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7 Best Western Quilt Patterns

We have gathered different tutorial versions of the Western Quilt Pattern for you to create.

1. GO! Western Dance Quilt

free quilt pattern - GO! Western Dance Quilt by by Amanda Harward from Larkspur Quilts for AccuQuilt

A playful quilt to work with over the weekend. The GO! Western Dance Quilt is a free quilt pattern from AccuQuilt designed by Amanda Harward from Larkspur Quilts. Bring out those boots kicking rodeos in you with this cheerful quilt.

Project Finished Size: 58 inches x 58 inches

Learn more about GO! Western Dance Quilt pattern here.

2. Home on the Range Quilt

free quilt pattern - Home on the Range Quilt by Judith Sandstrom

An adorable western baby quilt for your little cowboy or cowgirl. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the Home on the Range Quilt. This is a free quilt pattern from the HowStuffWorks lifestyle section by Judith Sandstrom.

Project Finished Size: 44 inches x 53 inches

3. Cowboy Quilt

free quilt pattern - Cowboy Quilt by Dori Hawks for the quilter community

Show off your love for the western quilts with loan star, cowboy hat, boots, and cactus. This is a fun applique Cowboy Quilt pattern that will be loved by your little ones. Choose a light fabric for your background and dark fabrics for your blocks to make the quilt stand out.

Project Finished Size: 55.5 inches x 67 inches

4. Western Album Quilt

free quilt pattern Western Album Quilt

Do you like objects with odd and peculiar designs? This beginner-friendly Western Album quilt pattern illustrates the perfect amount of eccentricity you’re looking for. Using brown palette colors is perfect to reminisce the barn life. It’s ideal as a wall-hanging decor if you’re aiming to achieve the look of a country style.

Project Finished Size: 66 inches x 78 inches

5. Round Em Up Quilt

free quilt pattern Round Em Up Quilt by  Quilting Treasures

Who doesn’t love riding horses? The feeling of your hair blowing wildly from behind as your horse gallops around the field or the bond you’d have with your house is an exquisite feeling. The Round Em Up quilt pattern is the perfect gift for all rodeo riders and rodeo lovers out there. This is a free quilt pattern from Quilting Treasures. Just looking at this quilt pattern will already give you the thrill of excitement of horseback riding. It is ideal for quilters of all skill levels.

Project Finished Size: 61 inches X 78 inches

Printable Western Quilt Patterns To Download From Online Shops

1. Cowboy Adventures Quilt

Cowboy Adventures Quilt by Amanda Brown of Nursery Magic Quilts
Photo Source: Nursery Magic Quilts

A cute cowboy holding a stick will surely be an adorable baby show gift. Every Mom to be would be thrilled to make the Cowboy Adventures Quilt the centerpiece to her baby’s bedroom. Designed by Amanda Brown of Nursery Magic Quilts.

Project Finished Size: 45 inches x 45 inches

2 Western Style Patchwork Quilt

Western Style Patchwork Quilt by Jackie Moravcik Arrigo
Photo Source: Jackie Moravcik Arrigo

A stunning quilt to add to your quilt collection. The Western Style Patchwork Quilt is designed by Jackie Moravcik Arrigo. It is a beginner-friendly quilt with two layout pattern options. Jackie also shares a super easy method of creating the traditional Delectable Mountains block on this quilt tutorial.

Project Finished Size:

  • 55 inches X 80 inches
  • 66 inches X 75 inches

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