cowgirl or cowboy, with versatility shown through both blue and pink options. This pattern is straightforward, featuring silhouette appliqués of a mare and her foal, with instructions clearly illustrated by actual photos. Fat quarter-friendly allows for a scrappy look or coordinated fabrics catering to personal taste. The finished quilt measures 40 x 40 inches, making it a cozy size for little ones.

5. Geometric Horse Quilt Block Pattern (Downloadable Pattern For Sale)

Geometric Horse Quilt Block Pattern - etsy

Photo Source: Jennifer of Nerdy Quilter Designs

Craft a unique piece with the Geometric Horse Quilt Block Pattern by Jennifer of Nerdy Quilter Designs. Perfect for those who love to experiment, this pattern uses fabric scraps and allows for personalized color choices. It’s designed with the foundation paper piecing technique, offering a modern take on quilting ideal for intermediate quilters familiar with this method. With sizes 20″x 20″ and 30″x 30″, it’s versatile for baby quilts and pillows or combined with other blocks for a larger project. While detailed, instructions for paper piecing are not included, so some experience with the technique is beneficial.

6. Hipster Horse Quilt Pattern (PDF Printable Pattern For Sale)

Hipster Horse Quilt Pattern - etsy

Photo Source: Lorna McMahon of SewFreshQuilts

Bring a touch of modern flair to your quilting projects with the Hipster Horse Quilt Pattern by Lorna McMahon of SewFreshQuilts. Perfect for those who appreciate contemporary designs, this pattern features an 8″ x 18″ block that showcases a stylish horse, making it an excellent choice for utilizing those cherished small fabric remnants. Its “fresh and modern” appeal will add an exciting twist to your quilting collection, creatively breathing new life into leftover fabrics. Ideal for quilters looking to make a statement with their work, this pattern provides a unique opportunity to craft something extraordinary.

Here Are More Horse Quilt Pattern Ideas For Inspiration

Horse Quilt Pattern Idea from AkamaiQuilts

Photo Source: AkamaiQuilts

Horse Quilt Pattern Idea from Harper Longarm Quilting

Photo Source: Harper Longarm Quilting

Horse Quilt Pattern Idea from EGM Quilted

Photo Source: EGM Quilted

Horse Quilt Pattern Idea from Hunters Quilt Mart

Photo Source: Hunters Quilt Mart

Horse Quilt Pattern Idea from Truckee Meadows Quilters

Photo Source: Truckee Meadows Quilters

Horse Quilt Pattern Idea from Richla Ramsey

Photo Source: Richla Ramsey

Exploring horse quilt patterns unveils a rich tapestry of artistry, tradition, and personal expression. Suitable for quilters of all skill levels, these designs range from simple appliqué to intricate paper piecing, offering something for everyone. Beyond celebrating the enduring connection between humans and horses, these patterns allow quilters to infuse each project creatively, making every piece a unique testament to this timeless bond.

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